Dr. William Rasor interview

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Coverage: 1950-1980s

00-10 mins:

Topics discussed : (side A): Beginning at WestConn; 1950 first year; had own parking spot then w/ his name on it; Interest in biology; first came and split time between education and science; was no specialized science then; First impression of WestConn; extremely happy; originally came from the west and had accepted a job in NY State; knew someone here who encouraged him to come; Higgins Hall; saw it being built; "Do; Day"; gave professors opportunity to know students; "The Hut"; served as the Student Union; army barracks set up; May Platt ran it; Dr. Haas; one who hired him; Dr. Haas and Dr. Cooke; Haas charming; Dr. Bersi; very beneficial to the college; Segregation; no such thing as racial separation existed at WestConn; Evolution of Science department at WestConn;

10-20 mins:

1967 MedTech as Bachelor of Science program (nursing program); when he first came, only one certified to teach all 4 science programs; "Methods of Science and Social Studies"; favorite program; Kennedy assassination; admired Kennedy; images of the assassination still make hair stand and makes him sick; Vietnam; some went off to fight; his son was in college at time and graduated as it ended, but some of his friends went and never came back; any war entered into shouldn't be done w/ out a plan; not sure what to personally think of the war; Didn't like Woodstock because of the drug use; Protests; none were held on campus; closest thing was streaking; Strictness of administration.

20-30 mins:

Changes in sexual perceptions; Sports; most events had most of the faculty attend; doubts many go to these events now; Berkshire Hall; gave the campus an auditorium; Old Main; used to house the gym, library, etc; WestConn evolvement; enjoyed much more as a teacher education college; understands why it evolved to a liberal arts college; expansion of programs and two campuses has divided the closeness;

30-40 mins:

Teacher training to more specialized training; Nursing; Changes in the Science department; pleased and likes current chair; Future; wouldn't be surprised to see entire campus on Westside


Dohan, Kellyanne and John Fox. “Dr. William Rasor interview.” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 24 Jan. 2020.



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