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This cartoon portrays Jasper McLevy, socialist mayor of Bridgeport, CT, speeding past other candidates in a car.

This political cartoon portrays Jasper McLevy, Socialist mayor candidate of Bridgeport, CT, walking in on an elephant/donkey disguise scenario, portraying the socialist sentiment toward the two-party system.

This political ad shows support for Jasper McLevy, socialist mayor of Bridgeport, CT. "Pull the Third Lever" is a phrase associated with voting beyond the perceived two-party system.

socialist review-april-19170001.jpg
This political cartoon found in the International Socialist Review demonstrates the strong anti-war sentiments that the socialist party held.

1912 State Comptrolle, Danbury Voting Record0002.jpg
Folder for the votes for Danbury's Comptroller.


1912 State Comptrolle, Danbury Voting Record0001.jpg

Cartoon, Labor Herald0002.jpg
A cartoon demonstrating the feelings of unionized workers against the "open shop," or anti-union establishments.



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