Collins, Francis (tape #4, sides A)

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Tape stock length: 90 min

Running Time: 29:16 min


Recording starts with interview in progress with Mr. Collins recounting his childhood memories of WCSU, as well as his time as a student at the University. He speaks of his work in the state legislature and how he and several others would help WCSU and all state colleges obtain better funding
Label Contents: 9/22/1976



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Collins, Francis


Friel, Jack

Time Summary

0-10 Min: Mother and sisters all graduated from the Danbury Normal School; tuition for Mr. Collins was 10 dollars a semester in 1951; his wife went to WCSU while he was in the army; WCSU was viewed as a local college for those who could not get into any other college; recalls a three week interim program in which WCSU closed down and had its students work at internships; refers to the quonset huts being used as permanent facilities at WCSU; recalls male/female ratio was slightly tipped in favor of females; talks about Neil Wagner and the expansion of WCSU sports; Do day: a day when all the students would help to clean the campus;

10-20 Min: Describes associations with projects initiated at WCSU; served in the State legislature starting in 1967; minority leader in 1971; majority leader in 1973; State legislature having a great respect for Dr. Haas; West Side campus plans formulated in 1969 with the first appropriations of state funds to find a location; from 1969-1974 budgets included steadily increasing dollar amounts for WCSU; In 1974 several of WCSU's key advocates left the state legislature - one for congress - another was appointed a judge, and Mr. Collins decided not to run again; as a result of the plans for the West Side campus, WCSU administration opted not to improve the midtown campus

20-30 Min: Reputation that Dr. Haas fostered between Danbury and WCSU; Athletics programs at WCSU; Dr. Haas was an advocate for the whole state college system not just WCSU; until 1971 there was only a nominal tuition fee throughout the state; Addition of a higher tuition resulted in marches on the capitol; Race situation at WCSU



Friel, Jack -- interviewer. “Collins, Francis (tape #4, sides A).” Jack Friel University History Collection, MS004. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 18 Feb. 2020.


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