Kohl, Dr. Ruth (tape #17 side b)

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Tape stock length: 90 min

Running Time: 27 min


Dr. Kohl talks about the origins of the nursing program at WCSU and her involvement with the founding. She also talks about the scope and limitations of the program.
Label Contents: 11/1/1976



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Friel, Jack


Kohl, Dr. Ruth


Running Time: 27 min

Time Summary

-10 Min: head of the dept of nursing; originally director of nursing program at Danbury hospital; blank spot; 1945 nursing program begins being offered at WCSU; was not a nursing program as we know it today, but rather a program for R.N.'s without bachelor's degree the opportunity to get one; a nursing program as we know it started in 1966; 1974 started accepting associate degree R.N.'s into the bachelors program;

10-20 Min: populations of male nurses; over 400 qualified applicants applied in 1975, only allowed to take just over 60;

20-30 Min: West Side campus as it relates to the nursing program; apprehension about splitting the school between two campuses, fear being that programs left on midtown would be forgotten in favor of programs that would move to West Side; blank spot;


Friel, Jack -- interviewer. “Kohl, Dr. Ruth (tape #17 side b).” Jack Friel University History Collection, MS004. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.


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