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This cartoon depicts the popular attitude toward socialism by non-socialists by portraying the public as a hen warning her children of the approaching Communist, depicted as a black chicken.

This cover artwork depicts the two sides of Capitalism as perceived by socialist thinkers: Republicans and Democrats. The symbol of each, an elephant and a donkey, are fused together into a deformed creature running full-speed with a spot for a third…

This emblem represents the feeling of brotherhood that workers have with one another, especially under the banner of an organized union. This embodies the socialist ideal of collectivism.

This quote contains a scathing criticism of the capitalist system and its various flaws and inadequacies as perceived through a socialist lens.

This diagram details the various differences between socialism and capitalism and how various aspects of life are affected by either philosophy. The diagram attempts to portray the superiority of a socialist system.

This quote embodies socialist philosophy.

This cartoon outlines the various problems with the class system as viewed through a socialist lens.

10x12 paper land deed, ink on paper


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