Jon Chew Interview

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1-10 mins: HVCEO; Danbury and regionalism; Danbury 1950 postwar; Economic development and Manhattan commuter-ship; NAFTA.

11-20 mins: Joe Taylor; Manufacturing and factories; Where Danbury is Today; Income; Regionalism; Industrial Development, taxes, and the middle class; Danbury’s boundaries.

21-30 mins: Economic development plan; I90; Growth of towns; Middle class living; Taxes; Health Department and sewage.

31-40 mins: The Hatting industry; Water systems; Change in Danbury after WWII; Balance housing and jobs; Commuting, 1970-2000; The RT7 completion; the railroad; Danbury housing market; Water supply.

41-50 mins: What Danbury has become; Economic development; Typical Danbury worker; Danbury hospital; The towns around Danbury; Danbury and New Milford suburbs; Danbury housing; Demographic maps; Building the community; I84.

51-60 mins: WWII and a diversified manufacturing base; Factory town; Demogaphic factors; Taxes; Sewer treatment plants; Everything online; Where Danbury is today compared to other nearby cities; Danbury as middle-class community.

61-70 mins: Construction; Factors of why Danbury maintained prosperity; Geographic isolation; Weschester workers live in Danbury; Rt. 7 completion; Danbury as factory city.

71-80 mins: Bridgeport, 1945; Danbury gentrification; Taxes; Central sewer system.

81-90 mins: Ports; Commuters; Railroad; Watersheds; Economic development; Typical Danbury worker.

91-100 mins: Danury and its suburbs; NewsTimes circulation; Change in the paper; Demographic factor maps; Cultural differences; Candlewood Lake and its impact on Danbury; Danbury's image;

101-110 mins: 202 sidewalk/bus stop plan; Bethel retrofit for Rt.6; Homes in Danbury; Trains and transportation; Homeless shelters; Cultural differences.

111-120 mins: Interstate spoke; Hudson system; Danbury's resevoir; Water supply increasing; Water resources in Brookfield; Agriculture.

121-126 mins: Danbury in the present.


Janick, Herbert F. and William E., 1949- Devlin. “Jon Chew Interview.” Danbury's Third Century Research Collection, MS058. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 21 Nov. 2019.


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