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Warner Hall was constructed in 1999 and named after Truman A. Warner to commemorate him. It is 32,000 square feet and was designed to incorporate architectural elements of Old Main, Fairfield Hall, and neighboring Hass Library. The ground floor…

The obituary of Truman Warner that appeared in The New York Times

Grant Will Save Prof. Work0001.jpg
A newspaper article discussing the topic of Warners anthropology papers as well as personal belongings


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A photograph taken inside the Colosseum depicting the inside of the arena

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Truman Warner shown posing against a stone pillar in front of Italian architecture in 1944

Shown above is a battered deserted landscape in Italy in 1944

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Even though the soldiers were far away from home, they did not lose faith in their religious practices. Seen above is a mass being held in front of a cross while being on the campaign.

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Truman Warner is shown here leaning against a tree stump in front of a flag displaying the symbol for Medic Officers

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This photo shows American soldiers interacting with women and children while on campaign in Europe.
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