Mike Seri (interview)

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Mike Seri recounts his time living and working in Danbury between 1950 and 1990.



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Jackson, Chris
Brewer, Brian


Seri, Mike


20 minutes

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0-10 mins:
Danbury before flood; quiet town; "Hat City of America"; hatting industry ruled the town; mercury poisoning gave a lot of medical ailments; lead to decline in the hatting industry; Hatting connection; almost everybody in his family where in the business; almost everybody in town involved (8; 10 factories); Day of the flood; they were at the theater while the rain was coming down; when they left, they couldn't get anywhere; had to take a army truck; His home; the flood went right through the kitchen of his home; he lived on Platt St. (Barden Company was nearby); Federal Aid; corps of engineers came in to help rebuild the city; Changes after flood; many of store once on White never reopened; had several friends who had lost a lot in flood; His job; he was in the hatting industry; he now works for city hall; Danbury recovery; took about a year; businesses needed to be cleaned up and helped; Danbury government; once was split; town had selectman, but there was also a city mayor;

10-20 mins:
Bombs; several series of them went off during 1970s; City Hall; once was where the library is; Flood effects; most damage done to businesses instead of homes; mostly came through city itself, little on the outside of it; Danbury Fair; it was in a flood area to begin with; as a kid there was a "Danbury Day" where they closed all schools; Danbury was more known for the fair; numerous celebrities visited the fair; Clean; up; had to scrub down floors; helped w/ his family in clean; up process


Seri, Mike. “Mike Seri (interview).” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 1 Aug. 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.


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