Statement of James Scanlon

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Statement of James Scanlon, #63 Deer Hill Ave, describing that his wife heard someone go into the yard around 9:30 pm on the previous night.




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Statement of James Scanlon
Made at Danbury, Conn.
Monday Jan 26, 91
I did not hear of any strange man being seen about here last night, nor at any time. My wife spoke to my boy Will when he came in at 10 pm last night and asked him if he came into the yard at around 9:30pm. My son was then returning from Church, he said no he had just come in. My wife then said “well someone came into our yard last night at 9:30 for I heard the gate shut.” But my boy said he had just come in. My wife said she heard the step go around the house but thinking that it was Will and he went to the closet, so she said nothing more about it. My wife is positive that someone came into the yard last night at 9:30 pm.
You are the first that has spoken to me about this matter.

#63 Deerhill Ave.




“Statement of James Scanlon.” Pinkerton Detective Agency Danbury Fires Investigation Collection, MS020. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.


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