Brunell, Dr. Gloria (tape #18 side A)

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Tape stock length: 90 min

Running Time: 53 min


Dr. Brunell recalls how she came to work at WCSU, and how being a nun affected her teaching. Her various jobs as a teacher and administrator at WCSU, as well as the West Side campus.

Label Contents: 11/1/1976



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Friel, Jack


Brunell, Dr. Gloria

Time Summary

0-10 Min: Started in 1968 as the 1st religious employee of CT in a state college; insisted that she would wear her habit, how she was going to spend her paycheck and where she would live; felt that her clothes were irrelevant to teaching math; talks about Dr. Haas. Met with resistance to her job because she was a Catholic; chairman of committee on tenure and a committee on tenure and promotions; blank spot from 6:05 to 9:15; was at WCSU to see the student body switch from mainly education to mainly B.A.

10-20 Min: Cites lack of P.R. for WCSU changing from the Danbury Normal School; Forming of an advisory search committee to work with the board of trustees to find a new president; How the committee was formed as well as how the search for a president was conducted

20-30 Min: Explains guidelines that Dr. Brunell set for herself in searching for a new president; wanted someone who had experience in building a campus, due to plans for the Westside campus; wanted someone who was aware of the public image of the college; begrudges the fact that recent local archeological finds and that WCSU was not asked to help in the research; takes a phone call from37:19 TO 37: 26

30-40 Min: Talks about a program that Dr. Bersi wanted to implement where WCSU would offer degrees for industries; this program entailed WCSU tailoring the degree to meet the needs of the industries and provide on-site instruction in the degree; laments the retirement of Dr. Haas and WCSU losing her open-door policy; Dr. Bersi pushing for promotions at WCSU; Various program additions and how they were added to WCSU;

40-50 Min: The speed of the tape changes throughout interview


Friel, Jack - Interviewer. “Brunell, Dr. Gloria (tape #18 side A).” Jack Friel University History Collection, MS004. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 6 Dec. 2019.


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