Pinkerton Report - Feb 2, 1891

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New York Feb 4, 91.
Jos. M. Ives Esq.
257 Main St
Danbury, Conn.
Our operative J.T. McM. further reports.
Monday Feby 2/91

Today in Danbury.
After breakfast, I went to the vicinity of Maple ave and White st where I began watch for Frank Gaylord. I had not up till 10:30 a.m. seen him.
I went to Bartley’s Court where I went to rooms occupied by his mother. I rapped quite a number of times, but got no answer.
I then came up town and re3mained about the vicinity of Ives and White sts and Main & White sts but did not see the young man.
I met Mr. Porter; he spoke to me about Mike McMahon. He said in his opinion that Mike was the man that had been seen at the South end. This is also the
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opinion of Sergt Waggoner, and Granvill Holmes.
I returned to the Hotel, and had dinner, after which, I went out by Division st. cars to end of road, and from there walked to the switch on the New England R.R. At entrance to the Fair Grounds, just at end of deep cut through rocks near crossing, is a switch one half mile further in, is another at end of siding. I saw that lamps were still unlit, back of the first switch were the remains of a bonfire in a crevice of the rocks. I waited at crossing until just dusk, but saw no person come to light switch lights. I then started down the track, and walked all the way into depot but did not see Gaylord during my entire walk.
I met Mr. Bartram at the crossing and asked him if Gaylord had yet gone up the track. He said he had not seem him today, and that it was time for him to get more oil, that he would have to get it tomorrow. I told Bartram not to say any thing to Gaylord, but let him go, just as he had previously, so that he would not suspect that he was watched. Mr. Bartram said that he and Supervisor Hogan had long ago spoken of the possibility of Gaylord being the party that had set these fires.
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they had no proof, but from the general character of the boy. His father who works for Meeker the feed man is so far as known, a hard working man, likewise honest. I remained with Bartram until 6:10 p.m. but did not see Gaylord.
I went to Hotel, had supper, and then went up street again, and stood at cor of maple ave and White st until 10:05 p.m. but did not see Gaylord.

Yours Resp[]
Pinkertons Nat. Dect Agy
Robt. A. Pinkerton
Genl Supt Ediv.




Pinkerton, Robert A. (Robert Allan), 1848-1907. “Pinkerton Report - Feb 2, 1891.” Pinkerton Detective Agency Danbury Fires Investigation Collection, MS020. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.


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