Horace Purdy Journal, February 1863 Entry

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2/1 Sunday Pleasant and warm. I attended church in the morning. Brother Woodruff preached for us. He is from Waterbury. After Sunday School, I came home and Gussie went in the P.M. Mother came home with her to tea and stayed until evening meeting time and then they went to meeting. I stayed with Eddie. I wrote to George. Mother enclosed a line. Gussie mailed it as she went to meeting. 2/2 Monday Pleasant. I have worked in the shop as usual. Worked as late as I could see. After tea, I went to the Post Office and returned home. Mrs. Swift came downstairs and stayed until after I came home. I filed off the toes of my skates for the second time in the evening. 2/3 Tuesday Colder today. Prospect of a storm in the afternoon. I received a small package by mail from George containing shells, pebbles, etc. from the Potomac River. I have worked hard all day and as long as could see at night. After tea, I went to the Post Office and down to the Skating pond to try my skates after cutting off the toes for the second time. I stayed only a short time and returned home. The weather is very cold. 2/4 Wednesday Colder today than yesterday. I have worked very hard again today. On my way home from work, I took two letters from the Office for Harriet from Abel, 23 Reg't Banks' Division, New Orleans, La. After tea, I finished my letter to George and went to market and to the Post Office and mailed it together with the Danbury Times. The New York Herald came out today with a startling piece of news, that the rebel gunboats in Charleston Harbor had destroyed the blockading fleet at the entrance to the harbor. The other daily papers said nothing about it. The Post this evening sets it down as a canard. Gussie finished her letter to Eliza Humphrey. 2/5 Thursday Very cold last night and this morning. The weather moderated a little during the day. A very little snow before noon. It commenced again about 6 o'clock and continued during the evening. I received by the morning mail a letter from Edwin. Anne enclosed one also with a carte de visite of herself and Willie with baby. Ella and Eddie wrote to Gussie and enclosed in the same. The Jeffersonian gives an account of the death of lieut. Col. Henry B. Stone of the 5th Reg't C (onnecticut) V(olunteers) who was wounded at Slaughter Mountain (Ed. Note, also known as Battle of Cedar Mountain in Culpepper County, Va.) and was taken prisoner and has since been confined and died at Delavan Hospital at Charlottesville, Va. 2/6 Friday The storm turned to rain last night and this morning the snow was leaving us in a stream of water. It cleared off just at night leaving but little snow. I bottle over 40 bottles of cider for Mother Griswold in the evening and two dozen for myself to pay for bottling theirs. It was 11 o'clock when I finished. 2/7 Saturday Pleasant. The mud was stiffened up this morning, but water was slightly frozen. The day has been pleasant as May overhead, but muddy under foot. Having worked pretty hard for the two weeks past, I am about worked out and consequently have not accomplished as much as usual for the two days past. By the evening mail, I received a letter from George. He wants another box of good things sent to him. After I returned from the Office, I went up home with Mother and Bell (who had been to market) and pulled two teeth for Father. 2/8 Sunday Pleasant and warm. Gussie attended church in the P.M. I went down to Sunday School and stayed to the Communion in the P.M. A collection for the worn out preachers was taken up. Bell came home with me to tea and stayed until evening meeting time when Mother came down and went with her to meeting. I wrote to George. Mother enclosed a letter in mine also. I sent it to the Post Office by her. I wrote to Edwin also but withheld it so that Gussie could write to Anne and enclose it with mine. 2/9 Monday Warm but cloudy most of the day. Gussie received a letter from her cousin Eliza Humphrey in California. I went to market in the evening and to the Post Office and mailed a letter to Edwin in Elysia, Ohio and one for Gussie to Ellen Dare. I received one from George. 2/10 Tuesday Pleasant but muddy. It began to grow cold in the P.M. I worked in the shop as long as I could see. Bell came down to stay all night with us. She took care of Eddie while we both went into the street to buy things to send to George. I commenced a letter to him in the evening. 2/11 Wednesday Isabella stayed with us last night and today Mother and Gussie with Bell's help to take care of Eddie have been working hard making pies and cake to send to George. Not feeling very well, I came home at noon and packed up the box before night and took it down to the Express Office in the evening. I received a letter from George by the evening mail in which he wanted me to hurry up the box and send him some money by mail. I mailed a letter to him with a receipt for the box and some money $4.38 enclosed. I ordered a bound Harper's Weekly last year's issue of Swift for George by his request. Gussie received a wedding card from Louise Howe, her old school mate, now Mrs. Wright. 2/12 Thursday Snow and rain during the day. I drew an order for $19.00 to let Mr. Swift draw it for me out of the Savings Bank, the same being used to pay expenses of sending boxes to George and for other uses which he directed me to appropriate it the money being his subject to my order. I went to market in the evening. Augustus Wilcox, an old hatter of this town, was seriously injured at Norwalk this P.M. by a train of cars. 2/13 Friday Pleasant. Mr. Wilcox is dead. (Marginal note: Later, Mr. Wilcox is not dead) Wilson Porter, the rum seller uptown is dead also. Hiram Crofut's wife was taken with cramp in the stomach this forenoon and word was sent to the shop to Hiram that she was dying. Gussie went to see a tableau at the Concert Hall in the evening, gotten up by the Episcopal Society to assist in paying the debt on their church. Admission free and a collection taken. Bell came down and stayed with Eddie. I went to the Post Office in the evening and walked up home with Mr. Swift. 2/14 Saturday St. Valentine's Day. Colder last night. Bell came down again to take care of Eddie this evening so that Gussie could go shopping with me. She is to stay all night. Gussie bought a Photographic Album. We came home and then went over to Colonel's Pond to give her (Gussie) a chance for the first time to try her new skates. Mr. Wilcox was brought up on the train today. He is badly hurt. 2/15 Sunday Rain in the morning. It cleared off about dark. I went to church in the morning with Bell who stayed with us last night. She came home with me in the afternoon and Gussie went. After tea, Mother came down and I wrote to George and David Mills and mailed the letters as I went to evening meeting with Mother and Bell. Very muddy all day and in the evening. 2/16 Monday Pleasant. John Brush around the shop drunk this morning. Worked as long as I could see in the shop. Mr. Cocking came to look at my rooms in the evening. I went into the street in the evening to see Jas. S. Taylor, but not seeing him I dropped a line in the Office to him about the 400.00 I had spoken to him about. I went up to Father Griswold's when I returned and visited with Peter Starr and wife. 2/17 Tuesday Cloudy all day until just before sundown when the sun shone brightly. I have worked hard and as late at night as I could see. I went to the Post Office in the evening and there I saw Jas. A Taylor about the money I had previously spoken to him about. Four hundred dollars which he is to let me have to take up a note in Alfred Gregory's hands. I made arrangements with him to have it on the 1st of April. I then went down to the skating pond a short time. While I was away, Mr. Cocking and wife came to look at my rooms. They decided to take them I believe. 2/18 Wednesday Pleasant in the forenoon. But a little spitting of snow in the P.M. I mailed a Danbury Times to George in the evening. I did not attend class on account of Mrs. Cyrus White and Cousin Hattie Mills coming to spend the evening. Mother and Bell were with us also. In course of the evening, Mother Griswold, Fanny, Harriet and Mr. and Mrs. Swift came in also. Left a ' dozen rolls of Griswold's salve at Butler Drug Store to be sold, he having one third for selling. 2/19 Thursday Stormy all day. Rain. On my way home from work, I called at the Jeffersonian office for Harriet to see when Abel's subscription for the Jeffersonian runs out. After tea, I went to the doctor's ( Bulkely) office and got some medicine for Eddie. I wrote a letter to George in Swift's office. Mailed a letter and Jeffersonian to Eliza Humphrey for Gussie. I walked up home with Mr. Swift. His wife being downstairs with Gussie, he came in and they spent the rest of the evening with us. 2/20 Friday Cloudy nearly all day but came off pleasant just at night. Bell came down just at night to stay with us all night. Gussie went to Emily Anderson's in the P.M. She went into the street with me in the evening. She received by the morning mail a letter from her Essex friend Cornelia Post. 2/21 Saturday Pleasant but cold. It grew colder in the P.M. and evening. I had a severe headache in the P.M. Bell came down after school to go skating with me in the evening. I felt a little better after tea, so we went down to the skating pond. It being so very cold, we stayed but for a few minutes and then came home. My head was worse when I came home so I went immediately to bed. Bell stayed all night with us. 2/22 Sunday Washington's Birthday. Bell went home after breakfast to get ready for church. I did not go to meeting in the morning, but got there in time for Sunday school. After school Bell came up to take care of Eddie so that Gussie could go with me to hear Lieut. Rob't Stone's funeral sermon preached at the Baptist church by their pastor Mr. Stone. She met me at our church. The text was Acts13:36. I wrote to George after tea and took it up to Fanny to send to the Office if it did not storm too hard as I was not going to church. It commenced snowing at noon and continued hard in the evening, so very hard that Bell did not go home but stayed with us. 2/23 Monday Snow about a foot deep on a level this morning. It cleared off early and has been pleasant all day. I worked around home, Father Griswold's and Harriet's until nearly 11 o'clock sweeping paths. Isabella stayed all day and is to stay tonight on account of the deep snow. Pay day at the shop. I drew for pay two last week's work ($29.08). Teacher's Prayer Meeting in the evening in the middle classroom at which some arrangements were made about procuring new library books for the Sunday school. 2/24 Tuesday Very cold last night. It has moderated very much during the day and has the appearance of rain. Isabella went home this morning. After tea I went to Dr. Bulkely's for some medicine for Eddie. I mailed a paper to George (Semi Weekly Tribune). I took a letter from the Office for Mother. As Gussie had been expecting a picture from Harriet in a letter to Mother and there being one in it, she opened it with my consent, but found it to be one of George for Mother which [???] Jones had been painting. I commenced a letter to George before I retired to bed. 2/25 Wednesday Contrary to my expectations yesterday, it has been pleasant today. I left my work before night. Before tea, I took some hams over to Mr. Olmstead's to be smoked for Father Griswold. As we somewhat expected our cousin Chas. C. Parsons, a lieut. In the regular army on the evening train, I went to the depot. But he did not come. I went to the Post Office and mailed a Middle Brooks and a Methodist Almanac to Abel by request of Harriet. Mother and Bell came down this P.M. and expected Uncle Edwin to call for them and take them home with him to make short visit, but he disappointed them and did not come. Bell stayed all night with us. 2/26 Thursday Warm and rainy. I received a letter from David Mills this noon. I went to the depot again this evening to see if Lieut. Parsons should come, but he did not. 2/27 Friday Rainy in the morning. It cleared up in the middle of the day. My work detained me at the shop very late. I went down to the Post Office in the evening. 2/28 Saturday Pleasant. I worked as usual in the shop. After tea, I went to market and them came home for my skates and went down to the skating pond for a while. I got home from skating about nine o'clock






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal, February 1863 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 21 Feb. 2020.

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