Statement of Mrs. T. E. Brady

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Mrs. T. E. Brady discusses her encounters with a strange man around Danbury and admits she does not know anyone by the name of James McNab.




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Statement of Mrs. T.E. Brady
Wife of Terence Brady
Made at Danbury, Conn.
Monday Jan 26, ‘91
I am the wife of Terence E. Brady and live at sixty-four Grand Street. All that I can say is I first saw the man spoken of on Thursday night before the attempt. I was walking home with my boy at about eight-thirty p.m. He was sitting on the top rail of “Town Pound”. I did not wish to pass him, and I turned back and met my husband, and walked back up with him. I told my husband about the man and he said he thought the man was waiting for some girl. I saw the man on the following Friday and Monday when I was returning home from the store. From the way he sat I thought he was tall, just how tall I could not say, he had on a long dark coat. I could tell that he was a white man, wore what I took to be a round cap. He might have had a beard for all I could see as he held his hands up to his face. I cannot tell how old he was, but should judge him to be about middle-aged.
We always stay up ‘till about eleven-thirty p.m. and keep a light burning in our front room all night. heard [page break]

[Brady page 2]
no disturbance on Monday night. I have not seen the man since. Learned of the attempt from my husband on the next day. I do not know this man you call James McNab.




“Statement of Mrs. T. E. Brady.” Pinkerton Detective Agency Danbury Fires Investigation Collection, MS020. WCSU Archives, 16 Oct. 2015. Accessed on the Web: 20 May 2019.


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