Horace Purdy Journal, August 1861 Entry

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AUGUST 01 - THURSDAY – A shower last night. We went down again before breakfast and took another salt water bath. It has been very warm and sultry. Wrote letter to Gussie. After tea, I took a ride around the city with Dr. Mallett. AUGUST 02 - FRIDAY – We were paid off this forenoon. We took the cars at 2 o’clock to go home. Before starting, we made up a purse of $11.00 for Elisha Dickerman where a number of us stayed when we came to New Haven. As we arrived home, there was an immense concourse of people assembled at the depot. Here was great enthusiasm and joy manifested at our return. The cannon was fired as the train came in.
Here ends my War Diary
AUGUST 03 – SATURDAY – A picnic at Oak Cottage for our special benefit in honor of our company just returned home from the war. The exercises were opened with prayer by Father Griswold and an excellent address delivered by Richard Busteed from New York. The day has been pleasant and we have had a delightful time. Our welcome home has been most enthusiastic. AUGUST 04 – SUNDAY – My first Sabbath home since my return for the war. I have enjoyed it much. Gussie attended church with me in the morning. We went up home after tea. We attended Prayer Meeting in the evening. At the request of Brother Pegg, I went into the altar and talked a little publicly thanking God for his goodness and mercy to me while away from home and friends and for his protection while on the battlefield and for his presence which was with me to comfort and sustain. AUGUST 05 - MONDAY – I went to the store in the morning and bought some groceries and provisions to commence housekeeping again. I went to the shop before coming home. I bought 4 yards of oil cloth for the sitting room. I fitted it around the stove and partly bound it myself before night. I rented Box 305 in the Post Office. I walked into the street with Gussie in the evening. AUGUST 06 – TUESDAY – I finished binding our oil Cloth. Edwin and Anne came unexpectedly on the morning train. They had just come from Hartford where they had been to attend her father’s funeral, but having to come from Ohio, they arrived too late for the funeral. After dinner, I went to the depot to get Edwin’s trunk. I used Dr. Bulkley’s horse. I moved the parlor stove upstairs. Henry Lawton came in to look at my upstairs rooms in the PM. He wants to rent them, but I refused him. Gussie went with me into the street in the evening and bought six tumblers and a carving knife and fork. AUGUST 07 – WEDNESDAY – George went with me in the morning to get my kerosene lamp fixed and to run some pistol balls at George Hull’s. We came home and fired at a target. We took dinner at home. We visited with Edwin and wife in the PM. I attended class in the evening. Wrote a letter to Elisha Dickerman in New Haven. AUGUST 08 – THURSDAY – I went to work today in the shop for the first time since I returned from the war. I earned $1.50. The day has been stormy. I did not attend the Prayer Meeting in the evening, but remained home to visit with Edwin. AUGUST 09 – FRIDAY – It is still cloudy with some rain. I worked in the shop again today. Mr. Crofut let me have a barrel of flour for work. I let father have half of it and gave him $2.50 in cash, the sane being for work while I was away at the war. He would not have taken a penny for the work he did had he not been very needy and of course, I could not refuse him. Our First Lieutenant J. G. Stevens was shopped at Mr. Crofut’s shop today. I spent the evening over home. AUGUST 10 – SATURDAY – I hired a horse in the morning to go to Ridgefield to get Aunt Mary to come and nurse for us. Before I started, Edwin rose down to the shop with me and bought a new hat. I went to Ridgefield but could not get Aunt Mary. I returned just in time to carry Edwin’s trunk to the depot with the team as I was going to the stables with it. I went to Singing School in the evening. AUGUST 11 – SUNDAY – Pleasant. I attended church all day. I came home at noon. Harriet came up at dinner and stayed with Gussie in the PM. Mr. Pegg preached in the morning from Matthew 11:28. He exchanged with Mr. Stone (Baptist) in the afternoon. Mr. Stone’s text was John, first chapter and the last clause of the 29th verse. I stayed at home in the evening. AUGUST 12 – MONDAY – I worked in the shop. I came home to dinner. It commenced raining just before night and continued all evening. I did not go out in the evening on that account. AUGUST 13 – TUESDAY – It rained very hard all day. I came home to dinner. Irish Mary washed for us. I stayed at home in the evening and helped Gussie put down carpet and oil cloth in the sitting room. AUGUST 14 – WEDNESDAY - Cloudy in the morning, but it cleared off before dinner. I have worked in the shop as usual. Father Griswold came home on the evening train. I attended class in the evening. Brother Lovejoy led in the absence of Brother Peter. AUGUST 15 – THURSDAY – Cool and pleasant. I came home from the shop to my dinner, but being sick with a headache, I did not return. I stayed at home in the evening on that account. AUGUST 16 – FRIDAY – Pleasant. I worked all day in the shop. Mrs. Richards called after tea. Mr. Fry, known as Uncle Jake, was fined 50 cents at the shop today for drawing a heater before there was enough heat to supply those present. The money was used for peanuts. I went to market in the evening. AUGUST 17 – SATURDAY – Cloudy. Sunshine with now and then a little rain in the AM. A picnic at McDonald’s Woods for the 2nd Company Volunteers, returned under Captain Moore. Speaking at Concert Hall by the Reverend Mr. Stone. The remarks were excellent and appropriate. Out 1st Company Volunteers, the Wooster Guard, turned out with them as an escort. Jackson’s Cadets turned out also. I went to market in the evening. AUGUST 1 8 – SUNDAY – Pleasant. I attended church. Brother Pegg preached from 1st Corinthians 11:26. I came home to dinner and returned to the afternoon service which was the Sacrament, the first I have attended since my return from the war. The last was in March. Harriet was here to tea. Brother Pegg preached in the evening from Psalm 87:7. Subject, Vocal Music. AUGUST 19 – MONDAY – Pleasant. I have not felt well today. I finished but one hat after dinner. We were paid $5.00 this afternoon. I went to market and to a public meeting at Concert Hall held for the purpose of recruiting Captain Skinner’s Company who are going to war as soon as the Company is full. Speeches were made by Smith Barnum, Ferry of Bethel, James Taylor, Mr. Jackson and Averill. AUGUST 20 – TUESDAY – Both sunshine and clouds. Real dog days weather. I sawed off the legs to our bedstead before breakfast. I went up to New Fairfield with Abel to get some whortleberries. We took dinner at his father’s. Their folks went out with us in the PM and gave us all the berries they picked. We had Fred Starr’s horse. AUGUST 21 – WEDNESDAY – I went to the shop, but there was no work. I went up home for some milk for dinner. I gave George a pair of shoes to help me spade up a strawberry bed and set out some new plants in the PM. I went to the market in the evening and traded on Mr. Crofut’s order at Benedict & Nichols. I did not attend class in the evening. Harriet spent the day with us. AUGUST 22 – THURSDAY- Worked all day in the shop. Rain in the PM and evening. I did not attend Prayer Meeting. I spent the evening in wrting up my journal, copying from my pocket diary, which was written while at the war. AUGUST 23 – FRIDAY – Pleasant. I worked in the shop in the forenoon, but did not go back in the PM on account of a headache. I put a new lock on our bedroom door upstairs. Gussie being up home, I went up to tea. From there, we went to market. Harriet walked down with us. AUGUST 24 – SATURDAY – Clear, cool and rain. I have been at work in the shop. Abel, Fanny, Marvin Boughton, and Mrs. White went up to New Fairfield whortleberrying. A party of our citizens and many of the returned volunteers went up to New Fairfield to a peace flag raising, where they raised the Stars and Stripes. It ended in a regular fight. A few of our men were slightly hurt while several of the New Fairfielders were severely and dangerously injured. AUGUST 25 - SUNDAY – Pleasant. I attended church in the morning. Brother Starr gave me a class in Sunday School at noon. I came home after school and stayed in the PM. Text in the morning, 1st Timothy 1:13. Harriet took tea with us. I attended Prayer Meeting in the evening. AUGUST 26 - MONDAY – Pleasant. I worked as usual in the shop. George came to the shop in the PM and waited until I finished my work and then I went with him to Charles Stevens’ to see about buying a coat for him. We did not conclude to take one then. He came home to tea with me. Able picked my crab apples for me in the PM. Mr.Wassen came in the evening to get my answer about my rooms. I engaged them to him. AUGUST 27 – TUESDAY – I took some crab apples over to Burr Bradley before breakfast. I was taken with a severe attack of the Bilious Cholic after breakfast. Better in the PM. I went down to the shop just at night. Bought a new coat at Yarkiski’s (?). Harriet spent the evening with us. Captain Skinner’s Company of volunteers for three years or the war elected their commissioned officers in the evening. They made the choice of Joseph Dunning for 1st Lieutenant and Thomas Horton for 2nd. AUGUST 28 – WEDNESDAY – Cloudy and a very little rain. No work in the shop. Captain Skinner’s Company went off in the PM to the rendezvous at New Haven. Elder Swan, a Judd from Bethel, and a lawyer from Bridgeport, addressed them at the depot previous to starting. Gussie taken sick with her confinement in the evening. AUGUST 29 – THURSDAY – I was up all last night with Gussie and the doctor. Mother, Mother Griswold and Mrs. Boughton were present at the party. A son born at 4 ½ o’clock this morning, weight, 8 ¼ pounds. Mother and Mrs. Boughton stayed to breakfast, after which I went for the nurse, old Mrs. Jackson. I went down to the shop, but did not go to work. I came home and went to bed. I went to the store in the evening and returned home immediately. AUGUST 30 – FRIDAY – Pleasant and warm. Irish Mary washed for us today. I came home to dinner. Harriet had a boy born this forenoon at 11 o’clock. Weight, 8 ½ pounds. AUGUST 31 – SATURDAY – Not quite so warm today. Worked all day in the shop. Bought a breast pump for Gussie in the evening, price, $1.00. Fanny sealed up Gussie’s crab apple jelly. Her mother stuffed her peppers for pickles for her. I put the vinegar in them in the evening and filled up the keg with old cider.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal, August 1861 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 22 Jan. 2020.

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