Horace Purdy Journal June 1868 Entry

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JUNE 01 MONDAY - Another warm and pleasant day. I went to see Mr. Crofut in the morning about endorsing for me; he consented. I then went to the Danbury bank and drew $150.00 on the check of Mr. Fanton. He lends me the amount for a few days. I bought a pair of Pruell shoes at Daragan & Co. for $2.25. I came home and mowed my door yard and spaded the garden and planted a row of string beans. I got a half dozen tomato plants of Robert Cocking and set them out. This forenoon, I paid Fuller $10.00 I borrowed of him one day last week. JUNE 02 TUESDAY - Cloudy, but little sunshine and frequent showers during the day until about 6 P.M. when the sun came out. I have been to New York. I gave Mr. Williams, the Danbury and Norwalk railroad ticket agent, $20.00 this morning towards $38.00 for my six months' commutation. I called on H. D. Clark at 12 Courtland Street about my note due on the 6th inst.; also about an oil painting inventoried at $55.00 which I claim. On my way from the store to the depot, I called at 23rd Street to see William, his brother Charles, and Mr. Minnerly where they have been working all day putting up piers and cornices. Robert paid me my rent this evening. I paid him for 13 tomato plants at 6 cents. I talked with Father Griswold in the evening about my business selling out, borrowing money, etc. Took commutation on New York and New Haven Railroad. JUNE 03 TUESDAY - Pleasant. I expected to get Mr. Crofut's endorsement to a note today, but he went to New York. I then borrowed $300.00 of John Cosier until Saturday. I immediately paid H. B. Fanton $150.00 borrowed money. I came home and worked in my garden. George today completed 8 and a half days' work for Mr. Pond. George owes me and I owe Mr. Pond. Mr. Pond gave me credit for the work - $17.00, and I gave George credit for the same. I went to market in the evening. About 6 o'clock this morning, a slight shock of an earthquake was felt. JUNE 04 THURSDAY - Pleasant. I got Mr. Henry Crofut's name to my note of $350.00 this morning and got the money on it at the Pahquioque Bank. The morning paper gave an account of the Smith & Rand Powder Mill exploding yesterday morning at 6 o'clock. We all supposed it to be an earthquake. They were located at Newburgh, New York. I worked all the P.M. in my garden. In the evening, I went to market. After drawing my money at the bank this A. M., I paid John Cosier the $300.00 which I borrowed of him yesterday. JUNE 05 FRIDAY - Cloudy, but no rain. I have been to New York. We brought base tables to piers from Miss Haight's in 23rd Street to put an extension on the legs. I brought John Bouton's testimonial home to him framed. George had the young people meet at our house this evening to sing. JUNE 06 SATURDAY - It is just one year today since I went into business in New York. Cloudy this morning, but pleasant and hot during the day. I took up my last note to H. Clark today - $1,165, but making it $133.75. The note was in the hands of John Snooks at the Mercantile Bank, corner of Broadway and Day Street. JUNE 07 SUNDAY - Rain in the morning; cloudy during the day. I went to church in the morning. There was no session of Sunday School on account of repairs going on in the basement. After dinner, we all took a walk up home to see the new walk George made yesterday in the yard. It rained while we were returning home. Gussie went to church in the evening. I stayed home. JUNE 08 MONDAY - A pleasant and warm day. I have been to New York. I paid my store rent for June - $50.00. I brought a package of pass-partouts to Swift from J. Handlers'. George dug a part of Gussie's flower borders this A.M. J. D. Stevens returned this evening from Newark where he has been a delegate to the national Hat Finishers' Association. The silk hatters have seceded from the convention, leaving the fur hatters by themselves as masters of the situation. JUNE 09 TUESDAY - I have been to New York. Daniel Starr was on the train with me going to Newark. A heavy shower just as I arrived in the city. I took a letter to Hanford B. Fairchild for Mr. H. B. Fanton to the corner of Broadway and Spring Street. It rained very hard again just as I left the city at 4:30 o'clock P.M. Elias B. Stevens came on the train this evening from New Haven. . Harriet has been here with Josie for a week and over. JUNE 10 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant but cool. I have been to New York. I expected Daniel Starr to meet me at the store and go with me to Central Park, but he did not come. Mrs. Minnerly sent down to me at noon a cup of tea and a dish of custard. I was obliged to run from 6th Avenue to the depot to catch the train. I joined Mr. Starr at the depot and had his company home. I brought home three small pictures in rustic frames which Fanny gave me to frame. Gussie met me at the depot. I went to market and came home. JUNE 11 THURSDAY - Cold and stormy. It has rained hard all day. I have been to New York. I put strips on the back of Miss Haight's pier glasses and put them up today. Daniel and Charles Hayes helped me. William Scofield was on the train today from Ohio. JUNE 12 FRIDAY - I have been to New York. The day has been stormy until just at night when it partly cleared off. Before leaving the city, I went downtown and saw Gideon Powell, H. D. Clark and Henry Clark on Bank Row about a situation for William Hayes. I partly secured one for his brother Charles. JUNE 13 SATURDAY - Pleasant and warm. I have been to New York, A genuine summer day. Mother and Mrs. Bradley were with us to tea. Mrs. Bradley, Gussie and George took a ramble on Town Mountain this P.M. I helped Mr. Pond pick out celery pants this evening by lamplight. JUNE 14 SUNDAY - Pleasant and hot. I attended church in the morning. Gussie came down at noon with Georgie. After school, he came home with me, leaving Gussie to attend church in the P.M. I went to church in the evening. Mr. Potter called after church to see about me doing an errand in New York for him tomorrow, but finally concluded not to send. JUNE 15 MONDAY - Pleasant and warm. I have been to New York. I had a plain talk with William about his getting another situation to do better. I got Mrs. Haight's job (of 141 West 23rd Street) so near completed today that she paid her bill - $170.00. I framed for George a picture of the 'Heroic Dead Belonging to The Grand Army of the Republic' and brought home. After tea, George went with me up to Mr. Jackson's on Deer Hill and got his looking glass and brought it down to the house. I took the dimensions preparatory to making a Black Walnut Polished Arch Top Frame for it. The size is 28 x 55. E. Davis was today re-elected 'Warden'. JUNE 16 TUESDAY - Thunder shower in the morning and continued showery during the day. I did not go to New York today, but worked in the shop. Fanny being alone, she took breakfast with us. After tea, I trimmed the hedge between Mr. Pond and me. I stayed home in the evening and let Gussie go to market. JUNE 17 WEDNESDAY - Very warm again today. I have worked in the shop. I bought a Round Crown Pearl Cassimere hat at the shop for William Warren and carried it to him at the railroad paint shop. I received a notice from Benedict & Nichols to pay my account. with them - $33.67. George cleaned out and made over my walk in front today. In the evening, I rolled a wheelbarrow (a new one) from Hull & Rogers for Mr. Pond. JUNE 18 THURSDAY - Hot again today. Cloudy about 4 P.M. after which it was cooler and quite comfortable. I have been to New York. I commenced to make a looking glass frame for F. J. Jackson, 28 x 44 round Arch Top. JUNE 19 FRIDAY - Cloudy and muggy in the morning but very warm when the sun came out. I have worked in the shop. Before breakfast, I set out the cabbage plants. I came home early from work and pulled weeds for my strawberry beds. I also picked about a dozen berries for the first time. In the evening, I paid my account with Benedict & Nichols - $33.67. JUNE 20 SATURDAY - The warmest day we have yet had. I have been to New York. I borrowed George's watch today and left mine at Fanton's to be repaired. George went this evening with Frank Keeler to Lake Kenosha fishing. Frank's sister, Mrs. Gray, not knowing where he had gone, came over to inquire about him. On Thursday, Robert Cocking bought the house on George Street between William and Deer Hill Streets of D. P. Nichols for $2,000. JUNE 21 SUNDAY - Rain last night and a great part of today. I attended church in the morning and in the P.M. We stayed at home in the evening on account of the rain. JUNE 22 MONDAY - Stormy most of the day. I worked in the shop until noon. There being no more work, I came home. I called at Edward Sanford's to look at a wreath and cross of flowers which were on Mrs. Sanford's coffin yesterday at the funeral. They wanted it preserved, but it would cost so much that they could not afford it. I mowed my door yard in the P.M. Mr. Pond soldered some tin ware for us. JUNE 23 TUESDAY - Stormy this morning, but before noon, it came off pleasant. I worked in the shop until noon. In the P.M., I raked off my door yard, dug up and put down again new the drain leading from the Sink waste pipe to the cesspool. I weeded strawberries and picked a small mess for tea. Gussie spent the P.M. and George nearly all day assisting for the Strawberry festival this evening. I stayed with Georgie and let them all go in the evening. Father and Mother Griswold and Louise came home this evening from New Haven. Father Griswold paid me this evening for the new hat I got for him - $3.00. He gave me 50 cents additional for my trouble. JUNE 24 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant, but cooler. I have been to New York. I went to see Mr. Dunshee (sp) about a wreath I preserved for him, also George Talmadge about what he owes me for rent. I spoke with Daniel Northrup at the New York and New Haven Depot about taking a large looking glass frame on the train with me to bring home on Saturday. I wrote to William at the store before retiring. JUNE 26 FRIDAY - I have worked in the shop today. Benjamin Rolfe's wife was buried this P.M. I did not go into the street in the evening but stayed at home and hoed my garden. JUNE 27 SATURDAY - Pleasant and warm. I have been to New York. I framed and brought home two pictures in Walnut and Gilt, 2 inch flat 'New' pattern, a job George got for me last evening. JUNE 28 SUNDAY - A beautiful day. Our Sunday School met in the basement today for the first time since cleaning and painting. Gussie went to the cemetery after tea. I stayed with Georgie. JUNE 29 MONDAY - Another lovely day. I worked in the shop until noon. In the P.M., I went to the Savings bank and paid $48.00 interest on $1,200.00 for six months. I then went to M. H. Griffings' to see about repairing the frames I made for him last season. We had huge strawberry shortcake for tea. After tea, George and I went up to Father Griswold's and strung a cord to the flagstaff in readiness for the 'Fourth of July.' JUNE 30 TUESDAY - I had work in the shop until after dinner. As I came home, I ordered a half ton of coal of Charles Griffing. We picked 13 quarts of strawberries. I went to the market in the evening.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal June 1868 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 28 Jan. 2020.

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