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FEBRARY 01 MONDAY – Mercury at 6 AM – 24. Foggy, but after dinner it cleared away and the air became cooler. We made up an order and forwarded it to the Connecticut Fire Insurance Company by the noon mail. The new notary public commissions came for both George and myself this morning. After dinner, I went to Mallory’s factory and arranged for the renewal of John Fuchs’s insurance tomorrow. I served notice to vacate no. 5 William Street on Antonio _____. I called twice today on Wallace White about a rebate premium due him for a reduced rate on his house but did not find him at home. I delivered a new Equitable life policy to William Lane; premiums to be paid from the cash value of an old policy surrendered under an option. I worked late in the office, retiring about 12:30. FEBRUARY 02 TUESDAY – Mercury at AM – zero. A beautiful winter morning. About 10:30, I drove over to Stony Hill and arranged for the renewal of Saul Sherman’s policy. In the PM, I went over to Great Plain and also arranged for the renewal of Harrison Waterman. John Fuchs called in the evening and took and paid for his policy. FEBRUARY 03 WEDNESDAY – Mercury at 6 AM – 24. Pleasant. After dinner, Mr. Beeman rode with me for a sleigh ride up to Pembroke to arrange for the renewal of Hiram Stevens. He was away from home, but his wife knew nothing against renewing same which we will do unless we hear to the contrary by tomorrow noon. On our way home, we met Fred Knapp and arranged for his with D. G. Ward’s renewal on February 9th. In the evening, Rufus Rice called and promised $1.00 on what he owes net Saturday and $1.00 per week thereafter until paid. He has broken all his previous promises and I have little confidence in him. George Purdy and his wife came over in the evening and I made check for him for the Larkin Soap Company. FEBRARY 04 THURSDAY- Mercury 10 above. Pleasant. Mrs. Elsie Terwilliger called this morning and had her pension voucher made. I went to Stony Hill to arrange for renewals for Eggleston, Bradley, Barrett, Starr, and McKay. I had my first fall on the ice this evening when returning home from the mail box about 10:30; no serious hurt, however. FEBRUARY 05 FRIDAY – Mercury at 16. Mailed policy to William Sutterlee at Ball’s Pond; also to Egbert Brill at Brookfield. Mr. Beeman went with me in the forenoon up Westville Avenue and to Mill Plain where I renewed insurance for Emma Terry and Sarah Benedict. In the PM, I arranged for Richtmyer, Post and Bush. Called on Sam Newman, but could collect nothing. FEBRUARY 06 SATURDAY – Mercury at 30. A little rain last night which froze which made everything outdoors so icy that it became dangerous to venture out. After breakfast, I drove down to Coal Pit Hill and delivered a bill for insurance for the estate of John Wixsted. The policy this day left at the Danbury Savings Bank. After dinner, Mrs. Hawley and I rode into the street and did some marketing for Sunday. After tea, I took the trolley up to North Street and delivered a policy to Sarah Bouton. FEBRUARY 07 SUNDAY – Mercury 35 above. Warm last night and today. The sun is wasting. Light rain last night and this forenoon. A thundershower this morning at 11:45. Considerable thunder with but little rain. I went to the Post Office at noon to carry and get my mail. In the PM, I mailed several policies to customers and received a check from the Penfield Company for insurance. I called on my way home from the Post Office in the early evening at George S. for about an hour. Then I went over to Mrs. Hawley’s where Mary had gone and we spent the rest of the evening there. FEBRARY 08 MONDAY – Mercury at 22 above. Cooler today but pleasant. Mabel Rogers took a sleigh ride with me in the forenoon up to Brookfield to renew the policy of Sarah J. Solomon. I also on the way. Arranged for the renewal of the estate of Patrick McManus. In the PM, I made forms for H. A. Wildman to renew again insurance of Henry Stevens in the L.L.G. In the evening, I wrote to Special Agent Shaw of the Agricultural Insurance Company, Henry Turner of the Greenwich, Arthur Hatch of the Sun, and to Lafayette remonstrating against us old agents paying $100 to our local board as an initiation when we are already members. FEBRARY 09 TUESDAY – Mercury at 6 above. Pleasant but cold. H. Wildman came in the morning and brought me Henry Stevens’ in the L.L.G.C. written for me. Special Agent of the Reliance, Clarence Burkhart came in and spent a part of the forenoon with us. Mrs. Scheppeassi called and refused to pay the January rent until we thawed out the frozen water pipes, the frozen condition of which we had no knowledge. After dinner, I drove up to Mrs. Sophia Farrell’s near Ball’s Pond and renewed her insurance with some needed changes. Mrs. John Allen and her daughter called while I was away this PM. FEBRUARY 10 WEDNESDAY – Mercury at 2 above. Clear and severely cold. The Sun Insurance supplies came this morning. We immediately wrote the delayed policy of Mrs. D. Bradley for the Union Savings Bank and arranged with Michael Fanning about the writing of his policy also for the Union Savings Bank. When at the bank providing for the same, Carroll Rider, not knowing that we had provided for it, wrote a policy himself securing the Bank. FEBRARY 11 THURSDAY – Mercury at 10 above. Another pleasant day. I left the Michael Fanning policy at the Union Savings bank this morning, leaving the bank and Fanning to settle the matter of which policy should stay. I arranged with Frank Brown to renew his policy in the Middle River District. After dinner, Mrs. Bevans went with me for a sleigh ride to Middle River to survey the Frank Brown risk. Later in the PM, I arranged with D. W. Cable for renewal on barn, etc. Also with Mrs. Lillian Pritchard for her renewal. The plumbers, Scofield and Dibble, did not come this morning as they promised to thaw out and repair water pipes for Mrs. Scheppeassi at No. 11 William Street. We received a letter this morning from Mrs. Clara Watkins at Hartford that her father and mother contemplated coming tomorrow for a visit and stay over Sunday. We wrote them this PM to come. FEBRUARY 12 FRIDAY – Mercury at 6 above. I omitted to open the faucet last night when I shut off the water. It thereby caused a little trouble this morning to get the water started. Theodore Scofield sent Mr. Dibble, his partner, to thaw out and start the water for Mrs. Scheppeassi at No. 11 William Street. He succeeded in clearing the pipes clear through the cellar to the sink and put in a new faucet which was needed but could not get the water from the main in the street to the cellar. It being in the same way plugged and stopped, to dig it out with 4 feet of frost is too expensive. I wait to hear from Mr. Pierans. In the PM, I went down to the old Beckerle Soft Shop to see about Richard Kranz’ renewal at Great Plain, after which I took Mary to the depot to meet Charles and Hattie Watkins from Hartford. I brought Mary and Hattie in the sleigh and Charlie walked up. FEBRUARY 13 SATURDAY – Mercury at 12 above. Pleasant and not quite so cold. I gave A. H. Hawes, our stamp clerk a sharp lecture for twice returning the Daily Report on the Court House policy for an imaginary error that did not exist. I had a talk with T. C. Williams about making a provision in case of my death to have George succeed me in the bank account without unnecessary expense. He suggested a power of attorney on file with the bank. George and Sarah Purdy came over and spent the evening with Charlie and Clara Watkins and stayed until about 10 o’clock. FEBRUARY 14 SUNDAY – Mercury at 20 above. Cloudy in the morning with the appearance of snow. About noon, it began to snow gently and continued during the day. Mary attended church in the morning with Clara and Charlie Watkins. We stayed in during the evening. FEBRUARY 15 MONDAY – Mercury 23 above. Cloudy and light snow during last night, showing 3 inches of new snow this morning which patches up the sleighing nicely. The sun came out bright about 8 AM, giving the promise of a fair day. I shoveled out all the patio before breakfast. Received by the morning mail from the Connecticut Fire Insurance Company a draft on them for the Mary Scribner loss under their policy, NO. 2062 which occurred October 23, 1903 in amount (a compromise settlement) of $387.50. We wrote the company acknowledging the receipt of same and also to Mrs. Scribner to call for it and bring her policy. In the PM, I took Hattie Watkins sleigh-riding with me up to Hayestown, Great Plain, and Germantown and finished up by ordering more coal of Clarence Morgan. Mrs. Mary Waite, daughter of John Allen, called in the evening about her mother’s application for pension. In the evening, I made up our January account and mailed it to the Connecticut Fire Insurance Company. FEBRUARY 16 TUESDAY – Mercury at 2 below. Very cold again. In the forenoon, I left a policy for George Morgan at the Danbury Savings Bank, delivered and collected premiums due on policies of Richard Kranz and Arthur Wilcox. John Allen’s deferred payment pension check came this morning, making the same payable to his widow Sophia Allen. I called before dinner to have her endorse the same when I cashed it for $36.00. After dinner, I rode over to the Dewey Inn and Andrew Bradley’s and arranged for the renewal of their policies. Later in the PM, Redburn Johnson called while I was downtown and paid for their policies on their father’s place at Bennett’s Farm district at Ridgefield. About 5:50, J. Frank Morgan called and left $20.00 on account for Mrs. Sophie Terrell. About 9 PM, fire alarm box No. 36 struck for a fire on Marcus Avenue in the long house, the Italian section. It was soon extinguished with little damage. FEBRUARY WEDNESDAY 17 – Mercury at 2 above. In the forenoon, we worked in the office with other work. We finished up the Andrew Bradley policies for himself and his wife. In the PM, deposited in the bank, went over to Clarence Morgan’s to see about his bringing me more coal. I called on Marcioch’s new market in the Nichols’ block near the Main Street Bridge and partially arranged for insurance on the same. I notified George Stevens and son of a draft waiting for Mary Scribner for payment of her loss at Redding, also to cancel policy No. 2066 on the Connecticut Fire Insurance Company also for her on another place. Mary and Hattie Watkins went up to consult Dr. Sunderland this PM. In the evening, they went over to Brother George’s to spend the evening. Lottie and Julia Hirsch came up and finding them gone, they also went over to brother George’s’. About 4 PM, fire alarm box No. 37 on the corner of George and Orchard Street called the firemen to opposite Mrs. Cocking’s greenhouse for a chimney fire. Slight damage only. FEBRUARY 18 THURSDAY – Mercury at 8 above. Pleasant and still cold. Before dinner, Charles Watkins took a sleigh ride with me over to Miry Brook to deliver two policies to Andrew and Adelia Bradley, his wife. We returned just in time for dinner. After dinner, I went up to Wildman’s Lane and got Sarah Bush’s receipt as mortgagor on a draft to Mary Scribner from the Connecticut Fire Insurance Company in settlement of her fire loss at Redding and left the same at her lawyer, A. T. Bates and took up the policy. Then Mr. Beeman and myself drove up to Brookfield and arranged with D. D. Joyce for the renewal of his policy. FEBRUARY 19 FRIDAY – Mercury at 20 above. A little flurry of snow last night and this morning which increased gradually during the forenoon and continued during the day. I drove to the depot for the 11:37 train with Charley and Hattie Watkins, who after a week’s visit return to their home in Hartford. David Davids came in about 10 AM to see about the renewal of a policy on the former H. B. Hodge place in the Plum Trees District, Bethel, he representing his wife, the executrix of the estate of David Selleck. Pension check of John Allen payable to his wife returned to me by the savings bank to be endorsed as being the widow of John Allen. I called on her this PM and had her endorse it. It cleared away and was starlight in the evening. Fannie and Lottie came up in the evening. I made up our January account for the Connecticut Fire Insurance Company and mailed it in the evening. FEBRUARY 20 SATURDAY – Mercury 20 above. A bright beautiful morning. We wrote up policies in the forenoon for David D. Joyce of Brookfield. I returned the pension check of John Allen to the bank, signed by his widow as requested. In the PM, I delivered a policy to Robert McClean on a house previously owned by John Parker Sistuk on Whitlock Street. Mrs. Waite, daughter of John Allen called in the evening for papers naming requirements of Mrs. Allen, the widow in her application for widow’s pension. She wants to read them over when she will return them. FEBRUARY 21 SUNDAY – Mercury at & AM, zero; at noon, 42 above. The snow is melting fast. It became lowery in the afternoon and misty in the evening with the appearance of rain. We went over to brother Georges’ in the evening. Julia and Lottie Hirsch came over after Sunday School and took dinner with us. Frank Klopp’s wife called in the evening and left a policy to be transferred. FEBRUARY 22 MONDAY – Mercury at 42. It rained gently during the night and this morning until noon. After dinner, it cleared away and began to grow colder. The snow melted rapidly and the sleighing is spoiled in town. I looked up the transfer of 39 Liberty Street to Frank Klopp. I stayed in the office and rested in the PM. I made up our January account for the Reliance Insurance Company and mailed it in the evening. FEBRUARY 23 TUESDAY – 25 above. It was frozen this morning, but a south wind soon broke up the ice so that the sleighing in the PM was poor outside and none at all in town. A little after 9 AM, Mabel Rogers took a sleigh ride with me to Brookfield. On our way. I stopped at Henry Stevens and collected $55.02, Albert McKay’s for $34.50, Mr. Fuller, $5.50, David D. Joyce, $92.50, and on my return, $2.00 of George Bradley. After dinner, I went to the bank and deposited $378.95, then went down to Van Gall’s shop and delivered a policy to Ira Post. After supper, I took a trolley up town and arranged for the renewal of James Whittlesley’s furniture policy and called on John Handley and got a promise of $4.00 balance next Saturday. FEBRUARY 24 WEDNESDAY - 40 above. The snow is going fast. Light rain during the night and about 6:30, it began to snow and continued nearly all the forenoon. Leonard Dexter was buried today. Harrison Waterman’s wife is now a widow. Mr. Waterman was buried yesterday. Called in the PM to see about accrued pension for him; also about making an application for a widow’s pension. I have stayed in the office today, not feeling well enough to go out, having an attack of La Grippe. Daniel Wilkes called this forenoon to renew his insurance, thus saving me a drive up there. He paid his premium and we mailed him the policy in the PM. FEBRUARY 25 THURSDAY – Mercury 12 above at 7 AM. It grew cold rapidly after last midnight. My office fire went out on me last evening. I let it go and rekindled it this morning. High winds continued all day which made it a severe day. I am feeling somewhat better today but have remained in the office. A. H. Hawes, stamp clerk, brought in a few new rate cards and left a copy of our new insurance board by-laws. In the PM, W. Sutterlee & Son called and paid their premium for insurance. George took the bank book and made a deposit; he will return the book tomorrow. Mr. H. Johnson, son-in-law of Leonard Dexter called in the PM to have me take up the matter of the accrued pension up to the date of Mr. Dexter’s death, February 21 to make an application for a widow’s pension for Mrs. Dexter. John Stevens called in the evening and paid his accident insurance. In the evening, I prepared two affidavits for Sophia Allen widow of John Allen, in her claim for widow’s pension, one for herself and one for two acquaintances. FEBRUARY 26 FRIDAY – Mercury 8 above. No wind this morning, but clear and cold. Mrs. Sophia Allen and her brother Alfred Bell called this afternoon to help make up testimony in her application for pension. George took Mr. Beeman and drove down to Plum Trees to deliver a policy to Sarah and Arthur Dibble returning about 12:15. FEBRUARY 27 SATURDAY - Mercury 18 above. Pleasant. George drove up to Westville to see and arrange the renewal of James Stevens. He was not at home. We wrote the policy, however, as George Peck, the mortgagor expected they would. In the PM, Mr. Peck called for the policy on his Beckett Street place and also approved the wring of the Stevens policy. Charles Peck called and paid the balance due on his policy. Ira Post called and paid $7.00, one-half of his premium. About 4 PM, I went down to mail the daily reports and made a call at Olmstead’s office. I met Jake Hartz there. We had quite a pleasant talk over our recent by-laws, etc. In the evening, George and Sarah came over and spent the evening. He got a $4.00 check from me to send to Louise Kimball for coffee which recently came for Dr. Sunderland. FEBRUARY 28 SUNDAY – Mercury 18 above. Lowery all day. After dinner I went up to Dr. Sunderland’s with a specimen of my water for examination, fearing kidney trouble with a severe cold and La Grippe affliction. He however found no indication of kidney trouble. He gave me La Grippe tablets and also gave me $4.15 to pay for 15 lbs. of coffee including $.40 expressage which I at once carried over to George Purdy who filled the order and paid for it. In the evening, we went over to Mrs. Hawley’s. On our return, it was clear and star-lit. Capt. E. E. Wildman died this morning with paralysis. FEBRUARY 29 MONDAY - Mercury at 36 above. Cloudy, sour and unpleasant today. Ira Beers came in the forenoon to have some notices made to warn out a tenant. I made up all the affidavits and evidence in the Sophia Allen application for widow’s pension matter. I wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Pension about the same and after dinner, mailed them to Washington. Mrs. George Hartwell called in the PM in relation to the insurance on their mill and two dwellings, asking us to carry them for payment until April 1st. I made up a corrected report of the January business for the Reliance Insurance Company in the evening.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal February 1904 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.

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