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Founding of the basic studies program, which was a program designed for students who were not accepted into the WCSU B.A. program, but still wanted to go to college. It served to help bring the students enrolled in the program up to the same level as students that were accepted into the B.A. program
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Friel, Jack


Friel, Dr. Mary


Running Time: 45min

Time Summary

0-10 Min: Ways in which admissions polices have changed; director of admissions Merrill ( Mike) Walrath to recruit two hundred students for WCSU; In 1973 WCSU had an open admissions policy; beginnings of a remedial program called the basic studies program for students rejected for WCSU's B.A. program; Dr. Les Lefond (Dean of Student Affairs) initiated the basic studies program; class size for the basic studies program was limited to 20; likens the program to that of a community college; discusses the motives around the creation of the program; an extension of the summer qualification program

10-20 Min: Summer qualification program was modeled after the upward bound state programs; begun in spring of 1971 at WCSU; consisted of three classes, one of which was an elective and a reading improvement program; program six weeks; Del Kenny director of admissions (at time of interview); Specific student (name excluded from interview) discussed that Jack Friel had taught and his surprise to discover that she had been enrolled in the basic studies program

20-30 Min: Dr. Fred O'Neil, assistant dean of academic studies ( heads the basic studies program), also designed the original basic studies program in 1973; also serves an advisor to students in the program; Walt Downing ( WCSU statistician) is preparing a study of the success or failure of the basic studies program; finds that there is a lower drop -out rate among students who went through the basic studies program vs. students who went directly into the B.A. program; also finds that there is little to no difference in achievement between those in the basic studies program vs. those in the B.A. program

30-40 Min: Address a specific professor's frustration with teaching both in the basic studies programs as well as teaching students that had completed the basic studies program; his chief complaint was that the basic studies program was demeaning to the college; Dr. Friel argues that the students lack of ability is not limited to the basic studies program, but rather plagues the B.A. program; blames the primary and secondary schools for the number of ill-prepared students entering into WCSU


Friel, Jack -- interviewer. “Friel, Dr. Mary, (tape #18, side b).” Jack Friel University History Collection, MS004. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 14 Oct. 2019.


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