Horace Purdy Journal, October 1860 Entry

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OCTOBER 01 – MONDAY – A heavy frost last night. It commenced raining about 9 o’clock and continued stormy all day. I have worked in the shop all day as usual. My trade is good just now; we are very much hurried. Father Griswold returned this evening from a nine day tour of his district (the New Haven of which he is the presiding elder). Our society meeting was held at the church this evening, but few being present, the meeting was adjourned. I did not attend. OCTOBER 02 – TUESDAY – Cloudy most of the time during the day. A hard shower just at night about dark, and for about a half an hour, I never saw it train so hard. It poured down in torrents. After tea, I put on some old clothes with my rubber boots and attended Hatters’ Meeting under Concert Hall. OCTOBER 03 – WEDNESDAY – Pleasant. Our company of Wide-Awakes went to New York today for a Grand National Torch Light Procession this evening. In the evening, I took Brother McDonald’s horse and carried Brother Pegg over to Great Plain School House to preach. His text was Hebrews, the 11th chapter, the last part of the 27th verse. I received a letter from D. F. Taylor in Bethel with a dollar enclosed to replace the one he gave me for blacking which was not good. OCTOBER 04 - THURSDAY - Cloudy and foggy in the morning, sunshine in the forenoon, and rain in the afternoon. I have worked very hard today. I rose home with Jacob Fry and then I lent him an umbrella to walk home with. Gussie attended a lecture with Abel and Harriet in the evening on “Physiology and Anatomy” by John Collet, MD. I was too tired to go myself and enjoy it so I went to market and returned home, after which I helped Father Griswold put up his kitchen stove. OCTOBER 05 – FRIDAY – Cloudy and some rain during the day. It cleared off in the evening. Father and Mother Griswold, Abel and Harriet all started for Hartford this afternoon. I attended drill in the evening. Susan Watson came in the evening after Gussie had gone to the Physiological Lecture by Dr. Collett at Concert Hall. When we returned, she had taken possession of the house. OCTOBER 06 – SATURDAY – Clear and cool. We prepared our breakfast over home and ate it with Miss Watson and Fanny. They both came over and took tea with us. Gussie attended the lecture in the evening and I went to market. I called a short time in Singing School and then went over to the lecture to walk home with Gussie. We carried our house plants in the parlor this morning. Before I went to bed, I went over and helped fanny take in her plants. OCTOBER 07 – SUNDAY – Cool in the morning. The day has been pleasant. Brother Pegg preached in the morning from Isaiah, the 63rd chapter, the last three words of the 1st verse, viz., “Mighty to save”. Our presiding elder, William Hoyt, preached in the evening from Matthew 25:23. A good sermon. Noah Hoyt called while we were at super. We attended prayer meeting in the evening. The wife of Seely hull was found dead this morning. The cause was drunkenness. OCTOBER 08 – MONDAY - Rain in the morning. Clouds and some sunshine during the day. Pleasant in the evening. I went to market and attended Dr. Collett’s lecture with Gussie in the evening. Before we went I mailed to papers (The Jeffersonian) to Edwin in Ohio. OCTOBER 09 – TUESDAY – Pleasant. I have worked as usual in the shop. Augusta and myself attended Collett’s lecture again in the evening. Subject, “The Brain”. It was very interesting. OCTOBER 10 – WEDNESDAY – We had to wait considerable for work in the shop today. Gussie attended Dr. Collett’s private lecture to the ladies this afternoon. I attended the one to gentle =men in the evening. OCTOBER 11 – THURSDAY – I went to the shop and finished off a dozen hats which I had out. There not being any more ready, I came home and stayed until noon when I returned and worked all the PM. In the meantime, William Keeler brought my keg of cider for vinegar which I put in the cellar when I came home. Gussie spent the day up home. I bought a barrel of Mainsworth Pippins of Noah Hoyt in the evening. I paid one dollar for them. OCTOBER 12 – FRIDAY – I worked as usual in the shop. David Lonagan brought a barrel of cider to the shop today. We paid him for it, giving him 6 cents apiece. Noah Hoyt sent my apples to me today – one barrel. I attended military meeting in the evening. When I came home, I found Father and Mother and Aunt Mary there. They had spent the evening with Gussie. OCTOBER 13 – SATURDAY – I have worked all day in the shop. Fanny and Susan Watson took tea with us. I went to a special Hatters’ Meeting in the evening, called to consider the case of Edward Corvain, who for misconduct was discharged some time ago from Tweedy’s Shop and who now wishes to go back again when there is a full complement of apprentices. There being but one signer for the call of the meeting present, the meeting, by a vote, was adjourned. I went to market and on my way home, stopped at Dr. Riders’ and engaged two barrels of winter apples. Four varieties, one half barrel of each- Fall Pippins, Greenings, Sweet Yancey and Vanderbeers at one dollar a barrel. After I came home, I drew some cider for the benefit of Miss Watson and myself. Gussie drank a little, but Fanny, as usual, refused. I paid my tax while I was in the street to Dr. Brown, $1.09, Dog Tax, 50 cents. I paid Fanny $5.00 for Gussie, the ones that Mother Griswold had and sold to Gussie before she went away. OCTOBER 14 - SUNDAY – Cloudy all day. Brother Pegg preached in the morning from Luke 5:18-26. Sunday School Prayer Meeting at noon. Caroline Francis’ uncle from Newark, New Jersey, was there and opened the meeting and talked some. Sacrament at noon. Aunt Harriet and Cyrus came up last night to Father’s. She came to meeting with Mother and came home with us to tea. Cyrus and George went to Bethel to church. It was so stormy in the evening that we did not attend church. I wrote a letter to Uncle Chauncey and Aunt Ruth and sent her the double variegated poppy seed which I promised her when I visited there. Gussie wrote one to Eliza in California. OCTOBER 15 – MONDAY - A little snow last night. It was seen on the mountains, but it soon disappeared. It cleared away this morning and was pleasant. Fanny being away from home, Gussie went over and got tea for Miss Watson and I went over and took tea with them. I went to market in the evening. I called at Mr. Woodford’s store and got Fanny’s premium of W. Olmstead for her painting which she had in the Fair. It was only 50 cents. I went to the Society’s meeting at the church also. I mailed a letter to Uncle Chauncey Griswold. OCTOBER 16 – TUESDAY – Dr. Rider sent my apples to me this morning before I went to the shop. Theodore Fowler, our foreman was married today and started on the afternoon train for Pennsylvania. OCTOBER 17 – WEDNESDAY - The Wide-Awakes went to bethel last night and were addressed by Cyrus Northup, Crofut of the Jeffersonian, and William Judd of that place. I paid Dr. Rider for my barrels of apples, delivered yesterday and bought last Saturday. Gussie wrote a letter to her Father and Mother in Bloomfield. We attended class in the evening. OCTOBER 18 – THURSDAY – I have worked in the shop as usual today. We have had quite a Republican demonstration this evening. The Ridgefield and Bethel Wide-Awakes have been with us. They made an appearance in the street. After the parade they and the citizens were addressed by C. Ferry in Concert Hall. Gussie and myself witnessed the parade and then came home. Gussie received a letter from Anne and enclosed was one from Edwin. OCTOBER 19 FRIDAY – George called this morning while we were at breakfast. I have worked hard all day in the shop. Susan Watson went away this afternoon on the train. I mailed a Jeffersonian to Eliza in California. I went to drill in the evening. George went with me. He is going to drill with us so as to turn out for our target practice on the 31st. We are going over to Father Griswold’s to sleep tonight as Fanny is alone in the house. OCTOBER 20 – SATURDAY – It commenced raining about 5 o’clock this morning. I have had work all day with the other Drab finishers finishing off a lot of Pecunia Colored Brush Hats for California. The Black finishers have had no work. After tea, I went downtown to engage Mrs. Beach to help us clean next week. OCTOBER 21 – SUNDAY – Rain in the morning and cloudy all day. .Brother preached in the morning from Amos 6:12. In the PM, from Isaiah 64:6. Subject “Fading Leaves”. Mother told me today that Henry Brayman drove up from Norwalk with two passengers which were left by the cars. They arrived at Father’s about 12 o’clock. He called them up and talked about a half an hour and then started back for Norwalk. George Washington, “The Colored Preacher”, preached at 4 ½ o’clock at our church, his object being to solicit aid to build a church for the colored people in ____. We did not attend. We stayed at home in the evening. We paid a short call on Horace Crofut, our old tenant after tea. OCTOBER 22 – MONDAY – No work in the shop today. I carried a coat up to Louis Moegling this morning to be dyed; also two umbrellas to Comstock to be mended. At the same time, I mailed two letters for Gussie and two papers to Edwin – the Jeffersonian and the Hartford Daily Courant. I came home and drew the tacks from the sitting room and bedroom carpets preparatory to cleaning tomorrow. In the evening, I hired a horse and carriage and took Gussie up to Mr. Wise’s to get her Calceolaria, but Mr. Wise was not home. From there we rode up to the Water Works reservoir. On our return, I carried my apples into the cellar after getting a half barrel of Greenings from Thomas Barnum. Just before tea, I went down to B. Bradley’s to get my money which he drew for me at the shop - $15.00. Fanny came in and took tea with us. We went to market and then attended Quaker Meeting at Concert Hall in the evening. OCTOBER 23 – TUESDAY – Mrs. Beach has been cleaning for us today. I have been home all day to help them. There has been no work in the shop. Fanny took dinner and tea with us. I received a letter from Father Griswold requesting me to carry in his list for taxation as he will not be home in time. I went to market in the evening. OCTOBER 24 – WEDNESDAY- We slept over home last night and got our breakfast there this morning. I cleaned my stove pipe and got a new set of bricks to line the stove with. I spent the day at home. We finished nailing down carpets and got things in their place again. I commenced putting another coat of paint on my front fence in the PM. I went to class in the evening. A good meeting. Brother McDonald led. OCTOBER 25 – THURSDAY – I have had work in the shop today. I bought 1o bushels of charcoal at 10 cents a bushel at noon and came home with the man to see about putting it in my cellar. We attended Prayer Meeting in the evening. Harriet and Abel came home by the evening train from their visit in Hartford County. OCTOBER 26 – FRIDAY – Bailey’s Circus is here today. They stop here for the winter. I finished my work in the shop at noon, after which I went to Oliver Stone’s office and handed in Father Griswold’s tax list and my own. I then came home and painted on my fence. In the meantime, Gussie went up home to see and help Mother who is sick. I went to drill in the evening. OCTOBER 27 – SATURDAY – I went to the shop in the morning, but the work not being ready, I came home. John Raymond came home with me. After he went away, I commenced painting my fence again. After dinner, I banked up around my house. Theodore Fowler, our foreman, came home on the morning train from his wedding tour. I had the headache in the evening. OCTOBER 28 – SUNDAY – A heavy frost this morning. Cooler and cloudy. Jacob Shaw from Redding preached for us. Text in the morning – Psalms 50:2. In the PM, Habakkuk 1:13. He is a dull preacher when compared with Brother Pegg. He is very easy in his manner of preaching, although his reasoning is very good. Brother Pegg is in Hartford today, his last appointment before coming here. After the afternoon service, the funeral of Walter Smith, son-in-law of Mr. Nichols, was attended at the home of Mr. Nichols. They being Presbyterian people, Mr. Coe attended the funeral. After tea, we went up home to see Mother who has been sick. We spent nearly the whole evening there. We did not attend the Prayer Meeting. OCTOBER 29 – MONDAY – Cloudy all day. A very little rain. I worked in the shop all day. I lent $15.00 to Nelson Nickerson until we get our pay which we did not get today on account of Mr. Crofut being in New York. Teachers’ Meeting in the evening. Gussie attended, but I went to extra drill at the Military Hall. OCTOBER 30 – TUESDAY – No work in the shop. Fanny sewed a new sweat (band) in a military hat for George to wear on the target Excursion tomorrow. Father Griswold came home on the morning train. In the PM, he went to the 1st Congregational Church to preside at the Sabbath School Convention which is to last two days, commencing today. He went to organize the convention before dinner. In the PM, I went up to Louis Moegling’s with Gussie and carried a shawl to be dyed. I got my coat which had been dyed and carried it to Stevens & Hoyt’s to be made over. While there, I selected a pattern and ordered a vest, after which, I went over to the Convention. At 8 o’clock in the evening, we went to the church to see Brother Pegg marry Susan Holmes to Dwight Baldwin. The knot was splendidly tied with a crowded house. He is a habitual drinker and is often intoxicated. Her friends prophesy trouble for her. OCTOBER 31 – WEDNESDAY – It rained very hard in the forenoon. I went up to Military Hall to see about the






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal, October 1860 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 21 Feb. 2020.

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