Horace Purdy Journal March 1868 Entry

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MARCH 01 SUNDAY - A pleasant lovely morning, but before night it snowed. Mother Griswold took care of Georgie in the forenoon to let Gussie and I attend church together. We both came home after Sunday School. I went to church in the evening. Gussie stayed at home. MARCH 02 MONDAY - A heavy and severe snowstorm. The wind has blown it into drifts. The storm lasted until about dark this evening. I have worked in the shop today until about 2 o'clock. MARCH 03 TUESDAY - Pleasant but very! very! cold. I have worked in the shop. I had the headache in the P.M. The papers this morning gave an account of the burning of the Barnum Museum between Spring and Prince Streets in New York. The fire broke out at 12 o'clock last night. MARCH 04 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant today. Very cold last night. I have been to New York today. Mrs. Minnerly came to the store this P.M. and bargained for the rooms over my store. MARCH 05 THURSDAY - Pleasant and warmer. I have worked in the shop. I went from work over to Mrs. Bradley's (where I found Gussie and Georgie) and took tea. After going home with them, I went into the street again to market. I went up on Balmforth Avenue to John Cosier's to get some money of him, but there being no one home, I returned home without seeing him. MARCH 06 FRIDAY - Pleasant and warm, though in the morning it was pretty cold. The wind changed to the South in the P.M. I have worked in the shop all day. After tea, I went to market and up to John Cosier's to get $75.00 which he promised to lend me. He gave me a check for $100.00. I then called at Fred Bradley's Store and borrowed $25.00 until Monday on the strength of my pay due me tomorrow at the shop, which in my absence, William Carlton will draw for me. After returning from the street, I went up to see W. F. Olmstead, Treasurer of the Union Savings Bank and left with him a joint note signed by Father Griswold and myself for 6 months and $16.00 interest on the same, it being for $400.00 in renewal of the old one. I left them with Mr. Olmstead and tomorrow Gussie will go down and get the old note for me. MARCH 07 SATURDAY - Pleasant and warm. The snow has disappeared very fast. I have been to New York. The check John Cosier gave me last evening I could not get the money on in under 10 days. . Consequently, I made arrangements with H. D. Clark to let my note remain until next Wednesday when I would have the money for him. I did the same with my landlord, Mr. Young about my rent. I bought for Morgan Chittenden 3 dozen drafting nails (8 cents each); also for John Cosier 8 No. 2 Longking's Question Books for 15 cents each. Gussie went to the Union Savings Bank today and took up my old note of $400.00. I gave a new one last evening to the Treasurer, W.F. Olmstead and paid the interest of $4.00, the note being for 6 months at 8 %. My note in the Savings bank was only due today, but Olmstead drew the renewal note dated March 4th. Consequently, the three days grace which I paid for on the old one was not used and ought to be allowed on the new note without pay. MARCH 08 SUNDAY - A little rain in the morning, but the sun came out warm and the streets ran water. Gussie stayed at home during the day. I went to church in the morning. I came home after Sunday School and found Father at the house. George came also after the P.M. service and they both stayed to tea. At 5 o'clock, George and Gussie went to the 'Band of Hope' (Ed. Note: Band of Hope was a temperance society) and stayed to the evening meeting. I stayed home with Georgie. I wrote to William H. Raymond in Yonkers for what he owes me for picture frames - $9.25. George mailed it as he went to the Band of Hope. I also in the evening wrote a note to John Cosier requesting 30 days on the $100 I borrowed of him. MARCH 09 MONDAY - Pleasant and warm. The snow has wasted very fast. I have worked in the shop. As I went to work, I paid Fred Bradley (or his partner Randall) the $25 which I borrowed on Friday evening. He also cashed a check on the Danbury Bank for me of $100. After tea, I went to the Sunday School Teacher's Business Meeting. When I returned, I helped Mr. Pond make out his canvassing list of voters for the district given him. George and Bell called late. He took the washing machine home with him, I having sold it to Father. MARCH 10 TUESDAY - Father is 60 years old today. It did not freeze any last night and today has been pleasant and warm. I have worked in the shop. State election in New Hampshire today. I assisted Mr. Pond this morning and this evening to complete the canvass for voters in the immediate vicinity. We went to the Club Room together this evening to take his list of voters for the district assigned him. I paid Andrew Knox this P.M. $8.85, his bill for graining the Sunday School Librarian's room at the church. MARCH 11 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant and warm. I have been to New York today. I paid $75.00 on my note to H. D. Clark. William H. Raymond's son from Yonkers came to the store today and paid his bill of $9.25 for frames and cord. The election in New Hampshire yesterday resulted in an increased majority of Republicans over last year. Last year, it was 3,146; so near as ascertained, it will be about 3,300. There has been great rejoicing here today over the matter. Bells were ringing and cannon fired. After tea, I wrote a note to S. H. Burr, telling him where he can find Father Griswold this week. I took it up to A. Pulling's for him to leave in the ticket office in South Norwalk where Burr will call for it. MARCH 12 THURSDAY - It froze some last night; it, however, soon softened up again, though there has been no sun. It commenced raining this P.M. and continued during the day and evening though not hard. I have worked in the shop. As I came from work, I called at Mr. H. Griffin's to look at the large frames I made for him last summer. He complained to me today about their cracking. I found it to be so to my surprise. It is caused by the composition not being hard enough when they were gilded. After tea, I went to market. MARCH 13 FRIDAY - Rain a little in the morning. Cloudy through the day. Pleasant in the evening. I have worked in the shop. As I came from work, I stopped in the Union Savings Bank and took an order for 10 small frames from W. F. Olmstead. Gussie went to the Sewing Society in the evening at John Earl's. I went to the Post Office and home. I received a letter from Daniel at the store that last night an oil painting was stolen from the store. Mary Jane Dibble died today. Ex-governor, Joseph Hawley speaks this evening at Concert Hall, our first stump speaker to open the spring campaign. MARCH 14 SATURDAY - A lovely Spring day. Towards night, it became a little foggy and in the evening, it was cloudy. I have been to New York. I have an order on hand to put looking glasses in the show windows of a store in Grand Street, near Thompson Street. I have so much work at the store that I shall be compelled to go down again Monday morning. MARCH 15 SUNDAY - Another pleasant and warm day. George came this way to church this morning and Gussie walked down with him. She came home at noon and I went down to Sunday School. George came here to tea after meeting. Ellen Taylor came here about 5 o'clock with Cornelia Dibble, who brought a broken wreath and a cross of flowers (which were on her sister's coffin) for me to preserve, but upon naming the price, she took them home again to return with them if they concluded to have them done. I told her $40 for both including good and appropriate frames. She did not return with them. I went to church in the evening. Brother Burch preached. MARCH 16 MONDAY - Warm, cloudy and foggy until about 5 P.M. when it commenced raining. I have been to New York. I paid Mr. Young $50.00 for March rent today. I have been very busy making frames and fitting looking glasses in a pair of show windows for a German in Grand Street. I brought home with me two polished Wall 8x10 Ovals, one for George, the other being in exchange for Father Griswold, for one of the same, the gilding of which was bad. I also brought home the card photo of Mother which she gave me with a small frame to fit up for her. It rained hard all the evening. MARCH 17 TUESDAY - St. Patrick's Day. I have been to New York. I completed putting looking glass in the store show windows in Grand Street. William H. Clark called at the store to see the upper rooms for his son-in-law, Mr. Smith. I framed and brought home a picture for Eliza Hill. The Irish have been celebrating the day in New York. Pleasant in the middle of the day; foggy in the morning and evening. It commenced raining about 7 o'clock and continued during the evening. MARCH 18 WEDNESDAY - Rain last night; cloudy this morning, but no rain. It cleared off before noon and the remainder of the day has been fine. Before breakfast, I went over to Mr. McDonald's and ordered an instrument of steel to be made about 15 inches long for driving 'hold fasts' (Ed. Note: tool predating modern vises used to clamp items to work benches) in putting up Pier Glasses (Ed. Note: A pier glass is a mirror which is placed on a pier, i.e. a wall between two windows). I have been at the shop today. I sold 5 card photos at the shop. Before tea, I went for milk and the instrument I ordered to be made at McDonald's. On his way from work, George called for some iron grease. I went to the Post Office in the evening where William H. Hutchings gave me a letter in which was money to take tomorrow to his wife at 49 Charlton Street in New York City. MARCH 19 THURSDAY - It froze the ground last night. Cooler today. I have been to New York. I brought home 10 small frames for W. F. Olmstead. I tripped and fell coming up the stone steps outside the depot this evening. Brought some card photos to Joe Kyle. I got 7 lbs. more sugar of Mr. Pond in the evening. MARCH 20 FRIDAY - Cloudy but no storm. As I went to work this morning, I carried the 100 frames I made for Mr. Olmstead down to his office at the Union Savings Bank. I have worked in the shop. Having to wait for work in the morning, I went up to the bank and figured out the price of the frames and he paid me. I also took the measure for the glass. I disposed of 41 card pictures at the shop today at 5 cents each. Mr. Hurd cashed my account $19.00 as I shall not be there tomorrow in account of going to New York. After tea, I went to market and to the Post Office. Georgie went up to Father Purdy's yesterday to stay overnight. Bell came home with him this morning. MARCH 21 SATURDAY - A terrible snow and wind storm. I left home intending to go to New York, but when I got to the depot, I concluded to stay home, fearing the train would not be able to get through. I went to the shop, but it was so early that II returned home again with my satchel and then went to the shop and have done a day's work. Blowing sleet and snow has made it a severe storm though it has not been very cold. The morning train was about 1 ## hours behind time and about the same this evening. I went to market in the evening. I bought an oil stone for my tools at the store. MARCH 22 SUNDAY - The wind has blown but not as hard as yesterday. The sun has shone and the snow has wasted considerably. Gussie attended church in the morning. I went down to Sunday School at noon and then went or started to go up to Richard Jones' funeral but met the procession this side. The service was held at the First Congregational Church at 2 o'clock. I did not go to the church but came home. Chain broke this morning and let the bucket into the bottom of the well. I last night wrote a note to William at the store. I added a little to it this evening and mailed it. I attended church I the evening. Brother Burch preached. The wife of Nathan Ferrell, the landlord at the Wooster House died today. MARCH 23 MONDAY - Pleasant and warm. I have worked in the shop. I intended to have gone to New York, but on request of Mr. Crofut, I stay to help get up 25 dozen Beaver Col. Spanish-shape Stiff Brim Hats. I today gave my name to George Quien to send to New Haven for a Soldiers' Memorial bearing an inscription of his name, Company, Regiment, etc., the same having been appropriated last year by the legislature. I came home from work very tired. Gussie went to market in the evening while I stayed home. MARCH 24 TUESDAY - Pleasant; I fished up the bucket this morning which was lost Sunday in the well. I worked in the shop until just after dinner and then came home and made a box for my oil stone and took the bucket over to Mr. McDonald's and had it mended. While at tea, George called for a cake of iron grease. I borrowed $20.00 of Joseph Allen for Mr. Pond until tomorrow. Gussie and Louise went to the dressmakers and up to see George Davis' wife in the evening. I locked the door leaving Georgie asleep and went to market. I called a few minutes at Concert Hall, where was being held a School meeting and then came home. MARCH 25 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant; have been to New York; came home with a sick headache and retired without eating anything. About 8 o'clock while I was in bed, Smith Ferrell came with a large cross and a wreath which was on his mother's coffin who was buried this P.M. MARCH 26 THURSDAY - Pleasant; I rose this morning feeling badly from having so severe an attack of headache last evening. I did not intend to go to New York again before Saturday, but on account of the wreath and cross was obliged to go. Not feeling well, I have done no work but sat quietly in the store. MARCH 27 FRIDAY - Pleasant; I have worked in the shop. I took some card pictures, some imperial size, also some small passe-partouts and sold a few of them. Bell took Georgie up home with her to stay all night. Gussie attended the Sewing Society at the parsonage in the evening. I went to the Post Office, but for some reason, the train was until after 9 o'clock getting in and I did not wait. A Republican meeting at Concert Hall this evening. (Later) The engine broke down near Kent Station. MARCH 28 SATURDAY - I have been to New York. I brought home a gift frame for George's discharge papers, also one of my plane irons to grind and one pound of black tea. I went to Tibbel's at 37 Park Row and bought 'Pilgrim's Progress' and 'The Pioneer Boy' (Lincoln) for George Starr which he deigns to put in the Sunday School Library. Before retiring, I wrote to William at the store to have him go out next Tuesday and get a job for making a frame. MARCH 29 SUNDAY - A beautiful day. George came over in the morning to have me cut his hair and father came over for the same after tea. I went to church in the morning, but was too late and did not go in to hear preaching, though Father Griswold preached. Gussie came down at noon with Georgie to Sunday School and stayed to Prayer meeting in the P.M. I came home and took a nap. Brother Webb from Collinsville preached in the evening. I attended. As I went, I mailed the letter I wrote last night to William at the store. MARCH 30 MONDAY - Pleasant; I have worked in the shop. I took the plane iron which I brought home from the store to the shop with me and ground it this noon. Bell came in in the evening and I sent George's discharge home with her, I having framed it for him. I went into the street this evening to pay Swertfager (Editor of Jeffersonian) for the first quarter for my advertisement, but found the office locked. I came home and wrote him a letter and enclosed $3.00 which I will carry or send to him tomorrow. MARCH 31 TUESDAY - Pleasant; I dug parsnips and vegetable oysters this morning. I mailed a letter to J. H. Swertfager, editor of the Jeffersonian, this morning with $3.00 enclosed for the first three months advertising of my flower preserving, etc. I requested him to stop my paper to reduce my indebtedness to him and also asked for more time in which to pay for printing circulars for which I owe him $12.00. I have worked in the shop. I called on Mr. Pond in the evening to notify him of the character of Fred Jennings and family who today have moved next to him. I stayed at home in the evening and let Gussie go to market.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal March 1868 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.

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