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A brief joint discussion with Abraham Najamy and his brother as they recall nationalities, buildings or homes, and occupations of their various neighbors along Spring St. and Elm St. (Danbury, CT) from the 1920-30's. Interviewer unknown. 1 out of 2 interview recordings on this cassette.




Danbury Preservation Trust

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Najamy, Abraham

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Side A-Interview 1
Lived in house (88 Elm St.) right behind Octagon House; Father owned home; connected off of small lane from Elm St.; family then moved to 24 Spring St. at 7/8 years old (moved in 1925); Abraham born in 1917; his younger brother Bill was not born yet; Discusses neighbors and aspects of Spring St.; remembered paving of Spring St.; well-kept homes; most worked at local hat factories; seasonal work 3-4 months out of year; Spring St./River St. lined with fur shops; Paul Martin Hat shop; Hoyt & Messinger’s Hat Factory on Rose St.; Mallory’s had ‘Crunch shop’ (finishing shop) and ‘back shop’ (water storage); Not many hat factories had these speciality shops; Most were hats in the rough- just the bodies of hats; Abe worked at back shop; Bill worked in crunch shop; Judge Cabell (lived right next to the polish church that was torn down); a postmaster Bailey (lived on 29 Spring St); previously interviewed George and Willie Sam lived with parents next door (23 Spring St.); Mrs. Sam was blind, yet worked on Montgomery St. sewing dress shirts called New England Shirt factory; “Targets Laundry” a little past the bakery on the corner of Spring/White St.; Gregory family (26 Spring St.) and owned Danbury Hat Co.; Louie Katz (lawyer); Bobby Meades; Tartaglia family; stores on White St. owned by Mrs. Cassa: oldest businesswomen in Danbury; Mr. Cazza was next door neighbor to Mrs. Cassa- they were related; Mr. Cazza was a painter; Robinson- leather maker who made horse saddles and reins; remembers building of brick building on Spring St.; originally Jones Meat Market; Abe would go on Saturday’s to help deliver meat; real-estate market building next door; cleaner’s too; intercultural neighborhood; George Sam was Syrian; Abe family was Italian; lots of Italian immigrant families: Cazza, Cassa, Baccio, Tartaglia, Lucchesi (owned roofing company) Hawley Roofing Co. (32 Spring St.).; Johnny Luchessi Roofing Co.


Najamy, Abraham. “Abraham Najamy Interview.” Danbury Preservation Trust Records, MS 039. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 18 Feb. 2020.



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