Horace Purdy Journal, February 1860 Entry

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FEBRUARY 01 – WEDNESDAY – Cold and snowing still this morning. It came off clear in the PM, but still cold. I worked as long as I could see in the shop. We were paid off in the PM. On my way home, I called and paid to Gould Disbrow $5.00 on coal debt. Received another letter form Henry Brayman at Norwalk. I did not get through my tea in time to dress and attend class. Gussie was unwell ad could not go. I made a fire down in the cellar to keep the frost out in the evening. J. Wakely lectures this evening before the Young Men’s Christian Association. Subject – The Foreign Born Demosthenes. I would like to have heard it, but it was not convenient for me to attend. Indeed, should I have gone, I would have attended class instead. FEBRUARY 02 – THURSDAY – Cool and pleasant this morning. I worked hard all day in the shop. Cloudy and some snow in the PM. It was too late when tea was over to attend church, and besides, I was too tired. I learned today that Jesse Stevens was married yesterday afternoon to Cynthia Sanford, daughter of Joel Sanford. I spent the evening mostly in reading my paper. FEBRUARY 03 – FRIDAY – Very cold this morning. Mother came down and stayed nearly all day with Gussie. I did not see her, as she came down after I went to the shop and went away before I returned from work. Gussie is nearly sick with a cold. I attended drill in the evening. FEBRUARY 04 – SATURDAY – A pleasant morning. It snowed a little by squalls during the day. The evening was beautiful. The moon shone splendidly. I worked hard all day in the shop. In the evening, I went down to the store for some articles. After I returned home, I went over to Abel’s and paid him for the Semi-weekly Tribune, which I took off his hands after he had subscribed - $2.50. Gussie is sick with a severe cold. FEBRUARY 05 – SUNDAY – Cold last night and this morning. Gussie did not feel able to attend church this morning. She came to Sunday School and stayed in the PM. The weather was a good deal warmer in the afternoon and had the appearance of rain. The text in the AM was Hebrews 10 and the latter clause of the 23rd verse. – “For he is faithful that promised” – a continuation of the same on last Sab bath by Brother Miley. Text in the PM – 1st Corinthians 15:19 – “If in this life only, we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable” by David Osbourne of Bethel, a good sermon. After tea, Mother Griswold came in and stayed a short time when she and Gussie had a short conversation about the difference in the circumstances between Harriet and herself. We did not attend the meeting in the evening, which was to be preaching, but stayed over home with Mother Griswold. We took possession of our new seat in church today in No. 30, North aisle. FEBRUARY 06 – MONDAY – We rose at 5 o’clock. I was one of the first at the shop in order to secure a certain block to finish 4 hats on. Rain in the AM, foggy all day. The evening was pleasant, but very muddy. Gussie was worse today. Her cold has obliged her to take to bed this PM, but she had tea ready for me when I came home. I went to the store in the evening. John Boughton walked up with me and came in and revived Gussie’s spirits very much. Was paid off today at the shop - $15.00. FEBRUARY 07 – TUESDAY – An eclipse of the moon last evening. Warm and pleasant today, but very muddy. Gussie is much better today. I worked as long as I could today in the shop. I went uptown in the evening for some oysters. Mother Griswold called while I was out. FEBRUARY 01 - WEDNESDAY – I worked all day in the shop. Joseph Tammany was off. Albert Johnson was shopped before night in his place. Another tea party at Father Griswold’s. Mr. Bartram and Isaac Smith with their wives. We took tea with them. I went to class in the evening, but came out before it closed and spent the balance of the evening with Father Griswold’s company. FEBRUARY 09 – THURSDAY – Pleasant, but muddy. Have not felt very well today, a bad cold. I went to market in the evening, but did not attend meeting. Gussie went to A. B. Hull’s auction in the PM and bought a number of articles. FEBRUARY 10 – FRIDAY – Very windy last night and today. It blew off the top piece of our church spire and a number of the top bricks of the Pahquioque chimney last night. Our work holds good in the shop yet. I earned $3.00 today. Gussie received a letter from Cornelia Post in Essex. I attended drill in the evening. Mr. Holmes has been moving into his new store. I paid Father Griswold $1.76 for some beef lard which I bought of him some time ago. FEBRUARY 11 – SATURDAY – Pleasant in the morning. Snow in the PM and in the evening. Mr. Gibson, our old shopmate, came to the shop this afternoon and we made him a present of one of our best soft black hats. He is still quite lame, but improves slowly. Father Griswold has been quite sick today with a heavy cold. We are somewhat afraid of a fever. We had news today that the new M. E. Church in Norwalk which was covered and ready for plastering was blown down yesterday or the night before. Our nephew, Edwin Luther Griswold is just 4 years old today. I went to market in the evening. Abel and Harriet have gone to Singing School this evening for the first time since they left the choir except for Christmas Eve when we all four called in a short time. FEBRUARY 12 – SUNDAY – Pleasant. Text in the AM – 1st Peter 1:8-9- “Whom having not seen, ye love, though now you see him not, not believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls” by Brother Miley. Sunday School Prayer meeting in the morning, Sacrament in the PM. We brought home Isabella’s certificate to get it framed for her. After tea, we went over home and stayed until church time in the evening when we attended preaching in the audience room. Text, - Luke 15:7-“I say unto you that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth more than over ninety and nine just persons which need no repentance” by Brother Miley. There was a prayer meeting after the sermon, but we did not stay. FEBRUARY 13 – MONDAY – pleasant during most of the day. Cloudy just at night. A little rain in the forepart of the evening. Was paid off at the shop -$14.00. Charles Stevens’ wife died about 6 ½ o’clock this evening. Lawyer Averill’s wife died also today. Marvin Boughton and wife came and spent the evening with us. We enjoyed it very much. Retired about 11 o’clock. FESBRUARY 14 – TUESDAY – I worked as usual in the shop. It had the appearance of rain in the AM. The sun shone in the PM. I went to market in the evening. FEBRUARY 15 – WEDNESDAY – Cloudy and very cold in the AM. It commenced snowing in the PM and continued to do so until we retired. The funeral of Charles Stevens’ wife and Mr. Averill’s was attended this afternoon. I could not attend because of the hurry in our shop. I did not attend class in the evening on account of the storm and being tired myself. FEBRUARY 16 – THURSDAY – It snowed most of the time today with the exception of a short time in the PM when the sun shone and I thought it had cleared off. But it began to snow again before I left the shop. I worked hard all day and was home late and very tired. On that account I did not attend class in the evening. FEBRUARY 17 – FRIDAY – A pretty cold morning. We are still very much hurried in the shop. We work early and late. Gussie went up home in the PM. I wrote a letter to Harriet last evening and intended to mail it this evening but forgot it. I attended drill, or rather, went to the Hall, but nothing as usual was done. FEBRUARY 18 – SATURDAY – Stormy all day, snow. We had 5 quarts of pecan nuts at the shop today, the same being a garnish paid by Albert Johnson. I was the last person to leave the shop. I worked as long as I could see. Mother Griswold sent over an invitation while we were drinking tea to go over and eat walnuts this evening. We went, of course. FEBRUARY 19 - SUNDAY – Pleasant but windy. The snow is about six inches deep. Abel and myself shoveled out the paths over to Father Griswold’s this morning. Mr. ___, a blind man, preached this morning. The meeting was in the lecture room on account of the weather, but few came. The text was John 9:2-3. The service was quite interesting. The Sunday School being rather slim, the lessons were omitted. Brother Miley preached in the PM. The text was Hebrews 3:7. Mother sent us an invitation to go up and take tea with the, but the snow was too deep and we stayed at home. We did not attend church in the evening. I finished writing a letter to Harriet. I wrote one to Henry Brayman at Norwalk. FEBRUARY 20 – MONDAY – Pleasant. I worked as usual in the shop. We took tea over home. We are going to board there for a week to be company for Mother Griswold, who is alone, Father and Fanny having gone to New York. Abel and Harriet and Gussie and myself went over to Abel Ely’s in the evening to sing. It was a pleasant occasion, but I could sing but a little myself. We arrive home at Mother Griswold’s at about 11 o’clock and retired quite weary. FEBRUARY 21 – TUESDAY – I arose, made the fires, went over to my house to replenish the fire, took breakfast and went to the shop. I came home late and very tired. In the evening, Mother Griswold asked me to write to Edwin about Ellen’s medicine. I did so. February 22 - WEDNESDAY – The anniversary of Washington’s Birthday. Cloudy in the morning. It rained very hard in the PM. The snow disappeared very fast. The streams rose rapidly. We did not attend class in the evening on account of the storm. We drank some bottled cider in the evening with Mother Griswold. FEBRUARY 23 – THURSDAY – The snow had all disappeared this morning. It cleared off by daybreak. Warm and very muddy. A hard shower in the PM. The clouds resembled that of a thunder shower, but no thunder was heard, I believe. I earned $3.37 today in the shop. It was late when I came home from work. Gussie did not attend the evening meeting because of the mud and I did not because I was too tired. FEBRUARY 24 – FRIDAY – Not very cold. I had bad luck making Mother Griswold’s kitchen fire this morning. I worked hard all day in the shop. I earned $3.00. Mother came down this PM by invitation of Mother Griswold and took tea with us for we are still staying with her. After tea, Mother walked downtown with me, she to meeting and I to drill. It was rather late before I finished copying the minutes of the business done at the military meeting so that I could retire. FEBRUARY 25 – SATURDAY – Pleasant but cooler. I worked as long as I could see and was the last one to leave the shop. After tea, I went downtown. I carried three pictures to Charles Bennet’s store to be framed. I found George Allen in the street and gave him the $2.25 which was given to me by a few members of the Wooster Guard as a donation to be presented to him. I did some errands at the stores and came home and fixed my fires at home and to Mother Griswold’s and retired. FEBRUARY 26 – SUNDAY – We rose late, too late altogether for Sabbath morning. The day has been pleasant, cool but not tedious. As was appointed last Sabbath, a general prayer meeting was holden in the audience room of the church instead of preaching this forenoon. Preaching in the PM by Brother Miley, text – Hebrews 11: 17-19. Subject, “The Faith of Abraham.” Mother Griswold is still alone and we are staying with her. Abel and Harriet came in and stayed with us to tea, after which we had a sing together. My voice is very much impaired for singing on account of a difficulty in my throat. I fear that I may have the catarrh. We did not any of us attend church in the evening. Harriet and Gussie did not feel well, and I was too tired. FEBRUARY 27 – MONDAY – Pleasant. Very much like spring. Mr. Crofut has some more leather brims for the California trade. The work is very hard and perplexing. I was paid $16.00 for my last week’s work, better, I suppose than this week will be. After tea, I went into the street and called at C. H. Reed & Co. and balanced my account with them - $12.25. I bought a codfish for Mother Griswold and came home. FEBRUARY 28 – TUESDAY - We rose rather late this morning. I did not finish the dozen of hats today which I took out yesterday afternoon. The work is slow and hard. The day has been pleasant, more like April than February. On my way home from work, I went to Charles Bennett’s store and got the three pictures that he has been framing for me – Gussie’s certificate, the Methodist Church, and Isabella’s Sunday School Missionary Certificate. The whole bill was $2.00. Father Griswold came home on the morning train. I mailed a letter in the evening for Father Griswold and a note to Charles Hoyt’s wife for Mother Griswold about a new cap. I came home and helped Gussie cover her bookshelves for the parlor, after which I fixed the kitchen fire ready to start in the morning for Mother Griswold and then we came home to our own house to retire for the first time in eight nights. Father Griswold bought us a marriage certificate and a new bible for Mother Purdy as a present. FEBRUARY 29 – WEDNESDAY – We were at home this morning and rose a little earlier. Gussie washed, but it proved to be a bad day – cloudy. I worked all day in the shop, but could scarcely stand up to my bench in the PM, on account of a severe headache. I came home sick and soaked my feet and took some homeopathic medicine and retired. T. Hoyt bought me a bushel of the Mercer potatoes.






Purdy, Horace, 1835-1909. “Horace Purdy Journal, February 1860 Entry.” Horace Purdy Journals, MS 044. WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 6 Dec. 2019.

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