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16 pgs, 8 x 11"
A photocopied newspaper clipping
One newspaper clipping
Newspaper clipping on copy paper
Horizontal paper with newspaper article
8.5 x 11", printed letter

This article is a key source in describing how Danbury's structure at the onset of its tricentenial was represented to the public. The historical preservation of 3 key buildings, the Palace Theater, the old library, and the Martha Apartments were…

This is an article that William W. Goodman sent to Jim Dyer regarding the possible shopping center to be constructed at the fairgrounds. The article highlights the possible diminishing effects that this establishment could have on the downtown…

The Plan of Development, adopted by the Planning Commission in March, 1980, provided general direction for the future development of Downtown Danbury. It is recommended that the Planning Department with the guidance of the CBD Coordinating Panel…
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