The Danbury Gravestone Project

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The first priority of the Project is the gravestone database. This part of the project has already resulted in almost 8,000 gravestones from 16 cemeteries registered as of January 2000. The database includes a full listing of names and dates from the stones. The general condition of the stones as well as a descriptive paragraph on the overall condition of the cemetery is included. Where appropriate, rubbings and/or photography are being done. The main database is maintained using FileMaker Pro, with a secondary copy maintained in Excel. Printed copies of the database are available at the Danbury Museum and Historical Society, as well as in the Local History Room of the Danbury Public Library. For each of the cemeteries, the inscriptions are listed alphabetically by surname. At present, there is not a city wide index available. There remain 8 of the 23 cemeteries to be fully transcribed. Currently, we are working on the Old Catholic Cemetery and the Wooster Street Cemetery. Pending completion, we are listing the inscriptions from the Hale Collection for your information. Please remember, the inscriptions from the Hale Collection have NOT been verified, and some of the stones mentioned may no longer exist.








Danbury Gravestone Project, “The Danbury Gravestone Project,” Connecticut Room, Western CT State University Archives' Digital Collections, accessed July 23, 2017,

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