Professor Janick (Interview)

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Herb Janick Papers, MS012

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Herbert Janick


~60 min

Time Summary

Side A:
0-10 min: Time at Western; Came to WCSU 1969 but has taught since ’59; Previous teaching experience; Getting Doctorate degree; Teaching offers from all over country; Accepted Fordham Prep ’62; Taught while getting Doctorate; Earned degree ’68, started looking for permanent teaching job; Vietnam War; Teaching then vs; now; Robert Kennedy assassination; Political protests; Deciding factors for choosing WCSU; Hard to get job teaching history; Almost stayed at Fordham; Friends with Dr; Warner; Course curriculum and style; Wanted to teach himself along with students; Curriculum changes; Didn’t like how the school looked;
10-20 min: Asked to be chairman of history department in early 70’s; History department original location; Preferred teaching methods; Process of doing history; Learn by doing; High School students; Discussion of courses; Being chairman of the History Department; Undergraduate and Masters Programs and courses; Methods of historical writing; What promotes learning the most? Philosophy of History Department; Restructuring of major;
20-30 min: Wanted to build the department up, not just maintain it; Student body changes; Communication between students and faculty; Women and minorities at WCSU; Teaching Jesuit, all-male schools vs; WCSU; Learning gender equality; Why choose teacher as a career? Why teach history? Younger brother; Getting drafted vs; graduate school; Graduate school in Buffalo, NY; Coaching freshman basketball; The draft; Teaching at Rochester University;
30-40 min: Faculty at Rochester University; Best school teachers; Making decisions; Coaching and teaching; Students coaching experience; Motivation changes and reaching students; How to teach; Enthusiasm and fairness; Compromising; Cutting back on teaching time; Historical influence; Recent Connecticut history; Dissertation on Progressive Era; Richard Hopstead;
40-60 min: Publishing dissertation; Public history; Public programs; WCSU vs; other schools, student perspective; Local history; Pressures and values; Emphasizing what WCSU does well; Need state funding; Future of the school and history department;
Side B
0-10 min: Grassroots level; Final discussions; Retirem


Janick, Herbert F. “Professor Janick (Interview).” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.


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