Calvin Dow (interview)

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Danbury Remembers, OH 001

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Side A
0-10mins: December 6, 2004 – Janet Hollander – Cal Dow at Danbury Senior Center; Born in Vermont; Came to Danbury in the 1950s; Knew Marian Anderson until she moved to Oregon; Mariana Farm on Joe’s Hill Rd; She built a studio; met her shopping; Eastern Orthodox church built in the same area; Met Anderson when she was around 60; Still active; She was very humble; pleasant person; First female African-American singer to appear at the Metropolitan Opera;
11-20mins: Anderson’s husband was an architect – Orpheus; Gentleman farmer; Site walk; Danbury zoning; has photographs of the old studio; Anderson Studio furnishings and paintings; Tennis club; Mother steeped in culture in Boston; From Waterbury VT; Learned tennis from his mother; in Burma theater in World War II; the aluminum trail; exhibition tennis match with Chinese players; Kunming;
21-30mins: Hiking and Tennis community; Environmental tone in Danbury; Early 1970s earth day; land trust; Danbury Land Trust –Swampfield Land Trust; Swampfield first name of Danbury; Nature Conservancy; Constantly recruiting; first pieces of land donated by the board; small number of acres; political support of the land trust; creation of a corridor; British came in to buy water resources; hiking trails began with the nature conservancy; leaders of the movement – Swampfield group - Eddie Wicks – important; Deep in the musical community; restores musical instruments;
31-40mins: Stradivarius was brought to Wicks; told Wicks the violin was stolen from Carnegie Hall in the 1930s; the Gibson Stradivarius; Joshua Bell bought the violin; Dr. Wile; Tarrywile Park; Dr. Wile would Tarry a while; the castle built; Dr. Wile sold it to a Dairy Farmer; 1985 environmental groups forced Danbury to buy it; Mayor Dyer didn't want it; Wanted to tear down the castle; battle royal; the “Battle of ‘85”; City Council voted on the protection of the land; now have to fight to defend it; Dr. Wile was born in Poughkeepsie; During the Civil War, Wile was part of Sherman’s march to the sea;
41-46mins: Dr. Wile was a teenage volunteer; bought Tarrywile; fought mercury and lead contamination; experiment with cotton wood tree experiment at Barnum court off North Street; A farmer in Brookfield noticed a peculiar taste; Dairy cattle wouldn't drink and sued Danbury – 1900s;
Side B
47-57mins: Still River; obnoxious fluvia; Dr. Wile; Danbury Hospital – cases appearing?; Forty thousand to eighty thousand; Danbury was bucolic; Wife worked at Trudeau Sanatorium; 1953 saw Danbury and thought it was good place relocate; On Bennett Place; Main Street; Sold landscape material; traffic manager - wife a nurse; Saturday nights at the Danbury Fair – horse races
57-1:07mins: Race cars; car races on Saturday nights after the Fair; Eddie Wicks; Charles Ives – buried in Wooster Cemetery – at a dedication for Ives at Wooster – saw Europeans there who are more interested in Ives than Americans; Ives celebration in Berlin attracted Russians; Marian Anderson; Emeritus Prof. James Pegolati; Howard Tuvelle;
1:07mins - We are facing the decline of the English language; Americanese; Pegolati wrote about Deems Taylor; Active musical tradition; end.


Hollander, Jane -- Interviewer. “Calvin Dow (interview).” Danbury Remembers: Oral Histories OH001. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 19 Oct. 2019.


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