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Downtown Action Plan001.pdf
This article is a checklist of what the redevelopment project entailed.

Action Plan for Downtown Organization001.pdf
This article explains what steps were necessary in order to prepare for the project. It goes over what the project would mainly focus to rebuild.

This article explains the main points of reconstruction and at what time they would be put into effect.

This article briefly goes over what the major points of redevelopment were and who was in charge of planning out Danbury's redevelopment. It also explains the amount in U.S. dollars the project was estimated to cost.

Segar Street Bridge out.jpg
The bridge on Segar street was washed out

culhane's pharmacy cleaning.jpg
Culhane's Drugs is being cleaned otu in the wake of the flood. The damaged inventory is being taken out of the shop to be properly disposed of.

affected ared of danbury dsfjla.jpg
Governor Abraham A. Ribicoff points out the area of Danbury afflicted by the flood to State Police Commissioner John C. Kelly.

Patrolman Robert Keating headshot.jpg
Patrolman Robert Keating, of 5 1/2 Foster, Danbury, CT, lost his life during the Danbury flood of 1955 while in the midst of aiding in the flood relief while on duty.

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