Horace Purdy Journal February 1868 Entry

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FEBRUARY 01 SATURDAY - Very cold last night and this morning. Pleasant and warm in the middle of the day. Cold again tonight. I have been to New York today. I paid N. Tibbels & Company $158.68 for library books I bought January 15th. Bought 10 more of The Singing Pilgrim and Musical Leaves Combined to sell in the Sunday School. Went to Book Room for No. 3 Judd's Lessons. Called to see Brother Duprey at the same place to get job of framing photographs of preachers. I framed 12 pictures of the church and parsonage to bring home. William was to meet me with them at the 27th Street Depot but did not, so I came without them. Martin Clark was on the train tonight. I partly got a job of framing from him. Gussie received a letter this evening from Lydia in Canton telling of Lauren and Eliza's journey to California. FEBRUARY 02 SUNDAY - Pleasant; before breakfast, I went over to Rabbit Hill to see Mrs. Holmes, our Sunday School Female Supt. about the time to be specified (in the notice to be given to the preacher) for bringing to the church donations of cake, etc. for the Oyster supper to come off on Wednesday. I went to church in the morning and stayed to Sunday School. We had a fire in the Librarian's Room in the new stove for the first time. After supper, I went over to Harriet Phillips with a Methodist Almanac I got for her in New York. From there, I went up home to see father where I stayed until nearly meeting time when I came home and stayed in the evening to let Gussie go to church. FEBRUARY 03 MONDAY - Very cold. I worked in the shop. Had a new mainspring put in my watch - $1.25. The seats in the church were re-rented this P.M. at 1 ## o'clock. Gussie attended and took our old seat again at an advance of $4.00, making it now $24.00. FEBRUARY 04 TUESDAY - Very cold this morning. The mercury stood at 10 below zero in some localities. I have been to New York. I brought home for sale tomorrow evening at the Sunday School Oyster Supper, One dozen pictures of the church and parsonage in 8x10 ## frames square. Also 4 8x10 rose and gilt and gold for Brother Burch's photographs to be sold also I put in screw eyes and cords to all of them before retiring. FEBRUARY 05 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant in the morning, but before night it commenced snowing and continued during the evening. Our Oyster Supper, conducted by the Sunday School Teachers, came off this evening, notwithstanding the snow and considering the inclemency of the weather, was a success. I have worked in the shop. Clarissa Smith came in and stayed with Georgie to let Gussie and I attend the Oyster Supper. FEBRUARY 06 THURSDAY - It snowed the forepart of the day. It has thawed all day. I worked in the shop. It cleared off before night. Kellen Brockett was buried this P.M. FEBRUARY 07 FRIDAY - Pleasant but cool. I have worked in the shop. Gussie went to Sewing Society at Mrs. Bartram's this evening. Borrowed 40 dollars of Augustus Hoyt. FEBRUARY 08 SATURDAY - Pleasant but cold. I have been to New York today. Went to C.C. Goss about making his frames. Josephine Dare at the store. Paid my rent to Young. FEBRUARY 09 SUNDAY - Stormy. It snowed in the morning. It turned to rain before noon and continued all day. Gussie rode to church in the morning with Robert. I went down to Sunday School and stayed to the Communion Service in the P.M. After tea, Father came down and called on us. On account of the storm, we stayed at home in the evening and Gussie wrote to Eliza in California. FEBRUARY 10 MONDAY - Pleasant but cool. I worked in the shop until noon and came home, there being no more work to do for the day in the shop. On my way home, I stopped at the church to see Knox' man grain the Librarian's Room I finally went home (after taking out two bricks from the outside of the church at the base of the chimney to make it draw) with the sick headache. We took tea with Father Griswold's folks. I retired early with the headache. FEBRUARY 11 TUESDAY - Pleasant . I have been to New York. Business is improving at the store. George came home with me on the train this evening. He took tea with me and is to stay all night. FEBRUARY 12 WEDNESDAY - Pleasant. George stayed with us last night. I have worked in the shop today. I gave a picture of our church and parsonage framed to Fanny. FEBRUARY 13 THURSDAY - Pleasant and warmer. I have worked in the shop. Went to market in the evening. Bought two sets of underclothes - $2.50. I went into Prayer meeting just before its close. FEBRUARY 14 FRIDAY - Pleasant. I have worked in the shop. George came down after tea and we went into the street together. FEBRUARY 15 SATURDAY - Pleasant. Father Griswold got left by the cars this morning and took the stage to Brookfield and by cars from there to New Haven via Bridgeport. I have been to New York today. I brought home a steel plate engraving of 'Christ Walking On The Sea' and hung in our Sunday School's Librarian's room at the church. Gussie and George met me at the Depot. David Cosier went this morning with Paul McKay (who is crazy) to the lunatic asylum in Hartford. FEBRUARY 16 SUNDAY - Pleasant. After breakfast, George and I went down to church with the Sunday School papers and drove two more picture nails in the Library Room and for the present hung on them pictures of the church and parsonage. Gussie being too sick to attend in the morning, George and I went to church. After Sunday School, Mrs. Holmes gave over to me $57.59, the balance of receipts for the Oyster Supper, after she having paid for the oysters, help, sugar and dishes and whitewashing which amounted to $31.08. Father came down to see us after tea. George and Gussie went to church in the evening, while I stayed at home. FEBRUARY 17 MONDAY - Pleasant in the morning. It commenced snowing before noon and continued hard during the remainder of the day and evening. I worked in the shop. On my way home from work, I paid the editor of the Times for printing notice of our Sunday School Oyster Supper - $2.00. I also paid Crofut & Benedict for carpenter work in the Librarian's Room - $8.58. I am suffering this evening with rheumatism. Gussie went into the street and bought 20 yards of muslin at 15 cents - $3.00. FEBRUARY 18 FRIDAY - Considerable snow fell last night. It was windy in the morning and blowed in heaps. The day has been pleasant. I was forced to leave my work at the shop before night on account of the rheumatism. I stopped at Dr. Bulkely's and got some medicine for it. I was about done over when I got home. I stayed in and let Gussie go to market in the evening. FEBRUARY 19 WEDNESDAY - Have been to New York. It snowed hard until I got nearly to the city when it cleared off and the day has been warm and pleasant. I called to see Brother Woodruff in Seventh Street, but he was not in. I called on their sexton about preserving funeral wreaths. I had a severe headache tin the P.M. and came home with it. The New York & New Haven Railroad Company gave us a through car to Danbury this evening which was heated with steam. This was the first of the kind that has ever been through to Danbury. FEBRUARY 20 THURSDAY - Pleasant and warm today. I have worked in the shop. I feel better today: no headache and no rheumatism. Gussie went up home on Deer Hill this P.M. George and Bell came down with her after tea and went from there to meeting. I went into the street in the evening and mailed a letter to William Hayes at the store in New York. I then went up to J. W. Ives and got 4 clothes hooks and went down to the church and put them up in the Library Room to hang hats, coats, etc. upon. FEBRUARY 21 FRIDAY - Pleasant and warm until just at night when the wind changed for South to North and it grew colder I have worked in the shop. I stayed at home in the evening and let Gussie attend the Sewing Society at John Earles'. FEBRUARY 22 SATURDAY - Pleasant, but very cold. I have been to New York. Brought home from Benjamin Rider's, one dozen Wheeler & Wilson's Sewing Machine Casters for George to try and sell. FEBRUARY 23 SUNDAY - Pleasant but very cold. George stayed with us again last night. He and Gussie went to church together in the morning. I took little Georgie up to Mother Griswold's just before noon and then went down to Sunday School. It was so cold that we all stayed home in the evening and kept comfortable. February 24 MONDAY - Very cold this morning, but it moderated before night and began to snow. Saturday's paper brought us the news of President Johnson's removal of the Secretary of War Stanton and appointed General Lorenzo Thomas in his place. The evening papers say that a bill of impeaching the President has been brought before Congress and that Thomas has been arrested. Today has been full of excitement over the matter. I have worked in the shop today. In the evening, I went down to the Post Office and called a few minutes in the Club Room. Gussie wrote this evening to her sister Harriet in New Haven. I wrote a line to Augustus Hoyt wishing to see him between now and Thursday evening. I want to borrow some money of him. FEBRUARY 25 TUESDAY - Not so cold. A little snow at times during the day. I have worked in the shop. As I went to work this morning, I mailed Gussie's letter to her sister Harriet and a drop letter to Augustus Hoyt to have him call and see me. I wanted to borrow $300 of him. He came to the shop in the P.M. He could not spare the money. I worked late in the shop. I came home tired and low-spirited in view of my liabilities. After tea, I went into the street. FEBRUARY 26 WEDNESDAY - I have been to New York. I brought home one dozen No. 2 Judd's Lessons for the school, also 100 of Phillip Phillip's Musical Gems. Cloudy all day, but not stormy. FEBRUARY 27 THURSDAY - Cloudy all day. More or less snow during the day; it snowed very hard just at night. I have worked in the shop. On my way home from work, I left at the Union Savings Bank, an application to renew my note of $400 on the 7th of March. Adrian Baker died at the Pahquioque Hotel about noon today. FEBRUARY 28 - Cloudy again today. A little clear sky just at night. I have worked in the shop. I have finished my work early in the P.M. I brought home from Swift's store the Sunday School Advocates and marked them off before tea. Gussie went to the Sewing Society at William Scofield's in the evening and after Georgie fell asleep, I went to market and to Singing School a few minutes. I gave the leaflets of Phillips' new music which I bought for the school to the Chorister, Benjamin Lockwood, and heard them practice the same. FEBRUARY 29 SATURDAY - Pleasant. I have been to New York. I brought home 3 lbs. of coffee for Father Griswold and two lbs. for myself, 'French Breakfast and Dinner' from the great American Tea Company. I went to the City Hall to see about a permit to have a sign project 12 inches or more from my building. Gussie met me at the Depot this evening.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal February 1868 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.

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