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Labor Herald cover from August of 1922.

Labor Herald cover from March of 1924.

Cover of Labor Herald from September of 1922.

Cover page of Labor Herald from July of 1922.

March 1922 Labor Herald Cover0001.jpg
This cover artwork depicts the laborer as a sailor throwing off the chains of oppressive capitalism and "open shop" systems that lack organized unions.

The cover of a pamphlet outlining the ideals and goals of socialism, meant to inform those new to socialism or the general public.

This cartoon depicts opportunity as an angel knocking on the door of a citizen, urging him to wake up and form a farmer's labor organization.

This artworks depicts a worker out in his field reaping his crop in with a scythe, demonstrating the pride that socialists in general have for their labor.

This photograph depicts a hospitalized socialist following the events of a riot.

This cartoon depicts the popular attitude toward socialism by non-socialists by portraying the public as a hen warning her children of the approaching Communist, depicted as a black chicken.
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