Horace Purdy Journal December 1865 Entry

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12/01 FRIDAY - Rain last night and this morning, thought the day has been pleasant. After tea, I went to market. David Bradley came in when I returned and we wrote up his Librarian's book. Gussie went to the Sewing Society at Mrs. Staples. Louise came down and stayed with Georgie in the evening to let her go. Father Griswold had 77 lbs. of butter come from Ohio today. 12/02 SATURDAY - Pleasant. I worked as usual in the shop. As I came home from work I left a roll of salve at the News Office for Eugene Conkling and got my new sack coat at Mr. Harris' store and paid for it $20.00. Gussie went up to Joel Sanford's this morning and stayed all day to visit with Mary Mourre as it used to be but now Mrs. Murphy. After tea, I went into the street and got the ramrod to my gun repaired. Got my vest at Gillette's where I took it to have a pocket put in and bought two sets of underclothes for $16.00. After Singing School, George and Bell came this way to get a piece of meat which I gave our folks. He brought a sifter from Parmalee & Bradley's Store to have the handle tightened. We fixed it before he went home. 12/03 SUNDAY - Pleasant and very warm for the season. Gussie went to church as usual in the morning and I to Sunday School and the afternoon service. Mr. Hill preached to the children in the P.M. Cousin John Brayman, John Bouton and Hart Purdy called after supper. Before evening meeting time, I wrote to Carlton & Porter ordering two more copies of Sunday School Advocates and one dozen lesson books. I mailed it with money enclosed as I went to evening meeting. Brother Hill preached. I was introduced to Mr. And Mrs. Murphy by J. D. Stevens after meeting. 12/04 Cloudy and foggy all day. We finished up what work there was to do at the shop today for the remainder of the week, as Mr. Crofut is to take an inventory and also thanksgiving days coming on Thursday. A Hatters' Meeting in the evening to elect delegates to a special session of the National Hat Finishers' Association to be held in New York On Wednesday. I attended the meeting. As I came home from work tonight, I made some arrangements with Ed Dunning to go hunting tomorrow, should the day be pleasant. Before I retired, I salted sown my beef. 12/05 TUESDAY - Pleasant but colder. Ed Dunning and myself went hunting; was gone all day; game scarce. He got one partridge only and I got nothing. We went to Middle, Thomas and Moses Mountains, to Sugar Hollow, Wolfe's Pond, Mill Plain Swamp and Pond, then across on this farm north of Terry's and home. George went to Newton with sifters. I went to market in the evening. I called at Judd's and got my money where I told George Benjamin (who drew it for me) to leave it. I paid Mr. Judd $9.92 for soap which I bought October 23rd. 12/06 WEDNESDAY - A lovely day. After breakfast I walked over to Mr. Lynes' place to see Mr. Cocking about going hinting on Friday. In the P.M. Mrs. Stevens and Murphy came and Jesse and Mr. Murphy came to tea. They all stayed in the evening. Fanny, Harriet and Mother Griswold came down in the evening to visit with us. George took in some walnuts for a sifter today and I shall buy some of them. I cracked a few of them in the evening, which with some apples served up very nicely. 12/07 THURSDAY - Thanksgiving Day proclaimed by both Governor Buckingham and President Johnson. Ad I woke it was snowing hard; it turned to a fine mist about 10 o'clock. There were about 3 or 4 inches of snow fall. I tried both barrels of my gun this morning with No.5 and 6 shot by shooting at a mark on Father Griswold's barn. I was much pleased with way it threw the shot. George came down and harnessed his horse and went into the street to do a little trading before meeting time. The sermon was preached by Brother Hill in the 1st church. I went to church while Gussie did some ironing. As I went I mailed a letter to Carlton & Porter with the balance of the bill enclosed for Lesson Books. I wrote the letter yesterday, but company prevented mailing it. Between 1 and 2 o'clock George came with the horse and carried us all up home to eat dinner. After dinner at about 4 o'clock, I rode over to Mr. Lyne's to see Robert Cocking about hunting tomorrow. We concluded that it would be too wet with so much snow on the ground and gave up going. I went down to Ed Sanford's and got Bell where she was by invitation from Minnie Sanford to eat dinner. She left me at home and drove up to her house alone. I prepared the feed for the horse and George drove down with Georgie and Gussie. It snowed hard again in the P.M.; it cleared off in the evening. There have been a number of sleighs out today, the first of the season. 12/08 FRIDAY - A beautiful day; the sun has shone warm and there has been no wind. The merry sleigh bells have been jingling quite lively today. Immediately after dinner George came down and he took Mother Griswold and Gussie with the baby over to spend the afternoon with Mrs. Cocking. I walked over and from there George and I went over to Mill Plain to get his boots which he ordered to be made a while ago at a Mr. _____, but he had not made them so we returned a and he bought a pair at Charles H. Reed's. As we went over I called at Charles Fowler's and paid him the small amount due him for my last summer's butter. After George prepared the feed for his horse, he went home and I drove over to Robert Cocking's from Mother Griswold and Gussie. I took my gun over and we tried his with mine at a mark, after which he shot a pigeon and told me to shoot another; he gave them to me. We stayed to tea and then came home. I stabled the horse and went to market in the evening. 12/09 SATURDAY - Pleasant in the morning. Mother came over after dinner and spent the P.M. over to John Brayman's and stayed to tea. Gussie being over there, John came over for me when tea was ready. After tea, Mother came home with Gussie intending to spend the evening with us, but it commenced snowing, so I harnessed old Jim and took her home. John came over and went to market with me. I sold him my heavy grained leather boots and bought a pair of rubber boots at O.M. Benedict's. In the P.M., I put a hook and staple on the stable door and repaired my inside cellar door to make it shut tight. 12/10 SUNDAY - Pleasant; the additional snow which fell last evening about all melted away today. Gussie went to church in the morning and I to Sunday School and in the P.M. and in the evening; sacrament in the P.M. After tea, John Brayman harnessed the horse and drove to the cemetery with his wife and Gussie. Before retiring I wrote to Carlton & Porter ordering another copy of the Sunday School Advocate. 12/11 MONDAY - Pleasant. As I went to the shop in the morning, I mailed the letter I wrote last evening to Carlton & Porter with 30 cents enclosed for another copy of the Sunday School Advocate. George did Mother's washing today. He received by evening mail a letter from E.C. Andrews of New Haven about selling sifters in Fairfield County as he had a chance to sell some. He asked for directions about selling them if George would allow him to sell them at all. John Brayman came over and went downtown with me in the evening. 12/12 TUESDAY - Warm; cloudy in the morning; it began to rain in the P.M. I worked in the shop until I could see no longer. Fanny came in while we were at tea from a trip of collecting sinking fund money and as her folks were through tea, she too tea with us. It being stormy, I did not go into the street in the evening. 12/13 WEDNESDAY - There was scarcely any snow to be seen this morning the day has been pleasant. Warm in the morning but grew colder towards night. I left my rubbers at O.M. Benedict's Shoe Store to be mended as I went to work in the morning. I got them as I came home at night. Louise came down and took tea with us, Father Griswold's folks being all up at Bartram's to tea. 12/14 THURSDAY - Pleasant but cooler. I worked as usual in the shop. A special Hatters' Meeting this evening to hear the report of the delegates to the special session of the National Convention. I being very tired, besides having a lame knee (the rheumatism, I think), also having to scald my beef brine, I did not attend. I stayed at home and let Gussie go to market as she wanted to go to the dry goods store. 12/13 FRIDAY - Pleasant and cold. I rose this morning with the headache which increased so that I was compelled to leave the shop and come home in the afternoon. I could eat no supper and retired about 7 o'clock leaving Louise Vintz to stay with Georgie while Gussie went to the Sewing Society at Mrs. Nickerson's. 12/16 SATURDAY - Very Cold this morning, the coldest thus far this winter. Not feeling very strong, I went late to the shop. George called at the shop to see me in the forenoon. He borrowed Mr. Judd's hay cutter and cut up a lot of hay for the horse. We were paid off in the P.M. Before leaving the factory, I bought a Black Brim Spring Hat for George -price $1.25. It was a $3.00 hat but was slightly damaged which I repaired making it almost perfect. I stayed with Georgie in the evening and let Gussie got to the store. There has been good skating and has been for several days on the pond. 12/17 SUNDAY - A little sunshine in the morning, but it soon became cloudy with the appearance of snow in the after part of the day and in the evening. I felt about sick during the day, a bad state of the stomach and head. Gussie went to church in the morning. I went down to Sunday School and came home after the session feeling too sick to stay in the P.M. Both my assistants, Ed Barnum and James Parmalee were absent from Sunday School. I got George and William Warren to distribute books in their places. I could eat no supper. After tea, I went with Gussie and the baby over to John Brayman's for a few minutes. Mother Griswold stayed with Georgie in the evening to let Gussie and I to go together to church. As we went I mailed a letter to Carlton & Porter ordering two copies more of the Sunday School Advocate and included 60 cents for them. Georgie walked alone for the first time today. 12/18 MONDAY - Cloudy all day and commenced snowing about 10 o'clock in the evening. Before breakfast I had John Brayman take the horse over to McDonald's to be shod. George not having shown himself or brought any feed for the horse today, I went into the street in the evening and bought enough for his supper and breakfast and ordered 100 lbs. to be brought tomorrow. I put some coal clinker and slate in the stable in the evening and then went into Mr. Pond's barn and mended my coal riddle. I retired at 11 12 o'clock. Gussie did her washing today for the first in a long time. 12/19 TUESDAY - Snow enough to whiten the ground this morning. Cloudy with more or less rain during the day. Before I went to work this morning the feed for the horse which I engaged last evening came. I worked as usual all day in the shop. I went into the street in the evening and bought a ring and staple to put on the horse's manger in which to fasten the halter. I also paid for rubber boots at O.M. Benedict's which I bought about a week ago. I put the ring on the manger before retiring. 12/20 WEDNESDAY - Clear sky in the morning but it soon clouded over and remained so all day. It commenced snowing about 8 o'clock. Gussie and George rode down to Bethel to see Mr. Davis' folks after dinner and stayed to tea. After I came home from the shop at night and while waiting for Gussie to get home, I mended the horse's manger. Mrs. Daniel Starr and little girl called in the evening. I went to market and brought home a new burner for my lantern. 12/21 THURSDAY - Snow and rain last night which made the snow wet and heavy. There as about 2 inches of snow fell last night. I t came off clear and pleasant about 7 o'clock this morning. The wind rose in a short time and blew furiously all day and grew cold. The snow was frozen hard before night. George called at the shop to see me for a few minutes in the forenoon. George came in after tea and before going to meeting, wrote at my secretary a letter to a merchant, Johnson by name, in Newtown about sifters; also to E.C. Andrews about the new pattern of sifters. I went to market and directly home again in the evening. 12/22 FRIDAY - Pleasant with the exception of a snow squall before dinner; very cold last night and today. I worked as usual in the shop. After tea Georgie burned his hand with a hot poker. Gussie went into the street in the evening and bought some Christmas toys for the baby lettered blocks and lamb of rubber and a bell. 12/23 SATURDAY - Very cold last night; pleasant today and warmer than yesterday. As I went to work this morning, I ordered 3 bushels of oats at Crofut's Feed Store. The men made a purse of $6.25 and gave to Elijah Foot as a Christmas present. He is an old man just able to get around with a basket on his arm and sells pie and cake at the shop. The old man in his gratitude shed tears and said 'God bless you all.' Willie Hurd being in Danbury on a visit called at the shop to see me this P.M. George went to Stapleburg's foul shop to work this morning learning to finish hats. He made a commencement yesterday afternoon. He went to Brewster's Station this evening to a party with Sarah Purdy. 12/24 SUNDAY - we rose about 7 o'clock and it was snowing; it continued until about 11 o'clock when it turned to rain and stormed hard all day. Gussie went to church in the morning. I went to Sunday School and to meeting (which was a prayer meeting) in the P.M. Benedict Starr was there and spent some time in talking and singing with the School. He also took an active part in the prayer meeting in the P.M. we did not go out in the evening. The moon and stars shone before we retired. George got home from Brewster about 2 o'clock this morning. 12/25 MONDAY - Christmas - Rode over to Theo Lyon's and bought 6 sheaves of straw and paid him $11.25 for 15 bushels of potatoes he brought to me last fall. Shot Mother Griswold's cat; fired at target with Willie Hurd at Mr. Hurd's barn with pistols; paid Alden G. Crosby $24.50 balance of bill for coal. Mother, Gussie and I rode up to the cemetery to see new stone for John. David Mills called in the P.M. Gussie went over to John Brayman's in the evening. John came home with her. George lent his horse after dinner to Mr. Squire's to go to bethel; he returned prior to our going to the cemetery. 12/26 TUESDAY - Cloudy, foggy and misty with a little rain in the evening. Father Griswold's folks had their Christmas dinner today. We had an invitation. Gussie and the baby went. I stayed at work in the shop and took tea with them in the evening. Gussie bought two barrels of charcoal today. I went to market in the evening. While in the street, saw Mr. Witherspoon and paid him 5 months Hatters' dues up to January 10th, 1866. 12/27 WEDNESDAY - Stormy until just at night when it cleared off. Sunday School festival in the P.M. and sinking fund gathering in the evening. The Annual Sinking Fund Meeting. Gussie and I attended in the evening though I had a headache. Bell and Louise stayed with the baby. I gave the 25 cents each. Father Griswold sick. 12/28 THURSDAY - Stormy until in the evening when it broke. Gussie is sick with a cold and rheumatism. Father Griswold is also sick. I went for the doctor before breakfast for him. Gussie not feeling able to get breakfast, I ate up to Father Griswold's. I had the headache again this P.M but got over it after tea. I went to market and home early. I made two lure (?) covers before retiring. 12/29 FRIDAY - Pleasant. Father went to Newtown for George to fill an order for sifters. Read a letter from Edwin written on Christmas day. We had roasted oysters for supper. I went to market in the evening. 12/30 SATURDAY - Snow all day; cleared off in the evening. Went to market in the evening. Bought a record book for a journal. Swept paths before retiring. 12/31 SUNDAY - Pleasant; good sleighing. Baby sick. Went for the doctor after tea. Gussie did not attend church. I went in the A.M. and to Sunday School; came home in the P.M.; both home in the evening.




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Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal December 1865 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 29 Jan. 2020.

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