Marilyn Fagan Interview

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Topics discussed : (side A): Beginning at WestConn; came in 1971 and worked in register's office until 1975; nursing department from 1975; 1976; worked for Dr. Feldman while he was Dean of the School of Business; Ancell School; division of 3 schools; business school began in 1976 at midtown campus; most classes held in White Hall; moved to Westside in 1982; Donation made by Ancell; school named after the business man; he was chairman of Ethan Allen; Dr. Feldman as president of WestConn; Growth of the business school; Contact w/ students; Budget cuts; all schools were hit hard by them; employees and faculty cut (Arts and Science probably more); Budget problem of 1970s; college didn't have paper because of budget problems; Faculty turnover; business school has had a lot of change; Unions at WestConn; recent lay offs, only clerical and non; faculty; she took early retirement; a few teachers were laid off during Dr. Haas' presidency; AAUP and AFT; Women's issues at business school; probably as many women to men in school now; beginning was mostly men; rising academic standards lead to more gender diversity; Relation w/ students; senior projects/seminars; College to university; attract more professors; academic executives; president change from Dr. Bersi to Dr. Feldman; Dr. Feldman leaving; Structure of the school administration; president has several vice presidents to help; Oral history project; Gertrude Braun; Nursing department; changeover in the head of nursing; involved w/ Danbury Hospital when she worked in department; Register's office; did all registrations by hand; Technology; computer improvement and computer labs; ATC project (Automated Technology Classroom); VAX computers; Westside; she wanted to stay and was going to miss Old Main; business school and education; MCS department; improved facilities; Field House; plans been around for awhile; has been built pretty quickly; Ella Grasso Hall; came after the classroom building; large; Commuter school; lack of dorm space; Growth of Western; development of Danbury and influx of business in area; increased prestige of Western; tuition; Reflection of her career; enjoyed her time at WestConn; Retirement; she was unhappy w/ working in general; not w/ WestConn; Change in students; seriousness of academics w/ higher admission standards; non; trads; MBA program; many students in the program; Her replacement; she trained her replacement; she had worked in graduate program before that; Personal relationship w/ students; students who worked for the business school; her niece went to WestConn.



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0-10 min: Fagan’s background with WestConn, various schools, building Westside, secretary for dean, list of past deans, changes in business school, Ancell background, budget crisis
10-20 min: how layoffs and retirements affected business school, gender in business school, changes in development of WestConn, how deans and presidents have contributed toward WestConn development
20-30 min: background of Gertrude Braun, nursing department, how the registrar changed over the years, technological advances, moving to Westside, dorm changes, job climate in Danbury
30-40 min: closing remarks, student involvement, non-traditional students, student helper achievement


Billeb, Carolyn and Alexis Brancato. “Marilyn Fagan Interview.” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 10 Dec. 2019.


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