Horace Purdy Journal January 1869 Entry

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JANUARY 01 FRIDAY - A severe blowing snow storm. Except early in the morning, it was all day hard round snow mixed with hail. It packs so hard as it comes that one can walk on top of the snow, it being hard as earth. Where it does give way under foot, it is like sand. I have worked in the shop. As Joe Allen went home to dinner, I sent $24.00 by him to pay interest on a $1,200 note in the Danbury Savings Bank. It was closed. I left work before 4 o'clock and found it closed also. In the evening, I gave Father Griswold money to pay it for me tomorrow. I went into the street in the evening and mailed letters for Father Griswold. In the P. M., I bought a pair of rubber boots of the Benedict brothers - $3.25. Mr. Pond came in this evening after I returned from the street and we looked at our accounts together to straighten things up for the commencement of the New Year. He helped me mend Georgie's toy horse and cart. I made preparations for going to New York in the morning and then retired. Edwin Harris lost a child this morning, 3 weeks old. JANUARY 02 SATURDAY - Cloudy, but no storm in the forenoon. A little rain in the P.M. and snow in the evening. I have been to New York. I took four of Bartram & Fanton's placards for advertising their sewing machines to frame as samples. I took them from Bartram's office in Broadway near 13th Street. I packed three chromos, 'The Old Oaken Bucket', 'Home, Sweet Home' and 'Sunlight in Winter' and brought them home in frames for Mr. Pond. I broke one of the ornamental corners getting on to a horse car and shall probably have to take it back for repairs. Charles Hayes came home with me from the city. He is going to work for Joseph Ives. Mother Griswold, Louise, Gussie and Georgie went up to Father Griswold's today on a surprise. They took some good things and made a New Year's dinner. Father Griswold paid my interest at the Danbury Savings Bank for 3 months - $24.00. JANUARY 03 SUNDAY - A pleasant, mild day. I shoveled paths before breakfast. I went down to Sunday School at noon. Charles Hayes went with me. We returned after school to stay with Georgie for Gussie to stay to afternoon meeting. Our dinner was late, about 5 o'clock, after which Charlie and I took a walk. We returned home in time to go to evening meeting. I wrote to William inquiring about my diary which I think I left at the store yesterday, also informing him of Charlie's sucess in getting a situation with Joseph Ives. JANUARY 04 MONDAY - Foggy and a fine rain a part of the time. I have worked in the shop. As I went to work, I went with Charles Hayes to Joseph Ives' to show him where he is to work. After coming from the shop, I shoveled snow off the walk in front of my place and that of Father Griswold. Dr. Bulkely came just at night to see Fannie and Georgie. He left his bill for me - $13.88, but I could not pay it. I went into the street in the evening and having found the piece of the $2.00 bill which I let Dr. Brown, Postmaster, have on Friday at 30 cent discount, I matched it and he paid me the 30 cents discount. A concert this evening under the auspices of the ladies of the Episcopal Church. Father Griswold, having complimentary tickets, Gussie and Louise went to it. January 05 TUESDAY - Cloudy, misty. I have worked in the shop. As I went, I took our wash boiler to J. W. Ives for a new bottom. I finished my shop work about noon, came home and helped Gussie change our bedstead with the one upstairs. I then went down to Ives' for the wash boiler I left there this morning for repairs. JANUARY 06 WEDNESDAY - Colder. I have worked in the shop. While getting Georgie down home from Mother Griswold's to tea, I took a slide on the crust with him. In the evening, Charles Hayes and I went downtown together. I bought a wild rabbit and brought home. It was frozen hard this morning, but it thawed out and was soft and spongy during the day. I have today finished two dozen vicuna, 4 dozen Zepher full stiff jack up California hats. JANUARY 07 THURSDAY - Pleasant and warm. It has thawed considerably making it wet and disagreeable getting around during the middle of the day. I completed my work for the week about 2 P.M., I having earned $12.00, the amount of work allowed for this week. Egbert Marsh cashed my account as I am intending to go to New York tomorrow and perhaps on Saturday also. I brought an Alpine hat up to Marshall West at Gillette's store, but it being too small, I returned with it to the factory again. He will wait a few days and perhaps get another style. One of my employers, Rollo Nichols, gave me $2.00 which he borrowed of me last Saturday P.M. at the 27th Street Depot in New York. Before tea, I went over to Mr. Pond's and took the 'Sunlight in Winter' chromo from its frame (which I damaged in bringing from New York) and wound it with paper preparatory to taking it to New York tomorow for repairs. After tea, Charles Hayes and I went downtown. I did some marketing. After we returned, I went over to Mr. Pond's and he made out a list of books which he wanted me to get for him in New York tomorrow. He gave me $55.00 with which to get the things and pay a bill of $41.00 at Babbitt & Elliott's at 42 John Street. The books, Sherwood's Spellers, I am to get at the corner of John and Williams. JANUARY 08 FRIDAY - Pleasant and warm. I have been to New York. I took down Mr. Pond's frame for a chromo for repairs. I bought 5 gallons of ink for him at Babbitt & Elliott's at $1.50 per gallon. Can cost $1.50, making a bill of $9.00. I found William sick with a quinsy sore throat. Today being his first at the store since last Saturday and Dan having been left in the store, business has been neglected. Dan, having an offer in Hudson Street for more wages, threatens to leave me. I fell in with George Benjamin's uncle George on the carriage coming home. He was formerly a hatter in Bethel. He is now a farmer out west doing well. He has not been in these parts in many years. JANUARY 09 SATURDAY - pleasant but warm. The snow has wasted fast. The streets have been very wet and muddy. I have been to New York. I took a half dozen Sherwood's Spellers and definers for Mr. Pond back to Babbitt's on the corner of John and Williams Streets in New York and exchanged for the Speller and pronouncer. I went to Tibbels' and got two more 'Outlines of the United States Government', also to ____ 381-83 Pearl Street for some walnut molding. I made from it 4 frames, 11x13 for Walker Bartram, 838 Broadway for Sewing Machine placards. I delivered them as I went to the depot. I brought home 2 quarts of oysters from Bleeker Street, near McDougal. Charles Hayes met me at the depot here. Henry Hinman paid $5.00 on account towards rent. I lent Mr. Pond my lantern about 10 this evening to see some ladies home to his house. I bought a diary at Tibbles'. JANUARY 10 SUNDAY - Muddy and soft this morning, it not having frozen in the least last night. We rose late and had New York Oysters for breakfast. Charles Hayes and I got ready in time to go down to Sunday School at noon. We came home and let Gussie go to Sacrament in the P.M. We had dinner about 4 P.M., after which Gussie went up home on Deer Hill to prayer meeting. Charlie and I went to church in the evening. Brother Burch preached a short sermon, after which a prayer meeting. JANUARY 11 MONDAY - Colder. Cloudy all day. I have worked in the shop. I finished my work early in the afternoon and called at John Cosier's office on White Street, then at the Jeffersonian Office to see about getting some Bill Heads printed. I talked with Swertfager, the editor, about the bill I am owing him. As I was passing Mr. Griffing's Coal Office, he called me to see if I could pay the bill I am owing him. I could not do it. I talked the matter up with him and then called at Swift's for the Sunday School Journals and then came home. About 6 o'clock in the evening, it commenced raining hard. The Sunday School Officers and Teachers' Meeting did not come off on account of the storm. I went down with the books but returned again in the rain, getting quite wet before reaching home. JANUARY 12 THURSDAY - Everything this morning was loaded with ice with a thin layer of snow to cover the ground. The sun shone a little this forenoon and made everything glisten with its load of ice. I had work in the shop until about 2 o'clock. I then delivered to William H. Warren an 'Outline of the United States Government'. I am to wait a few days for my pay. I took one also for David Hoyt, but he was not prepared to take it today. I went to Swift's and exchanged a diary with him which I bought in New York. I returned to the street again before tea for cheese, bread, tea and coffee. After tea, I wrote to William at the store ordering some frames made and to have him secure if possible Potter's Cabinet Gilding. Charles Hayes wrote a note to William and enclosed it in my letter. We then went into the street, did some marketing, mailed my letter and came home. JANUARY 13 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant. The ice on the trees looked when the sun rose like silver and gold. A beautiful sight. I have worked in the shop. I finished my work about 3 o'clock. I then helped Joe Kyle, and William Carlson finish up theirs. When I came home, I fitted up again the Lincoln and Washington families to make a triplet with the Grant family. I have for a long time until of late hanging in the parlor. I took two of the frames and sold to Edwin R. Hunniston and today I replaced them. I sold a 'Laughing Cat' today to Joe Kyle. After tea, I took off a little the toe of a 'Shoe Last' for Mother Griswold. Charles and I then went into the street. We called a short time at Swift's Auction and then came home. We then helped Gussie seed some raisins for fruit cake. JANUARY 14 THURSDAY - Pleasant. I have worked in the shop. I finished my work about 3 P.M. I then went to the Railroad Shop and ground down to a point the broken knife given to me last evening by Mr. Pond. I came home but soon returned again to the store for some cheese. Robert Cocking called in the evening and paid me 50 cents for our Post Office box for the coming six months. Charlie and I walked down town with him. I paid Dr. Brown the box rent. I did some marketing and came home. I met James Maynard this P.M. I spoke with him about getting me a customer for my store. JANUARY 15 FRIDAY - Warm; cloudy all day; a little fine rain in the middle of the day. The lower district school house last night took fire from the stove and was badly burned inside before it was extinguished. It took fire about 9 o'clock. I have worked in the shop until about 2 P.M. Albert Marsh cashed my account for me - $13.00. On my way home I stopped at Swift's Store a while. After tea, Charlie Hayes and myself went to market returning about 8 o'clock. JANUARY 16 SATURDAY - A little cooler but pleasant. I have been to New York. On my way to the store, I called at Walker Bartram's office ' 838 Broadway near 13th Street and took two of his sewing machine advertisements for his man, Wilcox. I made the frames but did not have time to deliver them. The chromo frame of Mr. Pond, which a week ago I took down with me to mend the gold corner, being done, I brought it home with me and after tea went over to his house with it and put the picture in it again. I have had the headache all day. Charles Hayes was discharged today at J. W. Ives. I gave William today enough money to make out the $50.00 for this month's rent. As I came to the depot from the store, he came with me to call on Galen Terry, agent for the estate of Henry Young (my old landlord) and pay the rent. I brought a package and a letter from James Hurd to his family in West Street. I called as I came from the depot and delivered it. I also brought a small package from George containing some old clothes which he left at the store for me last week. JANUARY 17 SUNDAY - Pleasant until nearly night when it clouded over. Charles Hayes and I attended Sunday School; we went down about 1 o'clock. Charles attended Chittenden's Bible Class at noon. After school we came home to let Gussie stay in the P.M. After dinner which was about 4 o'clock, Charles, Gussie and myself took a walk up to the cometary. Charlie and I attended church in the evening. Brother Burch preached, after which there was a prayer meeting. JANUARY 18 MONDAY - I went to the depot this morning, intending to go to New York if I found Walker Bartram at the station as he has some pictures at this office for me to frame. He not making his appearance, I did not go but went to the shop instead and worked nearly all day. Charles Hayes has been looking around for a situation today. After I came from the shop and before tea, I started out with him again visiting the hat factories uptown but did not succeed in finding a place for him. I stopped at James C. Beers' as we came home and got four pictures to frame for him. At his gate when coming out, I slipped on the ice and fell pretty hard but fortunately did not hurt myself. This P.M. about 4 o'clock Mother Griswold fell on the ice on her way to Mr. Richard's Shoe Shop. Alexander Pine saw her while she was down and came to her assistance. She hurt herself quite badly. Dr. Bulkely was immediately called. After tea, Charles and I took a walk downtown to market, etc. It has snowed a little. JANUARY 19 TUESDAY - A beautiful morning. I went to New York. A light skimming of snow here, about an inch; in New York, about 6 inches. I bargained with Walter Bartram to frame 6 pictures ' the 'Four Seasons' and 'Night' and 'Morning'. They take an 18 inch circle. He is to have Sperry's polished walnut at $5.00 each. He wants them in about 2 weeks. On the train coming home, I partly arranged with him to give Charles Hayes a situation in his sewing machine factory; he will give me his answer tomorrow evening. JANUARY 20 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant; I have worked in the shop. As I went to the shop, I bought a ___ brush at Parmalee & Sherman's for 50 cents. J. M. Bailey, editor of the Times, sent me a note at the shop requesting statistics of our Sunday School, the names of it officers, number of teachers, scholars, deaths, etc. for publication. He is to publish an article on Sunday Schools embracing the different schools of the town. He gave me too little notice so that the report of our school, if published at all, will be deferred until next week. Mother Griswold is still in bed and not able to be up from the effects of her fall on the ice last Monday. After tea, Charles and I went into the street to see Walker Bartram and get his reply about giving Charlie work in his sewing machine factory. He tells him to come for a while at least. I brought home a piece of cloth from Swift's, 2 yards for pants and vest at 85 cents per yard. JANUARY 21 THURSDAY - Pleasant. Charlie Hayes went to his new business this morning at the sewing machine factory. I have worked in the shop; being behind in my work, I worked until dark. Charles and I went to market in the evening. I wrote to William at the store and mailed it in the evening with one to Gussie to Cousin Eliza in California. I brought home from Saul Fleig's a pair of pants and vest to try on to see how I like them. I think that I shall return them, the pants being too short. FRIDAY JANUARY 22 - Pleasant but very cold. I have worked in the shop. As I took Mr. Pond's milk over to him this morning after bringing it from Mr. McDonald's, he gave me $6.00 more in pay for cromos and frames, leaving now a balance of 81 cents due me. In the evening, Charlie Hayes and I went into the street. I returned the pants and vest I got last night at Saul Fleig's and took only another pair of pants a little larger. Father Griswold went away to New York this morning feeling about sick with a cold. I took home from the shop my drab ___ brush to repair by putting screws in to hold on the top. JANUARY 23 SATURDAY - Very cold this morning. I have been to New York. It grew warmer during the day, so the streets in New York were very muddy though here in Danbury, it has not thawed. On my way to the store, I went to the Book Room for two more copies of the Sunday School Advocates and a copy of 'Two Years with Jesus' Volume 1, which is the first year. I also called at Bigelow and Main's (Bradbury's old place in Broome Street) to see Richard Gilbert. From there, I went to 52 Broadway to see the new apparatus for warming houses by steam in place of an ordinary stove. It is a new invention. It is simply a pan of water heated by an ordinary gas burner. It condenses its steam so that the water is not exhausted. I then went to the store. After dinner, William and I took a deep frame to a customer in Amity Street (Mrs. Plant) and at the house put in it a piece of hair work. The bill was $15.00 which the lady paid before we came away. William and I then went down to Franklin Street to a wholesale clothing store to look at some clothing. A friend of his was salesman there. I thought his prices too high for wholesale so we then went to Baldwin's on the corner of Broadway and Canal Street. I saw some coats which I thought cheaper, but finally came away without buying. I went over to the Bowery to take a horse car to the depot and William walked up Broadway intending to beat me and get to the depot before me, but up at 18th Street, I passed him on the walk, the car I was in getting there first. Charlie met me at the cars here. Gussie went to the surprise silver wedding presentation this evening at Brother Burch's. I brought a small parcel from New York for Hiram Benjamin to his family at Mr. Wilcox's on Stevens Street, which I delivered before I came home. JANUARY 24 SUNDAY - Pleasant and warm. We rose late. Charles and I went down to Sunday School at noon. Gussie came down bringing Georgie with her, his first at Sunday School in pants and the first since last fall in school. Charles and I came home after school with Georgie. Gussie stayed to prayer meeting in the P.M. Father came down as we were getting our dinner about 3 P.M. and wanted me to get 'Graffenburg's Manual of Health' for him next time I go to New York at 139 William Street. Just before dinner, I crossed the street and called on Mr. Sherman who has been suffering for about two weeks with inflammatory rheumatism. After dinner, Charles and I took a walk up to Oscar Serine's new house and on the new street west of White's Pond on Tom Benedict's land. Minnie Vintz called about 6 P.M. to go to evening meeting with Louise. Charles and I attended church in the evening. Brother Burch preached after which was held a prayer meeting. I gave Theodore Bradley $6.00 this morning to give to Saul Fleig to pay for my pants. JANUARY 25 MONDAY - I brought water from Father Griswold's cistern for Gussie to wash with. I have worked all day in the shop. After tea, Charlie and I mended Georgie's high chair by gluing it together. We then went into the street. I did some marketing and then came home. Old Mr. Ely, leader of the Sandemanian Church was buried this morning. 26 TUESDAY - Pleasant but cold. I have worked in the shop. Mrs. James Nichols died this P.M. Bell came down and took Georgie up home with her this forenoon. She came home with him about 6 this evening. Charles Hayes went to the Sewing Machine Factory to do night work this evening. He returned as soon as he finished his tea. I drew a plan of Oscar Serine's house and sent to William at the store by letter this evening. We are trying to find a customer for Oscar. On my way to the Post Office, I stopped to see James Wood who has been sick for a few days. I then went to Market, carried a Sunday School statement to the Danbury Times office for publication, it having been omitted last week in an account of the schools in this town. The editor did not call on me in time for me to prepare it for him. When I returned from the street, I called on Amos Purdy who is sick. John Bouton was over there with some medicine for him. JANUARY 27 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant and cold but warmer towards night. We rose so late that our boarder, Charles Hayes, went to work without his breakfast. As I went to work, I carried it to him with enough for his dinner. I finished my work before night and called on William Warren at the Railroad Machine Shop for my pay ($2.00) for the 'Outlines of the U. S. Government' but he was out of money and promised it next Monday. Mother has been down this P.M. to see Mother Griswold. She stayed with us to tea. After tea, Charles and I went into the street. I engaged for Father Griswold Beatty's double team to go over to J. W. Nichols tomorrow to attend the funeral of Mrs. Nichols. I mailed some letters for Father Griswold and came home. An eclipse of the moon tonight. JANUARY 28 THURSDAY - Pleasant and warm. It has thawed so as to make it quite muddy. I have worked in the shop. I finished my work at noon and then went over to the Sewing Machine factory to see Charles Hayes. From there, I called at John Cosier's shop where he cuts leather, then to T. B. Fanton's to see if my watch was repaired. It not being done, Saul Bailey gave me his to carry while he carries mine to regulate. I then bought and paid for 6 bushels of potatoes at D. B. Nichols which they sent up before night. James W. Nichols' wife was buried this P.M. on Great Plain. Father Griswold's family and Gussie went with Beatty's double team. I gave my tax list again this P.M. it is required for a borough tax. Mr. N. C. Pond's reply and explanation of the reported cruel punishments inflicted under his supervision at the new school came out in the Danbury Times today. The reports were utterly false and Mr. Pond's explanation is perfectly satisfactory to all reasonable minds. I wrote William at the store and mailed it this evening and then did some marketing and came home. JANUARY 29 FRIDAY - Pleasant and warm. The snow and ice has melted fast and it has been very muddy. I have worked in the shop. I completed my work about 2 P.M. and came home. Sarah Purdy was married last evening at her home to Lucius Wildman, Jr. After tea, I went into the street to market and then to the Post Office. JANUARY 30 SATURDAY - It was raining hard when I woke this morning. It soon ceased, however it remained foggy until about noon when it cleared off warm and pleasant. I have been to New York. I took down to frame for J. Clark Beers 4 pictures. I brought home two of them and delivered them after tea and got my pay for them. His Marriage Certificate and a Juvenile Missionary Certificate. I bought in New York, two copies of 'Two Years with Jesus', 1st Series for William Taylor, one copy Longking's Notes, Vol. 2 for Ellen Taylor, 'Singing Pilgrims and Musical Leaves, Combined' for Emily Anderson, 'Outlie of Theology' by Hodge for V. W. Benedict, and 'Graffenberg's Manual of Health' for Father. Also for myself, 13 oranges for 25 cents. JANUARY 31 SUNDAY - Pleasant but colder. To Sunday School at noon. Gussie went to prayer meeting in the P.M. I came home from Sunday School with Georgie. Kohanza Dam gave way this evening and swept away all before it. The bridge in White Street is washed away. After meeting, Charles Hayes and I walked up there to see what had happened. But it being dark, cold and muddy near the bridge where the high water had been but had receded, we came home leaving further news for tomorrow.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal January 1869 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 28 Jan. 2020.

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