Dorothy Johnson (Interview)

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Dorothy Johnson recalls notable experiences of her life in Danbury.



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Johnson, Dorothy



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Dorothy born in Danbury in 20s, triangle street. Ethnically diverse neighborhood. Father was born in Sweden. Mother first generation American, Swedish parents. Moved around schools a lot. Went to movies Fridays or Saturdays on mainstreet frequently as a teen. Father worked in railroad industry. Involved with the local church (first congregation). Most social activities were through church. Never married. Worked in insurance then child services after high school. Wartime was very hard; many men were called up. Flood; transport became difficult. Lived with parents for 40 odd years, then mother died. Moved to Redding. Father lived to 101. Danbury fair, wonderful time. Sad when it was taken down. No fridge as a kid, ice man came to refill the icebox.

10-20 mins:
No school buses. Radio was common and TV eventually came. No interstate roads back then. Most cars were either gray or black. Population and revelopment of Danbury has chagned a lot. When hatting industry declined, new businesses brought lots of new people. Mainstreet had lots of large stores. In Summer the lake was a big attraction. Hurricane in 1938 damaged power lines, year she graduated. Many Brazilian and Portuguese immigrants.


Johnson, Dorothy. “Dorothy Johnson (Interview).” Danbury Remembers: Oral Histories OH001. WCSU Archives, 1 Aug. 2019. Accessed on the Web: 21 Nov. 2019.



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