Kenneth Young (Interview)

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Herb Janick Papers, MS012

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Jennifer Dellasala and Genevieve Zottola


Dr. Kenneth Young


~50 min

Time Summary

(Side A):
0-10 min: Beginning at WestConn; came in 1966; Area of specialty; American Diplomacy in Asia and Chinese Culture; Level of student interest; better in smaller classrooms; most take his classes because they are interested in subject; Propaganda; Educational philosophy of the 1960s; Vietnam; pro; war student body; Changes in faculty and students; Transformation of Danbury in 1970s; went from a quiet city to more active;
10-20 min: Professionalism of teaching; students should have confidence in their teachers; this existed in the History department; Teachers as experts; School as a factory; teachers (part; time) are workers; students as customers; Part time teachers; some lack passion and qualifications; Importance of education; parking and cafeteria seem more important than education; Dr. Janick;
20-30 min: Books; choice should be best found by teachers; reading should be inspirational; Technology; influence on teaching; Importance on education; value of an "A" grade; Grading; considers it the worst job for teachers; hates to judge a students because it’s not fun; Papers; believes they require in; depth research; Student life; varied over the years; School newspaper; The Echo flourished during the 1980s; student were like reporters; news was thought; provoking, not cute or glossy; now it’s all about football; Beginning of Student Movement; began in 1970s; "Freedom in the Air"; many students expressed freedom of speech and beliefs; believed that marijuana would be legalized; questioned "truth" about pregnancy and drugs;
30-40 min: Questioned "truth" about pregnancy and drugs; Library; "bunker style"; doesn't fit it campus atmosphere; Parking; Students are viewed upon like just a number; administration seems to be business-like;
40-50 min: Teachers; Communication w/ other universities; rarely talks w/ faculty from other departments at WestConn; forgets all the presidents of WestConn; Campus make; up; most classes were in Higgins and Berkshire in 1966; shared an office w/ over 16 other professors; White Hall in process of being renovated; eventually expanded (Haas Library, annex of Berkshire, Westside)
(Side B):
0-10 min: Memories of WestConn; assigned to be advisor of 1966 freshmen class; told them advising meant if they needed help ask, if not don't bother him; weekdays there was a curfew of 12:30 AM for the dorms in the beginning; Conservative atmosphere; the Puritan atmosphere (he was agnostic); Dorms; Fairfield Hall followed by Litchfield and Newbury; Cafeteria; coffee is disgusting; food is appalling; beginning the atmosphere was fun, now its business; like atmosphere; "Big Brother"; Media; sex and violence is all over; feels embarrassed by the amount of it


Janick, Herbert F. “Kenneth Young (Interview).” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 24 Jan. 2020.


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