Pinkerton Report - Jan 16, 1891

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Jan 22, 1891


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New York Jan 22, 91
Jos. M. Ives Esq.
257 Main St.
Danbury, Conn.
Our operative J.T. McM. further reports.
Friday Jan 16, 91
Today in Danbury.
When Ellwood called at my room at 7:30 pm he was in a very uneasy frame of mind, at least he gave outside evidence of it, he could not keep still in his chair and kept hitching about. The color would come and go from his face, but generally very pale. To get him to feel at home I have him to understand that I had not heard his name mentioned in connection with the late fires and after that he acted better.
In all his talk he most plainly showed his bitter hatred of Morris Meyers. He evidently looks forward to the city disbanding the present department and he getting the “Chiefship.” He has an object
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in making Meyers appear as small and incapable as possible of management of fires. The total (almost) destruction of property as of late when it seemed almost needless has been to Ellwood a point that brings him so much nearer his cherished aim. In the story told by Meyers, and the story told by Ellwood, there are statements that clash – in such parts of the story as relates to the election of chief and their trouble. Meyers, I think, will be believed before Ellwood.
Can it be that Ellwood would go to such extreme ends to gain his point, as to be the author or instigator of these fires? I have just received the information that the Fire Dep’t has agreed to wait the one month to give the Council time to act on their request for larger salary.

Yours Resp’y,
Pinkertons Nat. Dect. Agy.
Robt. A. Pinkerton
Genl. Supt. E. Div.




Pinkerton, Robert A. (Robert Allan), 1848-1907. “Pinkerton Report - Jan 16, 1891.” Pinkerton Detective Agency Danbury Fires Investigation Collection, MS020. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 19 Jan. 2020.


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