Interview with Ben DaSilva

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31 min., 21 min


oral history interview with Ben DaSilva



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Side A
0-10 min: DaSilva’s enrollment at Danbury State College, kinds of people he ran into at the school, classes at Danbury High School, relationship with teachers at DSC, Teacher’s College of Columbia
10-20 min: Modern education philosophy from Columbia, 6-week work contracts, working at the prison, The Hollywood Ten, prison fights, working at the children’s library
20-30 min: relationship with education professors, teacher’s dues, social events with teachers, due-day, college sports, practice teaching at local schools, learning music through Westconn, art at Westconn
Side B
0-10 min: Art appreciation, music integration in the curriculum, Ruth Haas, adjusting to the new age, learning everyone’s name, job screening at the university
10-20 min: Relationship with students, problems with commuting, Curly Hall, course demand, student teaching, stressing of experimental nature of the college in the 1950’s


“Interview with Ben DaSilva.” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 9 Dec. 2019.


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