Esposito, Dr. Bill part 2 (tape #10 side b)

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Tape stock length: 90 min

Running Time: 25 min


In the second part of the interview Dr. Esposito talks more about the spring weekend and the many jobs that a class adviser undertook. He also talks about the student body and how it has changed (becoming more socially conscious), yet stayed the same (still being hard working and good-natured) over the years. He comments on how that was reflected in the yearbooks of the time.
Label Contents: 12/1/1976



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Friel, Jack


Esposito, Dr. Bill


Running Time: 25 min

Time Summary

0-10 Min: spring weekend continued, relating musicals that were done at WCSU under Dr. Esposito; how class and fraternity advisers were appointed, class by the administration and fraternity by the students; yearbooks of 1962-1970 and the great amount of change that occurred between those years in the yearbooks themselves as well as the students who made them; theorizes that the shift from general offerings to that of various specialized departments explains the increase in student unrest

10-20 Min: a comparison of WCSU students to more politically active student body's such as Europe and Berkeley; Dr. Esposito looks fondly on the legacy he left at WCSU; fundamentally Dr. Esposito feels that the student body has not changed much over the years, they are basically hard working, good kids; opinions on the basic studies programs; his frustrations with the program;

20-30 Min: frustrations with the basic studies program; friendly chatting


Friel, Jack -- interviewer. “Esposito, Dr. Bill part 2 (tape #10 side b).” Jack Friel University History Collection, MS004. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 22 Jan. 2020.


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