Horace Purdy Journal October 1868 Entry

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OCTOBER 01 THURSDAY - Cloudy and rain threatened all day. I am nearly beside myself with trouble about my New York business. I must sell the store business to pay my debts and yet cannot find a customer. I have worked in the shop. Before tea, we moved our bed downstairs. Then I took my gun and went over to Terry's Woods to look for some pigeons but found none. I went over to Jacob Fry's and engaged 5 bushels of potatoes at 10 cents per bushel. After tea, I went to market. In the evening I got $700.00 of Father Griswold to take up notes which he is endorsing- $400 at Union Savings Bank and $350.00 at the Pahquioque Bank. OCTOBER 02 FRIDAY - I have worked in the shop. I left work long enough about 11 o'clock to go to the Danbury Bank with the check Father Griswold gave me last evening and draw money enough to take up my note of $400.00 at the Union Savings bank and the one of $350 at the Pahquioque Bank. After attending to the notes, I returned to the shop and worked the balance of the day. On my way home, I got the lamp at Charles Hull's which I took there last evening for repairs. OCTOBER 03 SATURDAY - Rain in the morning. Cloudy all day until evening when it came off pleasant and cool. I have been to New York. On my way to the store, I stopped at John Sperry's and talked with him about my indebtedness to him of $21.00 and of my intentions to sell to the first customer I could find who wanted to buy my business, my reasons being that I am discouraged on account of the past dull season and in fact the unusual dull times ever since I have been in business one year ago last June 1st. Also the lack of Father Griswold's confidence in my ability to do business enough in that locality to pay my borrowed capital. He having supplied me the said money, I sell to satisfy him rather than for any other reason, though I feel very confident that with a little more money to invest another season, I can do well. Mr. Sperry advised me not to sell. He thinks business will now improve and there is a good chance for me just ahead. Clark Beers came down on the noon train from home arriving at my store at 3 o'clock. He took a look at the store and business with a view of buying. I brought from New York a bundle of clothing from John Carpenter to his brother George. His father met me at the depot this evening and took the bundle paying me 20 cents for my trouble; he offered me 30 cents but I gave him back 20 cents. I did not get out of bed until 6 o'clock this morning and was obliged to take a cold breakfast. I had the sick headache all day on that account. I bought a Lane Hymn Book for Mr. Layman. Also 'Upham's Interior Life' for Victor Benedict. I bought the 1st volume of 'Fuller's Works' also for him to look at as he in thinking of purchasing it also. Coming home from New York, I sat in the same seat as Mr. Merritt, a fine old gentleman who has bought the fine residence of the late A. C. Tweedy uptown and expects soon to move here and become a resident of Danbury. After I came home, Gussie went into the street and bought a pair of shoes of Daragan & Ryder. Robert Fry brought me 4 bushels of potatoes today instead of 5 bushels. OCTOBER 04 SUNDAY - Pleasant. Gussie attended church in the morning while I stayed with Georgie. She came home at noon and I went down to Sunday School. I came home again after school. After tea, I took a walk on Highland Avenue. On my return coming over Gallows Hill, I saw Sidney Thompson. I had a talk with him. He declares that he will stop drinking, reform and join the Temperance Society. When I got home, Gussie went over to John Bouton's. I went to church in the evening. Mr. Latimer, who is visiting at Father Griswold's, preached a very good sermon. OCTOBER 05 MONDAY - Town election. Appearance of rain in the morning. The Democrats attempted this morning at the opening of the polls to do away with the register, also to close the polls at 12 o'clock instead of 4 o'clock as heretofore. They intended to get their vote in this forenoon and then cut us off in the P.M. by closing the polls, but the trick got out in time for us to rally in force at 9 o'clock and defeat their plans. Our party (Republican) came off victorious by a majority of 82. Last Spring's election, we had only 51. I worked in the shop nearly all day. This morning, I took the books to Victor Benedict which I bought for him Saturday in New York. Mother came down this P.M. and took tea with us. I went into the street this evening and got my pants which Saul Fleig cut over for me, they being a pair which Harriet gave me that someone at Townsend School left there and they gave to her. I worked a little on my walk in front this morning and again before tea this evening. I received a letter from Daniel at the store asking for $10.00 to be advanced to him. I wrote a reply before retiring refusing to let him have it. OCTOBER 06 TUESDAY - Pleasant. I worked in the shop. I did today what little we are to have tomorrow also as I intend to go to New York tomorrow. Before breakfast, I mailed the letter to Daniel at the store in New York that I wrote last evening. When I came from work, I finished my front walk and repaired the grate to my sitting room stove and brought it from Father Griswold's barn down to the house ready to set it up. In the evening I went to Hatters' Meeting at the hose house near Barn Place Bridge but found it not lighted nor anyone there. Then I came away. I saw the Wide-Awakes start for Brookfield by the Brookfield train. They are to have a torch light parade, speaking, etc. up there tonight. OCTOBER 07 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant. I have been to New York. Mr. Pond has been down also. We did business together this morning. He came to my store and we went downtown together o business. He left his coat at my store. I took it with me to the depot at 4 o'clock where I met him and we sat together coming home. I paid Carlton & Manahan $25.50 for 30 Sunday School Journals and 50 Sunday School Advocates for the new subscription year commencing now. I also bought down at Tibbels' a new Lane Hymn Book for Peter Starr, a half dozen new Longking Questions and three No. 1 Judd's Lessons for the Sunday School. Also, I got for V. Benedict another volume of Fuller's Works. I called on John Sperry and made some arrangements with him to sell my store for me. Harriet Mills spent the evening with us. I carried up to Father Griswold's the notes I took up last Friday. He wants to put some writing on them for me to sign: an acknowledgement from me that he took up the notes. It being late, he did not attend to it this evening. OCTOBER 08 THURSDAY - Shower this morning; another this P.M. Sunshine between the two. I worked in the shop until 3 P.M. Before tea, I went down to the church and hung up three mottos on banners as follows: 'Pray Without Ceasing', 'Stand Up For Jesus', and 'God Bless Our School'. I brought these from New York on trial to return them if the school did not accept them. Received a letter from William advising me to take some measures with Daniel about the paintings he traded off for clothing. I wrote a reply and mailed it this evening. I carried the Lane Hymn Books to Peter Starr this evening which I bought for him in the city. The Grant and Colfax Legions with torches went to Bethel this evening. O. S. Ferry is to speak there. OCTOBER 09 FRIDAY - Pleasant and cool; a heavy frost this morning. I put up our sitting room stove this morning. I have worked in the shop. After tea, I went up to Mr. Francis' to get some pictures, certificates, commissions, etc. to frame for Lucius Hoyt. I then went into the street to the Post Office to Fanton's for Gussie's breast pin which he has been mending. I bought a box of 'Coster's Rat Exterminator' and came home. OCTOBER 10 SATURDAY - Cloudy in the morning; I have been to New York. Gussie went with me as far as Norwalk. From there, she had the company of Mr. Amesbury. She has gone to New Haven for about two weeks to visit at Harriet's. She intends also going to Essex before returning. I had a talk with Ferguson, the frame manufacturer, corner of Broadway and Spring Street. He promises to let me have on credit all I want until I sell out. I arranged for the same with Crow & Powell for glass at 378 Canal Street. I took with me for Swift a small package for his daughter at 109 East 27th Street. Also $2.00 for R. Cowan and left at William Byfield's. I bought a large passe-partout for Swift from Mr. J. Handler. Also 5 small pictures for Benjamin Rolfe. I took down a picture I framed for Mrs. Mc Donald, also 4 more for Lucius Hoyt. I went up to Mother Griswold's to tea, there being no one to get mine for me, Gussie being gone. Georgie is staying up there with Fanny. I put on underclothes this morning. OCTOBER 11 SUNDAY - Pleasant. I took breakfast with Mother Griswold. The first Sunday School papers on the new subscription year, I gave out to day. I was kept home nearly all the forenoon making out a new list and marking them off. The large illuminated mottos which I put up in the Sunday School gave good satisfaction to all. They will keep them I am directed to pay for them from the Treasury. I came home after Sunday School and did the usual writing of the session and then went up home to Deer Hill to tea. I took George's clothes up to be washed which came from Yonkers. He sends home his washing in order to retain his residence until after the election. After tea, I went over to John Bouton's for a walk. I attended church in the evening. Brother Burch preached. A blind colored brother made a few remarks at the close of the sermon eliciting money to support colored schools in the South. OCTOBER 12 MONDAY - Pleasant. I went to the shop but there was no work. I came home and with Mr. Pond's carriage drew Georgie downtown to see the European Circus and Menagerie enter town. The Band Chorist was drawn by 8 camels. A living lion was on top of a large triumphal car open to the sight of all. In the afternoon, I picked apples for Father Griswold. I went into the street in the evening. I waited for the mail and then came home. I found out when it was too late that there was a Teacher's' Meeting. I did not know that it was given out in Sunday School and consequently was not there. Before retiring, I wrote to George W. Brockett (at the Adams House in Providence, Rhode Island) for the $5.00 I lent him one Saturday at my store in New York a month or more ago. A young man named Stevens working for John Cosier wants to rent my upper rooms. OCTOBER 13 TUESDAY - Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana elections came off today. The returns will be looked at with intense interest. The day has been pleasant. I worked in the shop until nearly 3 o'clock and then came home. There will be no more work until Friday. I commenced mowing my dooryard before tea. I went into the street in the evening, waited for the mail and returned home. OCTOBER 14 WEDNESDAY - Lowery with a little rain. I have been to New York. The news of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, also Nebraska is good. All have gone by large majorities Republican. The republicans are joyous while Democrats have a solemn and doleful look. I brought home 4 framed pictures for Lucius H. Hoyt and one for Mrs. McDonald. I took tea up to Mother Griswold's The Grant and Colfax Club with a Club from Bethel turned out with torches this evening. A salute was fired this P.M. I am told the Republicans are jubilant over the elections. OCTOBER 15 THURSDAY - To New York again today. Appearance of rain in the morning. William was away over to Brooklyn. His (7th Regiment) Drum Corp played for a parade over there. . In the P.M., I went down to Southmayd's, my agent to sell my store. ; also called on James Ward and then went to Goodenough's in Nassau Street for Mrs. McDonald's spectacles which she left there last week. I called on E. H. Sperry in 6th Avenue to try and sell my store to him. Just as the up train was coming into Norwalk Bridge this evening, it ran over a two horse team, the wagons loaded with barrels of tar. One horse was killed. Coming from the depot, I took a letter from the Office from Gussie in New Haven. OCTOBER 16 FRIDAY - A beautiful day. I am still sleeping in my bed at home and taking my meals at Father Griswold's I have worked in the shop today. Before breakfast, I went for milk and took Mrs. McDonald's spectacles to her which she left in New York at Goodenough's in Nassau Street and I got for her. Also the picture I framed for her. She paid for it - $1.50, also 22 cents for car rides, etc. to get her spectacles. Received a letter from George in Yonkers containing accounts of banner raisings, conversions to Republicans, assaults on boys in blue, threats of the Ku Klux Klan, etc. I delivered after tea, 4 pictures to Lucius H. Hoyt which I framed for him and got my pay $4.00. I went to the club room and received George's letter to a small company related to politics, Ku Klux Klan in Yonkers. Went to the Post Office and came home. I answered Gussie's letter before retiring. OCTOBER 17 SATURDAY - Rain this morning with a little snow. I have been to New York. I saw E. M. Sperry about buying my store. In the P.M., I went down to Tibbel's and paid him for the three mottos I put in the Sunday School room. Called at Nunnebacher's about some molding I ordered but I have not yet been sent. . Called also at John Sperry's about some polished walnut ovals returned to the store. Paid balance of Maguire & Booth's bill. Commenced taking inventory of stock, fixtures, tools, etc. Called at Dempsey & Dowding's under Amity House for my satchel which he has been blacking over for me. Walked up 6th Avenue with William (he going to 24th Street to look at a house) as far as 23rd Street, then went to the depot via 5th Avenue Hotel on Madison Square. Came off on the train forgetting my umbrella in the package office (where I left It his morning) Conductor Street put his young daughter in my charge from New York to Norwalk. I had Edmund Allen's company from Norwalk to Danbury. Mr. Pond's wife, children, and Miss Camp were on the train also, they having been on East for a visit. OCTOBER 18 SUNDAY - Cold last night. The ground was frozen hard this morning. I stayed at home with Georgie in the forenoon. Louise came home at noon to let me go down to Sunday School, but there was none on account of there being no coal to warm the church. I stayed awhile in the basement and then came home. I went up home to tea. I did not attend church in the evening. Having some cold, I concluded not to risk taking more by sitting in a cold church. OCTOBER 19 MONDAY - Warmer; cloudy with a little fine rain in the A. M. I have worked in the shop. I have a severe headache from a cold taken last Saturday riding from New York with no fire in the cars. As I came from work, I went to John Cosier's shop in White Street to see about the young man wanting my upper rooms. His name is Stevens from New Fairfield. He is to be married tomorrow to Hiram Pulling's daughter. He has secured rent in new Street. I received a letter from Gussie in New Haven. OCTOBER 20 TUESDAY - Pleasant. I mowed a little in my dooryard before breakfast. I have worked in the shop. I opened, after tea, a barrel of sweet potatoes for Mother Griswold. I am getting all my meals now with Father Griswold now in Gussie's absence. I went into the street in the evening. I brought home some putty and before retiring stopped a leakage in the sink. OCTOBER 21 WEDNESDAY - I have been to New York. It commenced raining there between 10 and 11 o'clock and continued all day. Marshall West (Mr. Pond's nephew) went to the city for Mr. Gillette on business. I had his company down and back. I brought up 1 dozen 9x10 Rustics for William Bedient, the photographer. His rooms being closed, I left them with Mr. West at Gillette's store. The Grant & Colfax Club was out with torches as I came from the depot. They were on their way (headed by the brass band) to the Turner House to escort a Mr. Stevens (from Massachusetts) to Concert Hall to speak for the Republicans on the political issues of the day. OCTOBER 22 THURSDAY - Cloudy again all day with some fine rain. I have worked in the shop. After tea, I wrote to Gussie in New Haven. While writing, Mr. Cocking came in to see me in my loneliness. We walked into the street together. I got my watch again from Fanton's, which S. G. Bailey has been fixing for me. I mailed my letter to Gussie and came home. OCTOBER 23 FRIDAY - Pleasant but cold. I have worked in the shop. I came home and left my watch hanging there and was obliged to return for it. I called on William A. Bedient for my pay for a dozen 8x10 Rustic frames but sis not get it. . Got a small oil can mended for Mother Griswold. After tea, I went into the street and bought a new chimney for our large kerosene lamp. I got two testimonials to frame from George Quien, his own and Brother Kearney's. OCTOBER 24 SATURDAY - Pleasant but cold. I have been to New York. Called to see E. M. Sperry about buying my business; he has concluded not to take it. I then went to see Thomas Elliot, real estate agent, 137 Bleeker Street, corner of Laurens Street. I left it in his hands to be sold. I took a letter from here to Mr. Graham to Charles Whiting in Water Street. I did not have time to take it down myself, but left it with William to deliver on Monday morning. I brought a frame up for Swift, 8x10 gold seal, also a large passe-partout from Handlers'. The Grant and Colfax club were out this evening with their torches and music. I being very tired and sleepy, retired early. OCTOBER 25 SUNDAY - Warmer but cloudy and in the evening rain. I rose late and did not attend church in the A.M. but stayed with Georgie to let Mother Griswold's folks all go. Louise came home at noon to let me go down to Sunday School. Theodore Bradley acted today as assistant librarian for the first time. William H. Taylor expectedly returned to town and was to Sunday School. He being the old librarian, I offered him the place again, but new hands having been put in his place, he consented to let them remain. I returned home after school. My truss having broken at church, I mended it and then did my Sunday School writing, after which I went up to my father's on Deer Hill to tea. I returned before dark, spent a little time up to Mother Griswold's with Georgie and his Sunday School book, and then came down home for the evening. I did not go out on account of the rain. During the evening, I copied for Mother Griswold the genealogy of the Webster family back seven generations, her children being the seventh. While writing, Miss Camp came over from Mr. Pond's to borrow some mustard for a plaster for Mr. Pond's nephew, Marshall West, who is sick. We having none, I borrowed for them of Mother Griswold I went over a few minutes to see him. OCTOBER 26 MONDAY - Clouds and sunshine during the day. I have worked in the shop. I wore the boots Harriet gave me from one of Mr. Townsend's teachers to the shop and sold them to the office boy, Edmund Dickens, for $3.00. I took from the Post Office a small package left there by previous arrangement by Eliza J. Hill for me to deliver to 74 Carmine Street next time I go to the city. After tea, I went for milk for Louise. The I went into the street and exchanged a coal shuttle for Fanny, bought 25 cents worth of buckwheat flour for Mother Griswold, got $1.25 from Swift for an 8x10 gold frame, peale and ribbon pattern which I brought up for him on Saturday. When I returned from the street, I went over to Mr. Pond's to see Marshall West who has been sick and yet is unable to go out. I took over my bath of card pictures and gave Mr. Pond's folks about a half dozen. It is a splendid moonlit evening. OCTOBER 27 TUESDAY - Sunshine and clouds at times during the day. Before breakfast, I had Mr. Pond fill Father Griswold's 5 gallon kerosene oil can and I carried it up to them. I finished my work in the shop at noon. In the P.M., I canvassed a little for 'Outline of the U. S. Government.' I secured 5 names for it. I took tea up to Father Griswold's as I have done since Gussie has been away. After tea, I went for milk for Louise. I then went into the street to the Post Office where I got a letter from Gussie stating that she would be home tomorrow evening and wished me to meet her in Norwalk. After returning from the street, I called over to Mr. Pond's a short time. He had just returned from a meeting of the warden and burgesses, where he, Father Griswold and others have been to remonstrate against the assessments made upon them for laying tile to drain the flat west of Father Griswold's by way of George Street to the brook. OCTOBER 28 WEDNESDAY - Cloudy in the morning. One clap of thunder about 4 o'clock this morning. A little rain from about 9 to 10 A.M. A lovely day the remainder in New York where I have been, though it has been showery here at home. I called on E. M. Sperry's gilder about buying me out. I also called on one of my agents for selling my store ' Mr. Elliot of Bleeker Street, corner of Laurens. On my way home, I met Gussie at Norwalk coming from New Haven from a visit to her sister Harriet. A grand torch light procession this evening here. 'Boys in Blue' from Norwalk, Bethel and Ridgefield were present. Also a cavalcade made up of our citizens. After the procession, a coalition was given by the citizens on Concert Hall. OCTOBER 29 THURSDAY - Pleasant but cool. I had work until noon in the shop. I spent a part of the P.M. in canvassing for 'Outline of U. S. Gov.' I got only one name. I pulled my beets and put them in the cellar. I went to the Post Office in the evening. The Grant and Colfax Club with torches went by a special train at 6 P.M. to Norwalk where the 'Boys in Blue' are to have a torch light procession. A large time is expected. OCTOBER 30 FRIDAY - A cold frosty morning but a beautiful day. No work in the shop. I spent a part of the day in canvassing for the 'Outlines'. I carried in my tax list to William S. Peck at the Selectmen's Room. Hattie Mills came over this P.M. and stayed to tea in the evening. Governor Buckingham speaks at Concert hall for the Republicans this evening. Mrs. Bradley called this evening. I treated Hattie Mills to 2 yards of picture cord and one picture nail, total 22 cents. OCTOBER 31 SATURDAY - I have been to New York. I took a clean shirt down for George. He came down to the store from Yonkers for it and brought his dirty clothes for me to bring home to be washed. I took down an order from Swift for ## dozen 8x10 gold ovals, seal and ribbon pattern. I got 10 books of Tibbels 'Outline of the U. S. Gov.' to fill orders I have taken. I bought home two testimonials I have framed for George and Henry Qien. Also, two small ones 4 x 6 gilt picture of John Summerfield for Fanny. Louise met me at the cars. The Democrats had a mass meeting here today. George English and others spoke. They had a procession during the day and another of Chinese lanterns in the evening. It has been cloudy during the day but no rain. After supper, Gussie and I called at Mr. Pond's. I took over the 'Outlines' to Marshall West.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal October 1868 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 28 Jan. 2020.

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