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Tape 1
Coming to Danbury 1946; After serving in the Army; Family owned a hat factory in Fall River and Danbury; Danbury provincial; wouldn’t sell houses to Jews; denied membership; only allowed 7 Jews in the Ridgewood Country Club; Madame Chiang Kai-shek not a WASP unable to purchase property at Candlewood. Bill Goodman filled in for Rabbi Malino at an event; anti-semitism; Mina Geddes; Tom Keating; No women on the board of education; June Goodman was very anxious to become a member; June Strother was very active with the Democratic National Committee; John Bailey; State Board of Education; John Divine; Cyril Penny; Democratic Party; Town Counsel; Land proceedings for Candlewood;

Bridgeport; after Tom died Dave Goldstein sent Mrs. Keating a large sum of money; John Devine; John Previti; a good mayor; consolidation; in the 30s 10 million dozen hats manufactured that, point 85% of the employment in Danbury; Danbury is really the only one industry New England town that lost its industry but never suffered; Industries that came into the community required the to which of the train and jobs because will train are need; Location; Interesting documents to look at documents which I take a lot of pride in Planning and Zoning Planning Commission; chairman of the Planning Commission for the town and then head of the City Planning Commission for Danbury; Joe Sauer; Charlie Bardo; Don Taylor; Danbury made that conversion from hatting to high-tech; Interstate 84; by 1985 to 1990;

21-30 mins:
The population of Danbury would somewhere between 75-90,000 predicted in the 1950s; Road system; Planning Commission pretty unanimous; three Republicans and two Democrats; in the Planning Commission and they elected me chair; no politics in commission; Jimmy Dyer’s father; Jerome Malino with Rabbi was on the Board of Education one of the Republicans came into Charlie Ducibella's office; anti semitism; Steve Collins; William Remington; Alger Hiss; Joseph Louis Rauh; Collin Mcallister her were a communist I had been working for the Communist Party; Union Carbide resistance; Industrial Road resisted Developers; We didn't want to see the Center of Danbury developed;

31-40 mins:
Main Street; fairgrounds; Danbury is a microcosm of the world; all day we lost a lot of water; wetlands; filled in with concrete; Planning and Zoning group; a different mentality; Danbury could have said no to the mall; the city hall tremendous increase in tax base; Danbury Fair Grounds; condominiums on Route 6; FBI investigation; Jimmy Dyer; Late 60s Danbury Direction took a different turn; dared to challenge developers who came into us; big mistakes; Joe Nero; city council kept its zoning Powers but the town Planning Commission became the Planning Commission for the city; consolidation should have taken place earlier; June Goodman; Eagle Pencil; Burt Jackson; Elizabeth Chatman; husband agricultural agent; Congregational Church; Board of Education; Rabbi Malino; Clark Hall; Bill Ratchford

41-44:57 mins:
Bill's father; Liberal alliance again; Teachers; Building Schools; Don’t see today the kind of dedication; Liberal intellectuals dedicated to improving Danbury modernizing Danbury; I don't think there's anybody in the Republican party part that group;

Tape 2:


Janick, Herbert F.--Interviewer. “Bill Goodman Interview.” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 18 Feb. 2020.


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