Whitcomb, Dr. Mervin part 1 (tape #20 sides a/b)

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Tape stock length: 60 min
Running Time: 60 min


Dr. Whitcomb talks about how the music program blossomed along with WCSU's expansion beyond that of a normal school.
Label Contents: 11/03/1976



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Friel, Jack


Whitcomb, Dr. Mervyn


Running Time: 60 min

Time Summary

0-10 Min: department head of music for ten years; details the expansion in the music program he saw during his time at WCSU;
10-20 Min: the majority of instruments at WCSU were privately bought( at the time of this interview); recalls that when he first arrived at WCSU there were not appropriate facilities for a music program, most notably that the classrooms allotted to the program were not sound-proofed;
20-30 Min: recalls that he was simply told one day that he was given the chair of the Music Department as opposed to a vote from within the department; details the specific music courses that education majors were responsible for;
30-40 Min: laments the lack of community awareness about the music program at WCSU;
40-50 Min: the impact of the Westside campus on the music department;
50-60 Min: personal banter;



Friel, Jack -- interviewer. “Whitcomb, Dr. Mervin part 1 (tape #20 sides a/b).” Jack Friel University History Collection, MS004. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 19 Jan. 2020.


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