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Origin: Asia -- Indonesia
White face, red eyes, large gold earrings and head dress
2009 Accession


Origin: North America -- Canada/ Canadian Islands
Haida people of upper North American Islands. Howard La Fortune' carved on inside. Half-face mask, mostly dark blue and black with red around the beak holes.
2009 Accession


The scrapbook is a two ring binder with heavy paper hand decorated with photographs, booklets, flyers, and other memorabilia pasted into it.

Images of Blakeslee with friends that were placed in an envolope in her scrapbook. Views include Roberts Avenue area, Fairfield Hall, Old Main and the roof of Old Main.

Origin: Asia -- Japan
Ape-like, black face. Jaw hinged with leather 'moustache' with fine fur on it. TAW written on inside
2009 Accession


Origin: North America -- Canada/ Canadian Islands
Haida people of upper North American Islands. Teal face with black hair and moustache. Red around eyes, ears and lips. Open mouth shows pointy teeth
2009 Accession


Program for the first commencement at the First Congregation Church in Danbury, CT. 1906. Contains list of graduates.

Ruth Haas speaks about her appointment as president and the reaction of the faculty, students and administrators to her appointment. She also discusses the growth of the school and the relationship of the school with the community.

Laws discusses her recollections of Ruth Haas, Ralph Jenkins and other administrators. At Danbury State Teachers College, she met her husband who served in the Second World War. She speaks about student life at college and identifies persons in…

The Geddes make some casual observations about the nature of the college, students and faculty.
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