Statement of Edward Darragan

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Statement of Edward Derrigan


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Darragan discusses his encounters with “Sleepy Galylor” where they found oil waste and matches. He also talks about a man with a sandy mustache and complexion, who was found to be creeping around Danbury, whom will be hopefully seen by the Pinkerton agent.




MS020, 1/2

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Statement of Edward Darragan
Made at Danbury, Conn.
Monday Jan 26, ‘91

My name is Edward Darragan and I live at the first house on lefthand side of Mountainvill Ave from South Street.
On last Tuesday afternoon between 4 and 5 p.m. I, in company with Edward O’Donnell and Frank Garvey, were going down to New England track; it was our intention to get on a freight train to get a ride to Waterbury. Just as we got to the Round House, we saw “Sleepy Galylor”, a young man about 16 years of age, and who lives at Bartley’s Lane on White Street near the Bridge. As I saw Gaylor, I said in fooling, “Here, Ed (meaning Ed O’Donnell), I have got the fire bug,” at the same time, catching hold of Gaylor. He wore an overcoat. I ran my hands into his outside pockets and found a lot of oil waste and a large handful of snapper matches (parlor matches). Gaylor said something that sounded like, “You go away now”, he does not speak plain and is somewhat foolish. I put the waste and matches back in his pocket and left him, after which we went to see if we could get on train, but we could not. I came back and [page break]

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Saw Gaylor on White Street. When he saw me he crossed over to the other side of the street. Every time since then, whenever he sees any of us, he will cross the street. Gaylor is foolish, is called Greasy Gaylor – Hasty Gaylor – or Sleepy Gaylor. He can always be found along the R.R. track and around the engine house. Jack Stringer, a fireman on switch engine and who lives on Nichols Street saw me when I took the waste out of Gaylor’s pocket.
Gaylor is about 16 years of age, five foot six in height, slim build, weighs about one hundred and ten pounds.
A little over a week ago, I cannot now recall the exact day, I was going home down Mountainvill Ave. when I saw a man near Harris Cider Mill at about eight p.m. I went into house, in a short time I went out of house, and went to closet in yard. I saw the same man going across the lot towards the woods. He was about five foot ten or eleven inches in height, sandy mustache, and of a sandy complexion, wore derby hat, and wore long light colored overcoat, looked like a grey fuzzy goods.
Again the night of Wilson Show (Jan 17th), I saw the same man on cor of Main and South Streets. When he saw [page break]

[Darragan page 3]
me, he walked to other side of the street, I passed on and on looking back saw him back in his place again.
On last night at 10 pm I was on South Street. I saw the same man coming down from Deer Hill Ave. and went down and went through Mountainvill Ave. I noticed that when he came in sight of any person, he would cross the street, and get behind a tree.
I met a young man who said he was looking for Officer Fisher, to tell him about the man who was hanging about the hill.
I would know the man if I were to see him again. I will go over that way tonight with McCarty, and yourself, and see if I can see that man. I will be there at 7 p.m., and hope I may be able to point out the man I have been speaking of.




“Statement of Edward Darragan.” Pinkerton Detective Agency Danbury Fires Investigation Collection, MS020. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.


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