Horace Purdy Journal, October 1861 Entry

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OCTOBER 01 – TUESDAY – I stayed at home and helped Mary clean the parlor and the bedroom. In the evening, I carried my Bull Run pistol down to Charles Hull’s to trade with him. He not being in the store, I left it with his salesman until tomorrow for him to look at and then I went over to the basement of Concert Hall for a regular meeting of the Hatters’ Association. OCTOBER 02 – WEDNESDAY – Earned $1.50 in the shop. Drew $5.00. Charles Hull would not allow me enough for my pistol, so I brought it home again. Baby sick. OCTOBER 03 - THURSDAY – I shot a cat for Mother Griswold this morning, one that had been prowling around here for some time and who had been trying to catch her birds. Earned $1.25. Mr. Witherspoon and myself gave 50 cents each to treat the shop hands on account of our new babies. Our baby is no better. The doctor came to see him at noon. I mailed Gussie’s letter to California in the evening. OCTOBER 04 – FRIDAY – No work in the shop. George Morgan and I took a walk with John Pollett up to his home on Town Hill Avenue to see his plants, flowers, etc. in the morning. I spent the remainder of the day in potting our own plants and in getting my potatoes into the cellar at Father Griswold’s. The baby is still sick. Mrs. Vintz came up in in the AM. OCTOBER 05 – SATURDAY – Earned $1.87. Very warm for the season. Mother came down and spent the afternoon with Gussie and stayed to tea. The baby being worse, I went for the doctor after I finished my tea. I traded hats with George at Singing School as his was not nice enough to wear at church. I went to Singing School expressly to see him for that purpose. OCTOBER 06 – SUNDAY – Very warm. I attended church in the morning. Brother Pegg preached from Luke 24:32. I met my Sunday School class at noon after which I came home and stayed with Gussie in the afternoon and evening. Father called before church in the morning and he and mother again before evening meeting. The baby is better today. OCTOBER 07 – MONDAY – I went to the shop and finished three hats which were left from yesterday’s work and then came home sick. I was taken with chills just before night. Horace Waters with his singing children are to be here tonight. OCTOBER 08 – TUESDAY – I went to bed last night and took a sweat. I have been quite sick today, a severe headache and very weak. I have been obliged to keep to my bed a part of the day. I drank a cup of tea at night and felt better after it. Mr. Waters and pupils sang again tonight. OCTOBER 09 – WEDNESDAY – I am better today, but not able to go to the shop. I took a walk downtown in the afternoon. George went to the shop and got $5.00 for me. I paid Mary $3.00, the remainder of her month’s wages, they being $4.00 for the month. I stayed at home during the evening and wrote up my journal from my diary or nearly so. OCTOBER 10 – THURSDAY – The appearance of rain in the morning. I went to the shop but came home tired before night and went to bed. I stayed at home during the evening and finished copying my back diary into my journal. OCTOBER 11 – FRIDAY – Cloudy again in the morning, it having rained last night. I have worked all day in the shop. David Lanigan brought a barrel of new cider to the shop at the request of some of the men. The weather is still warm. OCTOBER 12 – SATURDAY – Rainy in the morning. It was pretty late when we rose in the morning and consequently, I was late to the shop. Gussie walked downtown this morning for the first time since her sickness. OCTOBER 13 – SUNFDAY – Rain in the morning. It cleared off clean before church time. Gussie attended church in the morning for the first time since her confinement. Abel went down and got Brother Bartram’s team and carried her and Harriet. I attended Sunday School Prayer Meeting at noon. Brother Starr asked me to talk a little to the school, but he took me so completely by surprise that I refused. Communion in the PM, but I did not attend. Brother Pegg preached in the morning from Galatians 2:20. We had several showers between the afternoon and evening meetings. OCTOBER 14- MONDAY – Abel helped me bring my stove downstairs this morning and I put it up in the parlor before I went to the shop. The annual Society’s meeting at the church in the evening. I attended. OCTOBER 15 – TUESDAY – No work in the shop. We took dinner over home. I went up home after dinner to go for some chestnuts with George, but he not being at home, I returned. OCTOER 16 – WEDNESDAY – Gussie has been up home today with the baby for the first time. After work, I went up to tea and drew the baby home. I went to class in the evening. OCTOBER 17 – THURSDAY – Worked pretty late in the shop. Harriet and Carline Mills called and spent the evening with us. I dressed up in my military suit with the knapsack, haversack and canteen for their amusement. I went over to Father Griswold’s before I took them off. I took my old gun with me and went through with some of the Manual Drill for their benefit. OCTOBER 18 – FRIDAY – Stormy in the morning. It cleared away about noon. It has been warm for the season. Very oppressive in the shop. Our girl being gone, Gussie got the breakfast this morning herself. OCTOBER 19 – SATURDAY – Stormy. Thunder and lightning in the evening. I have worked as usual in the shop. Brought home a new black hat, 3 ½ inches deep- $2.00. OCTOBER 20 – SUNDAY – Pleasant and cooler. I attended church in the morning. Brother Pegg preached from Mark 16:3. Samuel Raymond of the Baptist church came into our Sunday School and, at the request of Brother Starr, talked a little to the school. I came home after school and Gussie attended in the PM while I took care of the baby. Mother came home with her to tea after which we borrowed Mr. Crofut’s carriage and drew the baby up to Aunt Louise’s to see Mary who has been sick but is nearly well now, and Hart who has broken his arm. We returned home in time for me to go to Prayer meeting in the evening. OCTOBER 21 - MONDAY – Still cooler today, but pleasant. I worked in the shop as long as I could see. I went to market in the evening and attended our Sunday School Teachers’ meeting, the only one I have attended since last April on account of being away to the war. OCTOBER 22 – TUESDAY – Nothing of special interest today. I have worked as usual in the shop. Lent $2.00 to Mary Vintz, the balance due her. OCTOBER 23 – WEDNESDAY - Rain last night and this morning. It cleared off in the afternoon. George called while we were at tea and wanted me to write a dunning letter for him to Benjamin Cable for money which is due to him for digging potatoes. Mr. cable works in Norwalk and he is to send the letter by Clark Hoyt. I attended class in the evening. I was the only man present except for our leader, Brother Peter Starr. OCTOBER 24 – THURSDAY – Still colder today. I did not attend Prayer Meeting in the evening. Before retiring for the night, we moved the plants into the house from the stoop. OCTOBER 25 - FRIDAY – A very heavy frost this morning. I took my kerosene lamp to Andrews & Ives to have a new top set on, the old one being out of repair. Noah Hoyt brought me a barrel of apples. I went out in the evening to Lyman Keeler’s to select a barrel of apples. I carried my list of taxable property to Mr. Morse. OCTOBER 26 – SATURDAY – I have not felt very ambitious today. Mr. Lovejoy brought my pot of butter this afternoon. Lyman Keeler brought me a barrel of apples also. Rain in the PM and evening. I went down to market and George came home with me and spent the evening. He helped me sort my apples and put them in the bin, after which we sang until about half past 10 o’clock. OCTOBER 27 – SUNDAY – I attended church in the morning. The Redding minister preached for us. Mr. Hearn. Text was Hebrews 3:12. After Sunday School, I came home to take care of the baby so that Gussie could attend in the PM. After tea, we took the baby and went over to Mr. Richard’s for a short time. Mother came down just before evening meeting and Gussie went with her. OCTOBER 28 – MONDAY – Windy and cold. I have worked as usual in the shop. I went into the street in the evening and paid Lovejoy & White for my butter – 20 lbs. at 19 cents per lb. for $3.60. Sunday School Teachers’ Prayer meeting in the evening, but I did not attend. Mr. Crofut paid us $5.00. OCTOBER 29 – TUESDAY – Nothing special during the day, except that I had the blues a little in the forenoon. I attended a meeting of our old military company, the Wooster Guards to settle up the financial affairs of the company. We adjourned to the residence of E. S. Davis in compliance with an invitation from him. He gave us some very good cider. We did what business we could, but not being able to finish, we adjourned until next Monday evening to meet at the same place. On our way home, Captain Wildman, Sgt. Knox and myself stopped at the Hall and presented our bill for debt to the Band. OCTOBER 30 – WEDNESDAY – Cloudy in the forenoon and pleasant in the PM. A shower in the evening. I went to market, but was too late to attend class. It was cool this morning, there being a heavy white frost, but warmer in the Pm and in the evening. OCTOBER 31 – THURSDAY – I worked pretty late in the shop until I could see no longer. I carried an order to Stevens & Hoyt’s form Mr. Crofut to pay a small bill which I owed them of $5.13. After tea, I went to market, but it was too late to go to Prayer Meeting.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal, October 1861 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 21 Nov. 2019.

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