Joseph Batchelor (interview)

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65 min; 2 cassettes




Herb Janick Papers, MS012

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The content of the second 60 min cassette contained 5 min of pertinent audio (tape #2; item 4)

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Time Summary

0-20 min: When he met Ruth Haas, Ruth’s education background, Ruth’s parents’ relationship and siblings, chemical branch in Canada, Ruth’s first teaching job, Ruth’s father’s involvement with the Franco-Persian War, fleeing Germany to go to England, aristocratic family tendencies, Ruth’s characteristics
20-40 min: When Joseph met Ruth, Joseph’s education and military service, Joseph’s family and work life, Joseph’s teaching career, Ruth’s interests in school, Frank’s death, moving to Danbury and legal issues with residency in Canada, connections with Nazi Germany, Joseph’s association with teachers
40-60 min: How Joseph remembered Ruth and her sister, Joseph’s wife and Ruth’s sister Fritz, Joseph and the interviewer share early photos of the university and the Haas family, Ruth’s death, Joseph’s family, humanitarian efforts, Ruth’s religious ties,
0-5: Family gatherings, Ruth’s friends, Ruth’s stock investment group, Ruth’s athletics, library renovations


Janick, Herbert F. “Joseph Batchelor (interview).” Herb Janick Papers, MS012. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 24 Jan. 2020.


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