Horace Purdy Journal May 1868 Entry

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MAY 01 FRIDAY - Pleasant but cooler than yesterday. I have worked in the shop. The new schoolhouse was dedicated today. From 9 A.M. until noon it was open for inspection to the public. In the P.M., addresses were delivered. Cut down a tree in my yard. After tea, I helped Mr. Pond graft a little. I went to market in the evening. MAY 02 SATURDAY - Stormy; have been to New York. William Carlson went down with me. I brought home some of William's wedding cake. Brought a package for Mr. Dare at Bethel from Marlowe's in Bleeker Street. Took an order for regilding two frames and making connecting corners for them for parties in 23rd Street near 6th Avenue. VanAmburgh showed his menagerie today on Deer Hill near our folk. Gussie went to see it at Fannie's expense. MAY 03 SUNDAY - Pleasant, but not very warm. Gussie went to church in the morning. I went down to Sunday School, returned and took a nap in the P.M. George came home with me. We had an early tea and then took a walk up home with Georgie. The menagerie's tent was still standing. Georgie saw the elephant for the first time in his life. I went to church in the evening; Brother Burch preached. George and I this evening notified Charles Stevens that he (George) would take half of my seat with me. MAY 04 MONDAY - Pleasant; have been to New York. Two large Pier Glasses to regild from 23rd Street near 6th Avenue. Paid $50 for rent to Young for store in New York. I am about discouraged with my business prospects; have been very low spirited today. George has helped Gussie clean house today. He is to take his pay in boarding with us for a while. He commences today. MAY 05 TUESDAY - Pleasant until evening when we had a thunder shower. I slept but little last night on account of my business. I had a talk this evening with Father Griswold about business and felt better in consequence of it. I have worked in the shop. George helped clean house again today. They cleaned the parlor. In the evening, we hung paper curtains. MAY 06 WEDNESDAY - George helped Gussie again about house cleaning. I have worked in the shop. John Bussing started yesterday morning at 6 o'clock and walked to New Haven arriving there at 4:20 last evening. It was done to fulfill an agreement between him and Seth Northrup regarding our last election. It fell to John to walk to New Haven to see the governor inaugurated. I wrote to William at the store regarding buying me out and mailed it. MAY 07 THURSDAY - Lowery and a part of the day rain. I have worked in the shop. The work being the last for this week, I got my account cashed - $11.00, by William Carlson. I came early and picked a lot of greens for dinner tomorrow. I made out my annual report for the Sunday School to present next Monday evening at the Annual meeting. I went to market in the evening. I received a statement of my indebtedness from Benedict & Nichols - $34.00. MAY 08 FRIDAY - Stormy; it rained hard all last night and this morning. Early this morning the hills were white with snow. I have been to New York. I had conversation with my man, William Hayes, today about selling to him the business. He thinks he will take it if he can find a friend to loan him the required money. It cleared off pleasant and cool in the middle of the day. MAY 09 SATURDAY - Pleasant; have been to New York. Called at E. H. Purdy's in 13th Street to see about having Mr. H. Griffin's frames repaired, which were badly made last August by E. H. Purdy. They would not make it good without charging for it. I left a hand looking glass at Fanton's store at Broadway, corner of Spring Street for B. F. Ryder which I have been setting a plate to for him. Mrs. Pond called in the evening. MAY 10 SUNDAY - Pleasant with the exception of a shower just at night. Gussie went to church in the morning. She came home at noon and I went to Sunday School and to the Sacrament Service in the P.M. George and I took a walk over to John Bouton's after tea. George and I went to church in the evening. I gave a written statistical report of the Sunday School to Mary Vintz at the evening meeting to carry to George Starr. MAY 11 MONDAY - George helped me commence making a garden this morning before breakfast. I went to the shop and had a little work. Bought a half ton of coal of Charles Griffing. Prices reduced today on the two coarsest qualities, Nos. 6 and 3. Borrowed $60.00 of Mr. Pond to pay to John Cosier. The Annual Teachers' Meeting was held this evening. The same old officers were reelected. MAY 12 TUESDAY - Pleasant; have been to New York. I called on L. B. Sage at 424 Grand Street. Bought a mess of porgies, the first in town. George spread manure on my garden. Left with Lorenzo Nickerson $76.00 for John Cosier. MAY 13 WEDNESDAY - No work in the shop. I spaded garden until noon when it commenced raining. I went to the factory in the P.M. and ordered a hat for Father Griswold, also one for Mr. Pond. I paid $11.67, the balance for the Sunday School indebtedness to Joseph W. Ives for furnishing the Librarian's room. I carried an umbrella up to George to Montgomery's shop for him to come home with. MAY 14 THURSDAY - It rained very hard last night. I have been to New York today. Cloudy in the morning, but no rain. It came off pleasant and warm in the middle of the day. I took dinner with my salesman, William Hayes this noon. I brought one half dozen looking glasses to Bethel for Mr. Dare tonight. I left them at the depot with Mr. Gillette. George and Gussie met me at the depot this evening. I got some seed potatoes this evening of Mr. Philander Brotherton. MAY 15 FRIDAY - Pleasant; I went to the shop in the morning, but there was no work. I came home and planted corn, potatoes and peas. I weeded out my strawberries. I went to Bethel by the afternoon train to see Mr. Dare about the looking glasses I brought him last night. I came home and found a letter from him with a check enclosed for the amount of the bill - $5.00. He sent it by the baker. I walked from Bethel as far as Orin Benedict's factory and rode up from there with Lucius Wildman. George and I spaded more garden after tea. I went into the street in the evening and Swift cashed my check from Mr. Dare. Mrs. Bradley called in the evening. George and Gussie went home with her. MAY 16 SATURDAY - I went to New York today. I took William Carlson's soldier's testimonial down with me and framed it. I brought home and delivered it in the evening and hung it for him. He paid me for it $2.50. I also brought home a preserved wreath and cross for Mrs. Ferrell. John Cosier went to New Rochelle today for the remains of Saul McNeil, who was found dead in a barn. He saw the account in the New York Sun. He died with the heart disease. The vote of impeachment was taken in Congress today. President Johnson was acquitted by one vote. MAY 17 SUNDAY - Pleasant. I have had a headache all day. I only attended Sunday School at noon. Theodore Lyons, John Green and Daniel Starr and wife called to see the preserved flowers I brought last night from New York. Mrs. Bradley called also after tea and Gussie went with her to the cemetery. A little sprinkle of rain in the evening. MAY 18 MONDAY - Stormy and rain. I rode about 40 miles today to Fishkill Village for J. M. Potter to take a melodeon and meet him there with three new horses from Middletown, New York, 25 miles back of Newburgh. He was to meet me this evening at Jackson's Hotel. I received a dispatch from him to wait for his arrival. MAY 19 TUESDAY - It is still unpleasant. I went this forenoon to Mrs. Knapp's where I left the melodeon yesterday and unpacked the instrument and set it up for them. I stayed about 4 P.M. to ride down to Fishkill's landing and if I should not meet Potter to go over to Newburgh and call on Daniel Manly. I met Potter at Mattawan with his horses and I returned with him to the village. After tea at the hotel, Mr. Potter and I called on Mrs. Knapp. Mr. Potter sang and played for them. MAY 20 WEDNESDAY - I started a little after 8 A.M. for Danbury (with the same team I drove to Fishkill on Monday) and led one of the new span which Potter bought. I stopped at Towner's Station on the Harlem Road to feed horses and eat my own dinner. I arrived in Danbury about 4 P.M., just after it began to rain again. I saw the horses taken care of and then went down to the factory and from there home. MAY 21 THURSDAY - It rained very hard last night and a great part of today. The streams are very high. I worked a little in the shop. I finished a hat for Father Griswold and one for Mr. Pond. I then finished 9 odd hats which kept me nearly all day. I the evening, I delivered some flower work to Nathan Ferrell, a wreath and cross. Henry Day had placed in his hands an order of $30.00 which he wanted me to allow Ferrell on the flower work. It was unexpected to me but I honored the order and then called on Day and told him what I thought of the transaction. My indebtedness to him (Day) was perfectly understood between us and before doing so, he should as a friend as he professed to be given me notice of his intention to turn the account and thereby save me trouble. MAY 22 FRIDAY - Pleasant. Paid Mr. Pond this morning $25.00 toward $60.00 borrowed on the 11th instant. I went to the shop and finished up 5 hats to finish up a lot of odd ones, 14 in number. I brought home 3 new Pearl Cashmere hats for Father Griswold, Mr. Pond and Mr. Pond's nephew. I went to the factory again after dinner and got an old knock down Pearl Cashmere body and finished for myself which made a very good hat. It cost me only for the trimming. I brought home Hiram Hadden's soldier's testimonial to frame for him. George, Gussie and Mrs. Bradley went to the cemetery in the P.M. to set out plants, etc. I sold 8 ## pounds of pie plant in the evening at Benedict & Nichols' I let him have it on account at 5 cents per pound. MAY 23 SATURDAY - Stormy and rain. I have been to New York. I took down some pictures to frame for Fanny, John Bouton and Lucy Bennett. I brought one for Hiram Hadden, Fanny and Lucy Bennett. I helped Fanny hang some pictures in the evening. George has worked today for Mr. Pond, whitewashing, etc. MAY 24 SUNDAY - Cloudy and some mist, but no rain during the day. I attended church in the morning, returning after Sunday School. Father made us a call about 4 P.M. and stayed an hour or more. I stayed at home in the evening to let Gussie attend church. MAY 25 MONDAY - I have been to New York. It has been neither pleasant nor stormy. Rain in the morning, sunshine in the middle of the day, rain again after 3 P.M. I made two sample frames for Tibbel, having in view a large order. Called at 12 Courtland Street to see H. D. Clark. He has not yet got home from his trip selling clocks. I gave Daniel a scolding at the store today for being so lazy about his gilding. I bought tea and coffee at the great American Tea Company. I brought a small package from Saul Northrup at the New York and New Haven Railroad Depot in New York to N. P. Gillette. George and I went over to River Street this evening to see his boss Kellogg Nichols to get his pay but could not get it, he not being at home. MAY 26 TUESDAY - Clouds, sunshine and rain. I started from home this morning to go to New York. I went to the depot but on account of the weather, concluded to stay at home. I went to the shop and worked all day. After work and before going home, I went to see E. S. Davis about endorsing paper for me to get $300.00. George went into the street in the evening while I stayed at home. I got a picture from Mr. Pond to frame. MAY 27 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant day. I have been to New York. I went to see Tibbel at 37 Park Row and arranged to do some framing for him. In the P.M., I went with William up to 23rd Street to put up pier glasses. I took a picture down to frame for Mr. Pond. Bought ## barrel of flour in the evening of Charles Crofut at $17.00 per barrel. Went to market in the evening and borrowed $10.00 of Fuller at the market. Before retiring, George and I took down our sitting room stove and carried it up to Father Griswold's barn. MAY 28 THURSDAY - An East wind. Cloudy and a little rain. I have been to New York. I accompanied Mrs. Cyrus White to New York. I have been very busy at the store today. I brought Mr. Pond's picture of 'Christ Blessing Little Children' which I framed for him. After tea, I went into the street again to see Mr. Crofut about borrowing some money. I saw him but my courage failed me and I did not ask him. Mr. Burch returned this evening from Chicago. George and Gussie cleaned the sitting and sink rooms today. Charles Crofut brought me a ## barrel of flour today which I ordered and paid for last evening. MAY 29 FRIDAY - Rain in Danbury, but none of any account in New York where I have been. I spoke with Mr. Fanton on the train this evening about lending me some money for a few days. Frank Butler came home, or rather, came to town from Minnesota this evening. I talked with him on the train. Gussie met me in the street. We went to market and then she went to see Mrs. Bradley and I came home. George went up home to a rehearsal this evening. MAY 30 SATURDAY - Rainy a part of the day. I have been to New York. Helped put up cornices at Mrs. Haight's in 23rd Street and found that they did not fit as they should. Alterations will consequently have to be made. I called at Tibbel's in Park Row with some frames. I bought of him 1 ## dozen No. 1 Catechisms for the Sunday School and ## dozen 'Two Years With Jesus' for George. I went to Schermerhorn's in Browne Street for school records for Mr. Pond. I brought him one for a sample. I borrowed of H. B. Fanton, $150.00 for a few days. Soldiers' graves today were decorated with flowers all over the country. A grand demonstration was made here by the Grand Army of the Republic, Fire Department and Temperance Lodge. Georgie is up home to stay overnight. MAY 31 SUNDAY - A lovely day, the first in a long time. Georgie having been sent up to Father Purdy's yesterday and being still there, we all attended church in the morning. After tea, Gussie and I went up to the cemetery. We called for Mrs. Bradley in Liberty Street and she went with us. We returned rather late for meeting, so we stayed at home in the evening. I wrote to William at the store in the evening.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal May 1868 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.

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