Danbury News -- Summer 1889 -- $ Reward, Proactive Advice for Citizens, Fire Extinguisher Demonstrated

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Jul 8, 1889

Aug 9, 1889
More Light Wanted.

Aug 9, 1889
A Warning.

Aug 22, 1889
DEATH TO FLAMES. -- The Edison Electric Fire Extinguisher Shows What it Can Do.


The summer of 1889 in Danbury was wrought with incendiary fires. Early in July the city offered a reward of $1,000 for the capture of the culprit. Despite the monetary enticement, the fires continued to occur. The paper announced the circulation of a petition for the continuation of streetlamps throughout the night in August, along with a warning for citizens to keep windows and doors locked, despite it not being the common custom. At the end of August, the fire-frightened population of Danbury was treated to an exibition of the newly developed fire extinguisher.



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[Danbury News – Jul 8, 1889]
Is Offered by the City for the Conviction of the Fire Bugs.
There was a joint session of the common council Saturday afternoon, called by Acting Mayor Walsh, to take some action on the frequency of fires in Danbury, and take all measures in their power to prevent their occurrence. The session was held within closed doors, and all their deliberations are not known. The police had some suspicion of one Daniel McCready, but were forced to let him go after an examination. On Mr. Halstead’s resolution the city offers a reward of $1,000 for the apprehension and conviction of the party or parties who set fire to the various places on the morning of July 6th.
The matter of providing better fire protection in the centre of the city was also discussed, and the outcome of the matter was that the fire steamer will hereafter be housed in the Kohanza house. Some instructions were given to police committee to take some active measures to secure the incendiaries.
Word was received from the board of trade that they would join with the common council, or give a separate reward for the capture and conviction of the parties who set fire to the factory, ice house and elevator on Canal street, the morning of July 6th.

[Danbury News – Aug 9, 1889]
More Light Wanted.
A paper is in circulation for signatures petitioning for the burning of the street lights all night.
At the time of the fire alarms this morning, Main street under the foliage was so dark the firemen had difficulty in keeping the road.
A Warning.
The moral of the attempt to burn the house of henry Grabert, on River street this morning, is: Lock your doors and windows at night.
Mr. Grabert’s cellar door was closed, but not locked. Most of us are in the fashion of leaving doors and windows unlocked. Let us drop the fashion at once.

[Danbury News – Aug 22, 1889]
The Eddison Electric Fire Extinguisher Shows What it Can Do.
Agents of the Eddison Electric Fire Extinguisher gave an exhibition last evening at the City Hall square, of how easy it is to put out fires with their wonderful little machine. Three kerosene barrels were piled on top of each other and set ablaze. In each of the barrels there was a square-cut hole which enabled the chemical preparation to reach the fire and the spectators to see the flames. When the flames from the barrels were at their highest, and the heat was forcing the crowd into a wider circle, the operator faced the blazing pile with a ten-pound nickel-plated cylinder in his right hand, pointed the little nozzle at the fire and turned the handle on top. A light stream of chemically prepared liquid struck the two blazing barrels on top and put the flames out in about five seconds. The fire was not entirely extinguished in the bottom barrel, as the operators wished to make a second trial. The place where the chemicals struck the barrels was hard to ignite again, and, were it not for the fact that they were kerosene barrels, no fire could have been started again. Finally the second fire reached a good headway and again the stream from the little machine was turned on it. In ten seconds there was not a bright spark to be seen among the blackened debris. The extinguishing of the flames was so quickly and neatly accomplished that there was a faint attempt at applause from the crowd.
The machine is easy to handle, as it works itself, only weighs ten pounds, and will extinguish 2,000 cubic feet of solid flame when loaded.




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