Braun, Dr. Gertrude, parts 1 - 2 (tape #19, sides A/B)

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Tape stock length: 90 min

Running Time: 90 min


Label Contents: 11/2/1976
WCSU's transition from the Danbury Teacher's College to the broader school it is today. Discussion of programs that were developed and the reasons for them.



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Friel, Jack


Braun, Dr. Gertrude


Running Time: 90 min

Time Summary

0-10 Min: 1946-1948 instructor of social sciences; 1961 assistant director of graduate studies; 1966 became dean of academic studies; 1976 became vice-president (responsible for all academic programs and all support and administrative offices); 1945 major change- diversification of programs - from strictly elementary teacher education to programs such as nursing; 1946 associate degree programs started being offered; first two degrees were in medical technology and electronics

10-20 Min: Relationship with Henry Abbot Tech school; all associate degree students had to take a year long class that developed into the non-western cultures and European history departments; WCSU pioneers in the non-western culture field; Rapid growth of WCSU in the late forties and early fifties as well as the initiation of semi-annual commencement

20-30 Min: Army surplus quonset huts; Inclusion of B.A. program came from a man called Norman Buise ( a Danbury local and then state representative) who proposed a bill to expand WCSU; The death of single purpose colleges in the U.S.; Concerned that there may be a teacher shortage and value of a teaching degree

30-40 Min: Personal background, born in Groton and raised in New Haven; Growth of Groton; taught for five years in Hamden, before coming to WCSU, and how Dr. Jenkins( then president) convinced her to come to WCSU

40-50 Min: Teachers colleges were mainly for females with a few males mixed in - as a result, WWII had little to no effect on diversity and development of the colleges; Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Haas and her first year at WCSU

50-60 Min: Post-war increase both in students and physical expansion of the college; Teacher shortage of 1948 and the intensive state initiated teacher training program;

60-70 Min: Graduate programs developing due to state changes to certification requirements of teachers in the 1950s; Adding grad degrees in science and the building of the Westside campus; Level of discourse and student intellect on campus;

70-80 Min: Founding of the specialty of music education at WCSU in 1946; Southern focused art and phys ed, and Central being focused on secondary ed; How Dr. Haas became known nationally as a teacher educator; How WCSU was nationally recognized as an innovative institution for teachers

80-90 Min: Monuments of culture program which tried to combine fields such as literature and psych; this evolved into the nature of man program which was an interdisciplinary program; this was again transformed into the humanistic studies department



Friel, Jack -- interviewer. “Braun, Dr. Gertrude, parts 1 - 2 (tape #19, sides A/B).” Jack Friel University History Collection, MS004. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 22 Oct. 2019.


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