Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Kruzansky (Max and Sarah)

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Max and Sarah Krusansky recount their experiences of the August and October floods of 1955 in Danbury, and of the developments and changes which occurred as a result.



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Moore, Martin
Fisher, jennifer


Krusansky, Max
krusansky, Sarah



38 minutes

Time Summary

0-10 mins.
There were two floods in August and October of 1955. Mr. Krusansky was in the, polystyrene and cardboard product industry. The plant/shop he owned was severely damaged. The October flood was worse. Mrs. Krusansky was in hospital at time of first flood. Danbury had severe problems; electricity was scarce, some people had to use boats to get around.

10-20 mins.
Infrastructure of the city was developed. New developments and moving businesses. Elected officials handled the situation well. The Krusansky's had a new baby and a new business following the floods. Family life. in 1934 28K population.

20-30 mins.
When Mrs. Krusansky came to Danbury in the 40s, the hatting industry was already in steep decline. Different industries were beginning to grow in its place. Mr. Krusansky lists many of the stores and establishments situated in and around the city center.

30-40 mins.
Many of these businesses were still around in 1995. But some such as a hat store went out of business. Between the floods and the reconstruction, the city was in a bad state. White street was especially badly hit because of its altitude.


Moore, Martin and Jennifer Fisher. “Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Kruzansky (Max and Sarah).” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 1 Aug. 2019. Accessed on the Web: 10 Dec. 2019.



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