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While in Italy, Warner and his fellow soldiers were given time to visit famous landmarks around the country. Seen above are photographs taken of the soldiers site seeing at the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome in 1944.

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the above images show the mobilization of Warners battalion to and its arrival in Rome, Italy in 1944. Also shown is a photo of the Army mules, and the photo on the bottom right shows the cityscape of Rome

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Warner DSTC Grad Brochure 2.jpg
The reverse side of the brochure for Truman Warner’s Graduation ceremony of the Danbury State Teachers College. Truman Warner’s name can be seen in the class role 4th from the bottom on the right.

Warner DSTC Grad Brochure.jpg
Truman Warner’s brochure from the Danbury State Teachers College graduation week commencement ceremony in June of 1941.

training 005.jpg
these 4 x 5.5 black and white photos depict Warner and his fellow medics living the Army Life at training camp in Louisanna in 1943

Warner DSTC Acceptence.jpg
An acceptance letter given to Truman Warner from the Danbury State Teachers College on July 28th, 1937. It states that the school opens the first Wednesday after labor day at 9:30 am, and that sessions begin daily at 8:40 am.

Warner CLHS Award.jpg
An award given to Truman Warner from The Connecticut League of Historical Societies for his many contributions towards the historical documentation of the states history, geography, and culture.

Training 001.jpg
Four 4 x 5.5 black and white images of Warner and his fellow medics undergoing training camp at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma in 1943. The troops are scene here marching and taking a rest during their training.

Warner Bio Info.jpg
A 1984 request from the director of The Center for Connecticut Studies of Eastern Connecticut State University. It request information on Truman Warner's held positions and academic publications. of which include his tenure at WCSU, his former…
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