Paul Hines (interview)

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Herb Janick Papers, MS012

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The content of the second 60 min cassette contained 16 min of pertinent audio (tape #2; item 28)

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Time Summary

Tape 1 side A:
0-10: Reflections of Stephen Feldman; Feldman’s resourcefulness, Steve’s work style, Steve outside his comfort zone, James Schmotter getting hired by the department, department’s course of action against Jim getting hired,
10-20: Feldman harassing members of the department in response to hiring backlash, Hines feeling respect for Feldman, Hines’ interactions with Schmotter, pros and cons of hiring senior faculty members, Frank, avoiding college politics
20-30: Ruth Haas, individual personalities at WestConn, Haas differences, strong points of university presidents, how Haas’ replacement would be a sacrifice, Jim could never fill Feldman’s shoes

Tape 1 side B:
0-10: Confronting university politics, working with Schmotter, duties of the university president, Steve Feldman interactions with Hines
10-20: How Feldman blew it, Feldman “solved” the race problem, Phil Steinkraus, chemistry and physics department give up funding for five years, money laundering
20-30: confrontation with black student, looking over Feldman’s proposals, suing the chemistry department, department heads don’t completely see eye to eye with professors, how the department heads don’t have the same empathy for students that the faculty members have

Tape 2 side A:
0-10: thoughts on James Schmotter, how Schmotter is as a president, why isn’t the chemistry department making the progress that is needs to make, Phil receiving flack for getting $600 mill, how the department is compared to 7 years ago
10-16: how working in politics has improved his view on campus, turnovers of board members, Hines’ view on the future of WestConn


Janick, Herbert F. “Paul Hines (interview).” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 17 Jan. 2020.


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