Horace Purdy Journal August 1868 Entry

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AUGUST 01 SATURDAY - Pleasant and hot. I have been to New York. Dr. Brown's wife went down with me and stopped at Mr. Ryfield's at 44 Downing Street. Levi Wildman called at the store, also James Fanning. A heavy shower on my way home from Stamford nearly to Danbury. AUGUST 02 SUNDAY - Pleasant. George and I went over to the Oil Mill Pond to wash after breakfast. It has been warm. I went down to Sunday School at noon and came home again at its close. We had a hard thunder shower about 6 P.M. I called at Mr. Pond's early in the evening. The meeting was held in the basement today on account of painting, repairs, etc. going on upstairs. AUGUST 03 MONDAY - Pleasant and hot. I dug out worms from my apple trees in my yard before breakfast. I have worked in the shop. A moonlight excursion on the steamer 'Nelly White' on Long Island Sound this evening. An excursion train left here for Norwalk about 6 P.M. After tea, I went up to see Mr. Jackson to see about my pay for looking glass frames. He promises it tomorrow. I then went to market. AUGUST 04 TUESDAY - A hard thunder shower this morning. George went on the moonlight excursion last night. He got home between 3 and 4 o'clock this morning. The door being locked, he could not get in, so he went in Father Griswold's barn and took a nap until morning. I got don work in the shop before dinner. As I came home, I called and settled my old account with O. H. Swift in exchange of frames and molding, etc. between us. I owed him $1.25 I mowed a part of my dooryard this P.M. In the evening, I got my pay from F. G. Jackson for looking glass frames - $17.00. He left it at the Post Office for me. Mr. Sherman put up some cabbage (which Gussie bought) as he came from the store tonight. I bought a half gallon measure for Mr. Pond to measure kerosene oil in. He gave me credit on it for what I owe him. Before retiring, we sealed up 10 cups of currant jelly. AUGUST 05 WEDNESDAY - Cloudy in the morning with the appearance of rain. I trimmed with a scythe where I mowed last night before breakfast. I have been to New York. The sun shone in the P.M. I took dinner with William Hayes at No. 16 Bedford Street. I paid store rent to Mr. Young. It rained very hard when we retired for the night. AUGUST 06 THURSDAY - This morning was lovely. The sun shone brightly for an hour or two. I raked off my yard before breakfast where I mowed it on Tuesday. I have worked in the shop. Mrs. Haviland living in the house with Mr. Richards was buried this P.M. AUGUST 07 FRIDAY - I worked at digging up plantains in my yard before breakfast and again as long as I could see at night. I have worked in the shop. A thunder shower about 5 P.M. Gussie went to the market in the evening while I stayed at home. William Carlson cashed my account at the shop - $15.00 - before I came home as I shall be in New York tomorrow and cannot draw my pay myself. AUGUST 08 SATURDAY - Showery. While in New York, we had a heavy thunder shower. The Liberty Pole at the corner of Carmine and Bedford was struck by lightning and the upper half shattered at 2:30 o'clock. I priced marble mantels for Oscar Serine near the junction of 6th Avenue and Broadway. AUGUST 09 SUNDAY - George and I went over to the pond to wash before breakfast. I went to church in the morning. Mr. Kearn from New Fairfield preached. Gussie came down to Sunday School with Georgie at noon. After school, I came home with him, leaving her to stay in the P.M. The collection made by the children for the National Orphan Homestead at Gettysburg was handed in. The amount so far handed in was $53.89. After tea, we took a walk with Georgie up to Serine's new house. A thunder shower about 6 P.M., though the rain was not very heavy here. AUGUST 10 MONDAY - Pleasant. I have worked in the shop today. I went to Teachers' Meeting in the evening at which the Infant Class money box was opened and I brought home a portion of the money. AUGUST 11 TUESDAY - Showery. I have worked in the shop. Before tea, I made a strawberry bed. After tea, I finished setting out the plants. I then went into the street to the Post Office and returned early but tired. I bought a new grate for our Opal Range of Joseph W. Ives. Gussie got Mrs. Bradley to go with her this P.M. and got a tooth extracted. AUGUST 12 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant and cool. I have worked in the shop. After tea, I went to market. I engaged my winter's coal this evening of Charles Griffing, 5 tons at $9.75. AUGUST 13 THURSDAY - Pleasant but cool. I have worked in the shop hard all day. This is brother George's birthday. AUGUST 14 FRIDAY - Pleasant. Worked ## day in the shop. A 'Clam Bake' in the P.M. at 3 o'clock at the river bank in the rear of Joseph Kyle's. It was by the shopmen to spend over $3.00 fine money in the shop. We had a very pleasant time. An adjourned Sunday School Teachers' Meeting this evening in regard to a picnic which was voted for on Monday evening. On account of expense, the vote was reconsidered and lost. AUGUST 15 SATURDAY - Pleasant. I have been to New York. I took with me and framed and brought back with me this evening a Soldier's Testimonial for Cyrus A. White and two more pictures, same size ' 'Heroes Dead' and 'Brave and True' groups for Mr. Frank Page. AUGUST 16 SUNDAY - A small shower early this morning. After breakfast, George and I went over to Oil Mill Pond to wash. Mr. Vincent, the great Sunday School man, has been with us today. He preached in the morning, talked to the school at noon and lectured the several schools in our church in the P.M. After tea, Gussie, Georgie and I took a walk to George Starr's to give him the $53.89 collected by the children for the National Orphan's Homestead in Gettysburg, Pa. AUGUST 17 MONDAY - Cool but pleasant. I have worked in the shop. Deborah Merritt with Bell was here to tea. I went over to Cyrus White's in the evening with his testimonial which I framed for him. AUGUST 18 TUESDAY - Muggy and warmer than yesterday. I have worked in the shop. Martin Foster came to the shop to see me about preserving a cross, I believe from a friend's coffin in Ridgefield in memory I believe connected with John Rockwell who sent the flowers to me. Upon naming the price, he was in doubt about what to do. He promised to bring it to me this evening if they concluded to have it done. I brought home a new black soft hat for Mr. Pond. After tea, I dug a place for another strawberry bed. AUGUST 19 WEDNESDAY - Warmer than for some time past. Before breakfast, I set out a bed of strawberry plants. I have worked in the shop. Received a bill of $1.65 from Hull & Rogers for tin conductor. Mother and Father Griswold came down in the evening and sat awhile. AUGUST 20 THURSDAY - Hot and muggy again today. A special hatters' meeting last evening about consolidation of the Fair independent Societies. They did not consolidate but adjourned until next Tuesday evening when the matter will again be brought up for final action. A heavy thunder shower about noon. I went to market in the evening. AUGUST 21 FRIDAY - Pleasant. On account of a bad color of hats, our work in the shop was stopped before dinner. William Carlson cashed my account for me for $23.00. In the P.M., I paid my bill at Hull & Rogers - $1.65. It was contracted last November. I also paid $8.00 to Henry Williams, Danbury & Norwalk Railroad, for commutation during September. AUGUST 22 SATURDAY - A beautiful day; have been to New York. Father Griswold went down this morning also. I went to Carlton's Book Publisher at 699 Broadway for Wallace Pine. I went also to Phillip Phillips for 3 'Singing Pilgrims and Musical Leaves Combined' for members of the Sunday School. I framed and brought home with me a picture for Frank Page, 'Heroic Dead', 16x20, two inch walnut and gilt. James Wood (clock dealer) from No. 5 Courtland Street called to see me at the store. AUGUST 23 SUNDAY - I attended church in the morning. Gussie came down at noon to Sunday School with Georgie. I came home with him after school. The awards to the children for collections for the Gettysburg Orphan Asylum were distributed this noon. After tea, Gussie, Georgie and I took a walk around the square West, Division, Wooster and Deer Hill Streets. AUGUST 24 MONDAY - I have worked hard in the shop; came home late. Feeling tired, I stayed at home in the evening. Gussie bought 10 bushels of charcoal. AUGUST 25 TUESDAY - Worked in the shop Adjourned special meeting this evening to investigate the case John Clark, Walter Signor and Saul Brockett. Signor was granted a card, but Clark and Brockett were rejected. Consolidation was disposed of by laying the motion on the table. While at the meeting, John Morris gave me a picture of his wife's daughter to frame for him in 8x10 polished walnut. AUGUST 26 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant and warmer. Have worked in the shop. In the P.M., a fine Liberty Pole was raised by the Democrats in the street near the Wooster House. Mr. Fowler's boy, Frank, came in while we were at tea with butter for Mother Griswold. They being away, we are taking it in their stead. I wrote to William at the store. Gussie mailed it in the evening. AUGUST 27 THURSDAY - Worked in the shop; headache all day. George Foote, for a wager of $1.50, walked up to the depot, down Main and Liberty while wearing an old caved-in silk hat. Two large placards with the names of candidates for President on them of each political party ' Grant & Colfax and Seymour & Blair. The Republican candidates, Grant & Colfax on his shoulders and the other Democratic, beneath his shirttail which was a very long one made of two kinds of calico (shop shirt) hung outside. He did it in 7 minutes including a stop for a drink. Gussie and Louise Vintz, another Griswold girl (who is staying with us now while they are away on a visit to Hartford County) have been up to George Davis' to spend the day. Georgie went up to Mother Purdy's yesterday where he still is. George, not having any work, went to Norwalk on the noon train to stay over tomorrow at the reunion of his old regiment, the 17th. AUGUST 28 FRIDAY - Gussie went to Norwalk this morning to act as lady for George at the reunion. I have worked in the shop. Edward Dickenson was this morning found dead near the junction of Main and Town Hill Streets, supposed to have been murdered. He was intoxicated when last seen about midnight. A post-mortem examination found that he died in a fit. Many think, however, that he was murdered by one called Bully Townsend, a desperate character seen last with him. George Foote after the wager yesterday was drunk the remainder of the day. He cried off the shop this morning, but I persuaded him to try and return again which he did and was shopped. Cyrus White cashed my account as I intend to go to New York tomorrow. AUGUST 29 SATURDAY - Shower early this morning. I have been to New York. I framed for the Sunday School a certificate of shareholder in the Gettysburg Orphan Asylum for soldiers and sailors of the war. Also a photo for John Morris ' 8x10 oval, polished walnut. A Democratic banner raising at the Wooster House. Philander Comstock's horse ran with his daughter, Lois. She was thrown from the carriage and picked up insensible. Her life is despaired of. She was reported dead once today, but this is not so. John Smith, an unprincipled Democrat, abused Saul G. Bailey this evening in a shameful manner. Captain Bailey could stand it no longer and gave him a beating up. AUGUST 30 SUNDAY - Pleasant and very warm. Before breakfast, I went down to the church with the certificate I framed and hung it in the Sunday School room. It was sent to the school for contributions made in the amount of $58.85. George and I went to Oil Mill Pond to wash after breakfast. I attended church in the morning. Our chorister, Benjamin Lockwood, came home with me to tea. We went over to Mr. Pond's and had a sing, Mrs. Pond playing the piano. AUGUST 31 MONDAY - A shower at noon. Another just at night and in the evening. I have worked in the shop. Wrote to William before I retired.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal August 1868 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 28 Jan. 2020.

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