Horace Purdy Journal October 1867 Entry

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OCTOBER 26 SATURDAY - On account of the press of business in New York and at home, I have since July 24th neglected this journal. Before going to the store this morning, I went to J. B. Foot's old stand at the junction of 4th Avenue and Bowery and bought a silk hat for Edward Cody. I paid $7.00 and 50 cents extra for crepe on the crown. From there I went to the Book Room at 200 Mulberry Street and paid the $22.00 for Sunday School papers for the new year commencing October 1st. I then went to Bradbury's on the corner of Crosby and Broome Street for a chain and shower for Brother Burnett, one of our Sunday School teachers. I then went over to the store and was busy the remainder of the day, making frames, etc. I came home via the Great American Tea Company branch store on the corner of Bleeker and Broadway where I bought 2 lbs. of black tea ' one lb. for Mr. Cocking and the other for myself. I bought a piece of music for Joe Kyle entitled 'Song of Songs'. E. Cody met me at the depot this evening and took his hat and paid me the extra 50 cents. Gussie also met me at the depot. She got her new hat at the milliner's this evening. OCTOBER 27 SUNDAY - Pleasant. I went to church in the morning. Gussie came down with Georgie to Sunday School at noon and we both stayed to Prayer Meeting in the P.M. After meeting, I walked down Liberty Street with Mrs. Bradley to see a wreath at Mrs. Barlow's which she wants preserved and framed. I brought it home with me to take to the city tomorrow morning. After tea, I took an 8x10 rose and gilt frame up home for Bell's pictures. OCTOBER 28 MONDAY - I have been to New York today. I took a small wreath with me to preserve it for Mrs. Barlow. I brought home with me a wall frame ' 8x10 Sperry's pattern for John Morris if he should want it. I also brought 6 glass backs for frames at home. Received a letter from Edwin saying that he could not procure butter for me this season on account of the scarcity in that locality. Gussie also received a letter from Eliza stating that they expected to sail for California on Nov. 1st. OCTOBER 29 TUESDAY - Stormy. It has rained hard and steady all day. I have worked in the shop. There will be no more work this week. In the evening, I went down to Crofut & Sons Flour Store and ordered a barrel of flour to be sent up tomorrow. OCTOBER 30 WEDNESDAY - I have been to New York today. It looked like rain in the morning. I went prepared for it, but it came off pleasant or rather the sun shone part of the time. After dinner, I went down to the Merchant's Hotel in Cortlandt Street where I met Lauren Humphrey and wife and children 'Alfred and Annie. Here with them to see them sail to California on Friday. I met them just as they arrived, they having left Canton this morning. Lauren, who has been sick near unto death, is feeling pretty well except being yet pretty weak. The storm yesterday was accompanied with a fearful wind which did much damage in the city. I found on arriving at the store this morning that Mr. Donavan living over the store had rented their basement room to an Irishman, wife and two children. I gave my consent some time ago, providing that the tenants were quiet clean people with no children. I came home by way of the Book Room to see about the way the Sunday School papers are to be sent the coming year. Gussie met me here at the depot. I went to market and she to the dress makers. Bell brought down George's clean clothes for me to take to him and will stay with us all night. Before retiring, I wrote to Brother William Hill in Redding to see if I could procure butter there. OCTOBER 31 THURSDAY - I rose late this morning and could only eat a few mouthfuls of cold victuals and run to the depot. I went down to the Merchants' Hotel in Cortlandt Street to see Lauren, Eliza, Alfred and Anna a few minutes. I came home as usual on the 4:30 P.M. train from New York. Gussie met me at the depot. We went to market and then home.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal October 1867 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 10 Dec. 2019.

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